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Hira's POV:

"Oh wow! I will be having pleasant dreams tonight." I jumped in surprised on hearing Zulqarnain's voice just behind me.

"Assalam o Alaikum teacher." He smiled when I glared at him.

"Aadamiyon wali herkatain kiya karen (behave like a sane person)." I said and murmured the answer of Salam.

"Did I startle you?"

"Yes!" I seethed.

"Good." He grinned.

I shook my head and looked away. I can't be angry at him since I was actually waiting for him to return home, so I could properly appreciate him on taking the first step and talking to his parents. Otherwise, I would never stay up to destroy my sleep.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Heating up some milk."

"I really like that you take care of your health."

"I take care of myself because I have no one to look after me. I have no choice, hero." I said what came into my mind but when I didn't get any response from him, the realization hit me that I might have said something unreasonable.

"Did I just say something odd?"

"No." He sighed and continue,"The main problem, you never say anything odd."

His dejected tone of voice made me feel guilty for some reason and I quickly change the topic.

"The plan of Sunday's picnic is confirmed. I am glad that you talked to Auntie about it."

"Yes, I am happy too that everything is going smooth. Although it wasn't easy for me to do this."

"Crushing your ego is not easy." I smirked to mock him.

"Are you saying that I am egoistic?" He gave me an annoyed look.

"Are you not?"

"If I were, you wouldn't have been my friend right now."

"Hm, you have a point here." I said pouring milk into two cups and offered one to Zulqarnian.

"I have no place left in my stomach for this." I excused.

"I have poured this for you. Therefore, drink it whether you have to make an extra place in your stomach." I put the cup on the shelve near him.

"You really are a troublesome woman."

"Indeed." I smiled proudly when he picked the cup.

Sitting on the stools near the kitchen counter, both of us silently enjoyed the hot milk for few minutes. But before the silent started to grow longer and awkward, I broke it.

"Putting little efforts for your loved one is worthwhile and to tell you the truth, when I heard about picnic from Auntie's mouth I felt really proud of you."


"Yes, I was proud that my friend is a brave person. A person who isn't afraid of taking risks to move forward. To accept his faults and try to make things right. It needs a huge amount of courage, which people usually don't possess. This strength is a rare quality Zee, just as your kindness. Treasure both of them."

"... I am being" He said awkwardly after a moment of silence between us.

"Be happy." I teased.

"I am." He smiled.


Ahmar's POV:

"Proud?" I hear the voice of my big brother and stopped my tracks right there.

What is he doing this late in the kitchen???

I came to grab a water bottle but now thinking to go back without it. As soon as I was about to retrieve I heard an unexpected voice and I paused unintentionally.

"Yes, I was proud that my friend is a brave person. A person who isn't afraid of taking risks to move forward. To accept his faults and try to make things right needs a huge amount of courage, which people usually don't possess. This strength is a rare quality Zee, just as your kindness. Treasure both of them."

So he is kind and brave huh???

Quit kidding!

"... I am being" He said after a short moment.

"Be happy." Came her cheerful voice.

Why she is so happy???

And why I am standing here????

I got annoyed by my own actions and silently went to my room.

She was really praising him, just like she used to praise us while tutoring but none of us were happy as the brother of mine. Speaking of it, why she was praising him in the first place?


"Um, ... I was thinking if Sara could join us tomorrow?"


My head snapped towards my brother who was looking expectantly to us. Zaid, Faiq, and Tahir joined us too on the dinner as we planned before but SHE didn't come. Ami told me that she had a mild fever so she was resting before it gets worse. I wasn't convinced on the reason but remain silent. Unexpectedly the brother of mine came at the right time of dinner only to spoil all our excitement.

"Actually, when I told her that we are going on a picnic she started to insist on coming with us."

"I see, then when she will be coming here?" Ask Dad.

"Um, actually I will pick her up in the morning."

"Okay, then I will leave with the rest." Dad nodded.

The discussion ended but none of us looked satisfied like before. The four of us exchange glances but none of us

ch things, you are more courageous than this. Have faith that the bad time will pass, it always will. Promise me one thing Hira, as my daughter, you will never give up hope no matter what."

"I promise, that I will never give up hope."

"Good, you are an obedient child... Unlike my sons." He said the last part after a dejected sigh.

"They aren't disobedient." I abruptly denied.

"Yes, most of the time they aren't. But they sure know how to let me down."

"Don't bring that up again." Intervene Auntie for the first time,"It is their life, let them make the decision of what they want to do."

"Yes, I have seen the result of it. Throwing everything away our elder son choose to be an actor."

"And what's wrong with it? At least he is satisfied, unlike Ahmar who will be bearing all the burden of your hopes."

"So what if a child bears the burden of his father's hope? Ahmar posses the ideal mind of a businessman. Why wouldn't I push him to succeed."

"Aap se baat kerna hi fazool hai (there is no use of talking to you)." And in the end, she said the typical sentence of every wife and turned her face away.

"Who was asking you to do, I was happy with talking to Hira."

I was sitting awkwardly between them, praying that this small bickering doesn't get bigger.

"Miss Hira," I heard Tahir's voice,"Come play with us." He said holding his racket high in the air.

"No thank you, you guys have fun." I excused myself once again.

"We can play 'Ringa Ringa Roses' for you if you don't know how to play." Said Zulqarnain with a small smirk.

"Thank you for the offer, but I am better with Uncle and Auntie here."

"If she doesn't want to play then let's continue with our game." Said Sara.

"I need a short break, you guys can carry on." Said Zaid coming towards us.

"I am going too." Ahmar followed him and then one by one everyone joined Zaid and the game ended.

"Now that you all are here, how about having some tea?" Suggested Uncle and everyone agreed.

"I will make it." I quickly stood up.

"A coffee for me, I don't like tea." Said Sara to me.

"Sit down Miss Hira, we will make the tea." Said Faiq in a very serious tone.

"No its-"

Sara didn't let me finish my sentence and said,"Miss Hira?"

"Yes, didn't you know. She is our teacher." Answered Faiq.


"Yes, our tuition teacher as well as our college teacher."

I blinked my eyes unable to believe my ears. How easily they lied about me being their tuition teacher and none of the other three denied Faiq.

"Miss Hira, tell me where can we find the stuff for the tea." Zaid stood up.

"No its alright I will make it." I said going towards the kitchen.

"Fine, then we will help you out." Zaid followed me and soon I found Faiq in the kitchen too.

What is going on around here???


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