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Hira's POV:

It was a Saturday afternoon when I started to read a novel which Zulqarnain brought for me last week. Usually it not that problematic like it felt right now because of my moodiness. But when he didn't stop bugging me about it. I thought it was better to read the novel and wind up this story.

At first, I was under the impression that he had already read it and want to do a discussion on the story plot. Therefore, I asked him out of curiosity. But the answer I got left completely speechless.

'I don't read books, its boring'

Was his text as the reply of my question. At that time I wanted to slam that book on his face but luckily he was on shoots. So I just gave him the silent treatment as my protest, yet for some reason I found myself reading it on my day off.

I have totally lost my mind!

I sighed and turned my attention to the text written on the first page of the book.

"Hira... Beta (child) come here for a minute?" Came Auntie's voice, probably from the Living room.

I quickly put the book on the bed and rushed outside shouted, "Ji (yes) Auntie."

"Hira, I am going with your Uncle to his sister's house for dinner. Ahmar and Zulqarnain will be joining us at night. Would you also like to come?"

"Thank you so much, Auntie, but I rather stay at home. I have to prepare some lectures."

"But you will be alone."

"That's alright, the maid will be here so there is no problem." I smiled.

Without even given a thought I refused her. There is no point for a paid guest to cling around with the owner of the house, everywhere they go. Although she cared for me like a daughter still that doesn't change the fact that I am really not related.

"I don't like leaving you alone."

"You worry too much Auntie, I will be fine and it's only for a few hours." I explained and thanks God that she get my point and didn't insist.

After she left, I engrossed myself in the book again but not after long. The maid knocked the door informing that a lady from the neighbor is asking for Auntie. I quickly left my room and by the time I reached the living room was already seated on the sofa. The lady was probably in her late forty but the cunning look of her face lacked the tenderness seen on the people of her age.

"Assalam o Alaikum." I Salam her as she was busy scanning me from head to toe.

That's rude...!

"You are the paid guest right?"

"Yes." I tried to smile.

"Heard so much about you." Giving me a forced smile she continued, "Where is Mrs. Shah?"

"Auntie is visiting her relative's house."

"I see, then I will come later." She abruptly stood up.

"Please wait, you just came. At least have some tea."

"Thank you for the offer, but how can I accept something from a guest."

"Then I will offer you." Came Ahmar's voice from somewhere behind.

"Have some tea, Auntie." The hint of irritation in his voice made me turned to him.

"Ahmar, how are you?" Asked the lady.

"Good as always. Please stay for a while, I will ask someone to make tea."

It was hard for me to swallow Ahmar's hospitability. I never thought that he could behave like a good kid or perhaps, it was because I don't know him much.

"There is no need for that. I will call your mother later." She said and Ahmar gave a curt nod in acknowledgment.

"I don't know what she was thinking, leaving a girl with her son. Such girls shouldn't be trusted." She mumbling before leaving but loud enough for us to hear.


I stared her back in complete shock trying to digest what she had said.

What kind of sick mind she has???

I clenched my hands to control the anger.

"Ignore her. She is a cheap person." Said Ahmar standing beside me.

'I don't want to hear from you.'

I opened my mouth to say, but those words never left from it. It was my time of being tested by life and I have to pass it without making any complaints.

"Hm!" I nodded and left.

How many more insults I have to face???

And why???

I just wanted to live a peaceful life. I hated such people who interfere in other's lives and made it more difficult with their annoying point of views and comments. That's exactly why I isolated

ht not come."

"Hm...." She said thoughtfully and went silent.

It always surprises me, her ability to grasp the situations without even throwing queries. She was quick to pinpoint the main problem and also coming to a conclusion. She has all the qualities of a sensible woman, unlike other girls I have known till now. Yet her this maturity of hers didn't make her a boring. On the contrary, her quick wits easy catch a person's attention and sometimes, I left with no choice but to admire her abilities.

"Why don't you ask Uncle to help you out?" She said all of the sudden.

"Dad?... What can he do?"

"Arrange everything and ask him to involve Ahmar in it."

"You mean I ask Dad to invite Ahmar because he wouldn't listen to me?"


"No way. It's not happening." I shook my head.

"Why not?"

"Because.... it is awkward. Come on yar, he might scold me if I ask him for the favour."

"So what if you endure his scold a little? He is your father."

"I still believe it is not a smart idea."

She sighed and said, "Listen, hero, if you are putting the effort to do something about your little brother then you must have gathered the courage face rejections and to do things going out of the way. Otherwise, everything would be meaningless. Your parents are worried about the tension between the two of you and believe me if they saw you working to bridge the gap they will be happy."

"I know but..."

"But my ego is too big to make a confession before my Dad." Her tone suddenly changed into mocking.

My head snapped towards her but she was looking at the wall in front with a teasing smile.

She got me! once again ...

"Fine, I will talk to him." I sighed.

"Good boy." Her smile widened.

"Thanks, teacher."

"Any time, hero. Now, you got your answer, there is no point staying here." She said walking over to her room.

"Are you telling me to get lost?"

"No, because I am leaving first. You can stay here if you want. Shab-a-Khair (Goodnight)." She waved her hand and closed the door.

For s few moments I stared at the door of her room. Thinking how the environment of my house has changed just because of the residence of this single room. How much my life has changed, now I have someone who can listen to my problems and give me an honest advice in need.

Thank you, Hira...


*Abaya is a simple, loose over-, essentially a -like dress, worn by some women in the Muslim coutnries.

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