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Zulqarnain's POV:

Holding Ahmar's gift in my both hands, I walk back towards the room, recalling Hira's embarrassed face. I always presumed her to be a person who can easily grasp the situation and behave accordingly and she never proved me wrong until today. Today she miscalculated it, which was quite hilarious and knowing her, I am sure she won't be showing her face around anytime soon. That girl's pride is bigger than her own height.

Smiling on my thoughts I entered the room and Hira quickly took a step behind Ami.

Naive friend, my eyes have already spotted you...

I went across the room to Ahmar and give him the big box I was carrying with me.

"What if this?" Asked Ahmar staring at the box.

"Your birthday gift."

"That's new." He scoffed but his tone of voice didn't match the expressions he held on the face.

"Anyways, thanks." He put the gift on a side.

"Let's cut the cake, Ahmar." Said Tahir.

"I am not a child and I will not cut the cake." He said with a displeased face.

"Ahmar cake cutting doesn't make anyone child. Your brother and I too cut our birthday cakes, right Zee." Sara looked at me for confirmation and I nodded in affirmative.

"Unlike me you guys are celebrities, there are thousands of eyes watching you. It is a part of what you do."

"Ahmar." Dad warning tone stopped him instantly.

"We are also watching you and expecting you to accept our feelings." Comes Hira's low voice from somewhere behind Ahmar.

"Stop with the drama, if you don't want to cut it, I will. Who wants to waste the cake made by our beloved teacher." Said Tahir in his carefree tone pushing Ahmar away from the table.

She made the cake???

My gazed raised at her but she was busy in a staring competition with Ahmar.

I don't understand these two...

I sighed shaking my head.

"What's wrong?" I startled hearing Sara's voice just beside me.

"When did you come here?"

"I was always here, beside you." She smiled, gently resting her hand on my arm. I always find it hard to understand why her mood switch to a girlfriend mode all of a sudden when I clearly told her I don't like it. She is a friend and most importantly a girl, I don't want to be rude to her. I silently remove her hand from my arm and turned towards my brother, who was now ready to cut the cake.

That's unexpected!

I was really expecting him to make more fuss about it but I guess I don't know my own brother that much. My eyes darted from Ahmar to Hira, she was looking at him with a winning smile.

I really don't know anything!

I let out a dejected sigh remembering the time when Hira suggested me to buy a guitar for him. According to her, Ahmar likes playing guitar and he is also a very good singer too. She even show me a video of her friend's Mayon when Ahmar sang with his friends. It took my by surprise, I never seen these four enjoying so much. Usually they like to stay out of the crowd within their own comfort zone. Later that day I recalled the day when he hummed for Hira the other night. But didn't pay much attention. I guess he was always leaving pieces of bread crumbs for me. Showing the way for reaching him but I never tried to see them.

"Oh My God! A black guitar." Sara shrieked bringing me back from my thoughts.

"An acoustic guitar." Said Zaid scanning it.

"Nice choice brother." Tahir gave me a

said and Tahir rushed there.

"Hold my hand tight, okay. I will take you to the other side." Zaid now said to Miss Hira and she nodded in response.

"Come on." This time hold my hand and I carefully lead her out of the pool.

"What happened? How did you fell?" Asked Ami from somewhere behind me.

"Leave the question for later Ami." It annoyed me a bit. Don't know why mother's start asking the reason of the problem instead of dealing with it.

"Faiq, grab some towels yar." I said to Faiq.

"I will bring it." Said Tahir and Faiq went to Zaid who was now searching for his slippers in the pool.

"Hira, have you brought an extra set of clothes." Asked Dad coming towards us.

"No." She shook her head in negative.

"Ahmar, take her to the room. I will bring my clothes." Ordered Ami.

"Its, alright. I can go on my own." She tried to free her hand from my grip while shivering badly.

"Just be silent." I said sharply and turned to Tahir who standing beside me,"Yar, give some dry clothes to Zaid."

I noticed taking Miss Hira to the room that her face was getting pale and hands were cold as ice. Her soaked shawl was making everything worse but when I asked her to remove it, she refused.

Stubborn woman!

"Thank you Ahmar, I can manage from here." She said as soon as we enter the room.

"I will bring coffee." I said leaving her hand.

"No, it's alright." Her answer really irked me but I left silently.

"How is she?" Asked Faiq as soon as he saw me.

"She was shivering badly from cold. I am going to ask Ami to make some coffee for her."

"I can make coffee. So let Auntie help her with the clothes."

"Faiq." I called him out when he was about to go to the kitchen.

"How did she fall?"

"I don't know."

"She was pushed?"


"... Why?"

" would I know." He mumbled.

"Leave this for now Ahmar, Miss Hira's health is more important. She already has a fever."

"Hm..." I said before leaving to find Ami.

I can't believe that she could stoop to this point...


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