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Ahmar's POV:

Probably from the last ten minutes, I was staring at her face as she was lecturing us on the history of Urdu drama writing. The topic didn't interest me a bit and usually, I am not attentive in her class too, especially after she stopped tutoring us. I prefer a short nap instead of hearing her, its a torture. But right now, I make sure that it is just my imagination that her eyes were swelled, same as yesterday and the day before.

Is it because of lack of sleep or she had cried???

After the visit of that annoying old lady, I didn't see her all day. She skipped her both meals and locked herself up in the room. There was no way for me to find out how she was and why didn't she come down the whole day. I couldn't tell anyone about the remarks that annoying lady gave nor could ask Ami to check on her before she made herself sick. But on meeting her in the morning I feel a bit relieved and angry at the same time. I don't know why, why I get mad when she always seems so carefree in the circumstances where anyone would lose their cool. She didn't bother to explain her reason to skip meals, instead offered me breakfast.

She pretended as nothing had happened. Just as before, when we refused to study with her...

"Oye! Ahmar?" I heard Tahir's voice.

"Hm?" I said turning my head to him.

"Quit staring her, it's creepy."

"Shut up, I am not staring." I quickly lowered my head to the notebook.

"Any questions?" Ms. Hira asked finishing her lecture.

"Yes, why Urdu is so boring?" A girl asked from the front row.

"No language or subject is boring, its a matter of your interest." She said in a monotonous voice and continue, "Anyone else?"

A hand raise from my row but dropped as soon as she warned that it should be relevant or they will be having a test tomorrow.

Her class managing skills have improved drastically. There was a time when no one took this subject seriously and Urdu period was supposed to be our chat time but now, things have changed. She gave us weekly assignments which help us to recall everything she taught us. Therefore, near the exams, students don't have to put extra effort to study for the subject. The overall average of the results was better than before and she supposed to be happy about it. Instead, she looked indifferent.

Just as she was with the four of us...

All the day in college, she wears a stern face and if smiled, it was only a forced one.

"Ahmar, we are going to the cafeteria, are you coming?" Asked Faiq raising from his seat.

"Yes, coming." I also got up.

I have a question, Ms. Hira...


"Something happened?" Tahir asked taking a seat beside me.

"No, nothing."

"Then why you look so worried?"

"I am not."

"Hm..." He went on after a pause, "Listen, guys, I going to apologize to Ms. Hira.

"What?" Asked Faiq.

"I don't know why, but I feel that what we did to her was wrong.

"You might call me crazy but lately I feel unsettled by strange guilt. It was our fathers who forced her on us and if we were in her shoes, we might have done the same

after I get out of the car."

"Don't make me feel bad just because I asked you to drive and besides it is your car."

"So what? You should drive if you were going to give me a surprise."

"Speaking of surprise. You really don't know what day it is?"

"No, what it is?"

"How dense." She made a displeased face, "It is our friendship anniversary."

"Oh wow, ... so I will be getting Pride of Performance award today?"


"I successfully bear with you for one more year, right. At least I deserve a reward." I winked on which received a punch on my shoulder.

"You are horrible." I couldn't stop myself from laughing at it.

" You have changed Zee." She said after a while.

"What?... what made you say that?"

"It's not just me, everyone thinks the same. Lately, you have become more responsible for career and family. You have been paying attention to the personality of the characters you played instead of their looks. Your sense of humour got better, you are more punctual now and your Urdu pronunciation is also got better."

"Really? I didn't notice it."

"But all people around you did."

"So, ... it is a bad thing?"

"No, not at all." She smiled and went on, "It's like you have become more mature."

"Oh! So finally I can be proud of myself."

"Don't say like you don't have any pride already."

I opened my mouth to answer her but my phone buzzing stopped me. It was Hira's text and without wasting a moment I read it.

'Good job talking with your parents. The plan is ready to put in action. :)'

A smile formed on my face.

"Who is she?" Asked Sania peeking into my phone.

"A friend."

"A friend? Does she know your parents too?"

"... yes."

"I see." After a pause, she continued, "She seems very close to you."

"No, she isn't"


"No." I let out a heavy sigh.

She kept herself far away from everyone's reach...


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