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"How... are you guys going to explain this?" I asked trying to control my anger.

All four of them failed in all of their mid-term exams and it's unfathomable to me why they have such results when they obviously studied properly.

"Answer me! How I am going to explain it to your fathers?" I almost shouted at receiving silent treatment from them.

"Don't." Said Ahmar nonchalantly.

"They gave me the responsibility to watch over you guys. I have to answer them."

"Then tell them I tried my best but your sons are too stupid to be educated. One more thing, we don't need a babysitter, besides you have fulfilled your responsibility. You taught us and we gave you the result in the assessments but passing the college exams has nothing to do with you."

"What sort of logic is that?"

"The night before the maths exam, we were out." Said Zaid for the first time.


"We... got tired and ended up dozing off during the exam."

"And how are you going to justify the rest?"

Again no answer from anyone.

"Will you guys bother to answer me?"

Again what I received was silence.

"Fine then, don't tell me anything. But I am not letting you go before giving me the test of all your subjects again as your punishment."

"So you will take punish us to justify yourself before our fathers?" Asked Amhar.

"Ahmar, stop it." Said Faiq

"What do you mean?" I asked Ahmar.

"Your job was to tutor us, passing in the exam or failing doesn't concern you. But since you are failed in the task given. You want to take a retest to remove the blame from your head... You are all are the same, trying to impose your decision upon us and when things don't go as planned, blame us for it."


What is he referring too???

"Miss Hira, ignore what Ahmar just said. We... just wanted to show you that our bad grades have nothing to do with our interest in the study. We don't pass our exams because we don't want to." Explained Faiq.

"And why is that?" I frowned.

"We don't feel like telling the reason. I am sorry." He apologized politely.

All of them went silent once again and busied themselves in phones. At that moment, I found myself in an awkward situation. They deliberately failed in the exams, to convey the message to their parents that they will listen to no one. They studied, they were well prepared, but this fact was only known to me. The rest of the people see this as my incompetence.

They said they have a reason behind it, yet they refused me to tell the reason.

Means there only one thing left to do...

I silently got up from the seat and left the room without uttering a word. They don't need me, it was finally proven and now when they have spoken it out. I didn't find any point of me to stick with them. After coming to my portion, the first thing I did was to call their father and apologize to them one by one. As expected, none of them blamed me, perhaps out of courtesy or some other reason. Yet by the time I ended the last call, my vision was blurry and I realized that I was about t cry.

Stupid me...

I smiled on my own naivety and wiped my tears. I actually thought that I could be their teacher and they will accept me. They were just playing a game. I felt humiliated just because of my own silly thought of being an ideal teacher.

Curling up on the couch near the window I gazed outside the blue sky. It was the same blue sky as the time Baba was alive. It hasn't changed, or the bright sun, the darkness of the night, the twinkling stars, the phase changing moon, the air... this world. Nothing has changed, except my life. I was Baba's gurya (doll) once, and now ...

I don't what am I now.....

When my thoughts started to suffocate me, I decided to run away from here. I quickly called Hassan, informing him that I am coming to visit. Within ten minutes, I was leaving the house after telling Auntie that I will be with Hassan and Saba.


"Oye what's wrong?" Saba snapped her fingers before my face to gain my attention.

"Nothing yar. I was just thinking, that they might be scolded."

"You are still worried about it

abruptly stood up.

"I was just joking." Grabbing my wrist he forced me to sit down.

It was quite bold of him to hold my hand while knowing that I keep a distance from opposite gender. I gave him a mix expression of anger and disbelief but instead of leaving my hand he tied something around my hand.

"As I thought, it looks nice on your wrist." He smiled, leaving my hand, "I wanted to buy a bracelet for you, but I ended up buying this watch."

I carefully look at the silver watch he tied around my wrist.

"It will look perfect on a teacher's hand, right?" He chuckled.

"It, ... it looks quite expensive."

"You don't like it?"

"No, no, it's not like that. It is very beautiful. Thank you very much."

"You don't seem very happy."

"No, I am very happy. But why are you giving me this? I mean it's not my birthday or any special event."

"Do I need a special event to give my friend a present?"


"Then why you asked?"

"Sorry for asking."

"You should be." Suddenly our foolish conversation was disturbed by Zulqarnain's phone ringing.

"Ami's call. She is probably getting worried about us."

"Tell her we are coming." I said and stood up.

Zulqaranain also followed my movements while talking to Auntie. Before getting into the car I asked him to take ice-cream for everyone at home and after the negotiation of long seven minutes, we select a flavor. When we reached home, everyone was sitting in the living room, but they went silent as soon as they saw us.

"You guys took long." Said Uncle smiling.

"It was her, she starts arguing about the flavor I selected." Zulqarnain instantly pointed a finger at me.

"What? No, I didn't." It really startled me.

"Yes, you did."

"Okay, stop blaming her." Said Uncle

Auntie, took the ice-cream from Zulqarnain to serve but gave it to me when I insist for it. There was no way I would let an elder serve it in my presence.

"Don't forget to bring my share too." Said Zulqarnain sitting beside Auntie.

"Again?" I asked.

"Why am I not allowed?"

He sure talking a lot today...

I didn't answer him and went to the kitchen. After a few minutes, Ahmar walked in.

"Go with me in the morning. I will wait for you." He said grabbing a small bowl I filled with ice-cream.

"Thank you, I can go by myself."

He stared at me for a while, as I kept myself busy then left mumbling something, which I didn't understand.

What's with him???


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