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   Chapter 35 NO.35

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Ahmar's POV:

It has been hardly two hours since Sara arrived and she was already starting to get on our nerves. I don't know about my parents but she was getting more and more unbearable for the four of us. Each game we try to play she barge in, dragging my big brother along. Therefore, we decide to settle down silently until she diverts her mind from playing with us. Perhaps Dad also noticed our annoyance and asked us to join him for preparation of the barbecue and tell brother of mine to keep Sara accompanied. He also called Miss Hira to help him although it wasn't necessary. But I was glad he did, at least she would be spare from Sara's interrogation while being with us.

Sara behavior was friendly with Miss Hira, but the questions she was throwing at her were intolerable. I don't know what that brother of mine was thinking to bring her here in the first place. He could say no to her and even if it wasn't possible to shrug her off, he could at least fill her up with Miss Hira's situation or ask her to keep her mouth shut. To inquiring about her family so bluntly, sitting among so many people. What kind of manners she had.

I glanced at Miss Hira once again who was now sitting alone on a chair near the swimming pool. Having the same expressionless face as before. The only time I saw her smile was when she was chatting with Dad but she hasn't spoken much since Sara arrived. I turned my gaze to big brother of mine who was also stealing glances of her time to time and she was sitting there unaware of her surroundings.

"Why are you both sitting here like this?" Asked Ami taking a seat beside me.

The sunlight feels nice in this cold weather and Ami was fully taking advantage of it.

"Faiq said they don't need help." Zaid answered.

"Then why don't the two of you go to Hira. She has been sitting there for quite some time. Sara's words must've hurt her." Ami said thoughtfully.

"Don't you think it will be better if you go to her right now?" I asked.

"Sometimes people don't need others to sympathize with them. They want someone to make them laugh so they could find their own way to get up and fight. The four of you are her students and I assure you that she cared for you more then she cared for anyone. She doesn't even hesitate to fight with Zulqarnain for you all. I think what you boys can do for her none of us can."

I wonder if it's true or she just trying to bridge the gap among us...

Whatever it was but it did effect Zaid faster than me or perhaps he already had a soft corner for her. As she was the person who encouraged us to perform in public and according to Zaid he is grateful for her. One of the main reason he

r because of my overthinking and his smirking face was not helping me to come out from embarrassment. To be honest, I feel like digging a hole in the ground and hide there.


Zulqarnain's POV:

Her face turned red as a tomato and she avoids making eye contact anymore. She was probably embarrassed because of her wrong perception.

Even an intelligent person like her could make such mistakes...

My smile widened as I saw her fidgeting. She looked cute, so cute.

"Um...," After a moment she tiptoed a bit to look over my shoulder and say,"Who is that guy?" She pointed her finger behind me.

"Who?" I abruptly looked back but didn't find a single soul.

"There is no one there Teacher." When I turned to Hira, she was walking back towards the house.

"Where are you going?" I shouted.

"I just remembered I had something to take care of. You should go and bring Ahmar's gift quickly." She said without even stopping.

"Hey Teacher, its look like you are running away from me." I teased.

"Keep dreaming Hero, I would never do that." Her tone lacked the confidence it possessed. Yet she was stubborn enough to keep defying it. But I found this cute too, extremely cute.


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