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   Chapter 30 NO.30

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Song: Na Kaho by Aaroh

Hira's POV:

I closed my laptop and put my face on the pillow. My head feels heavy for staring at the screen for a whole hour. Today I watch K-drama for the first time after Baba's death. It used to be one of my favorite hobbies but today it didn't appeal to me at all. I got bored after watching one episode and ended up burying my face into the pillow, which I usually do these days. Practically, there is nothing left in my life, I am just a robot who start working every morning and switched off at night.

Going out, laughing, smiling, chatting, eating with someone, loving or being loved by someone. Taking care of someone or being cared. Such feelings have become foreign to me. The time I spent with Baba and Ami seems like a dream now, a sweet dream which disappeared as I opened my eyes. Recalling those pleasant days of past, I get a sudden urge of crying, but I have enough of weeping, and decided not to pity myself anymore. I just want to be thankful, for whatever time I got to spent with my parents. I cannot change what had happened and my tears won't bring them back. I have to live on with this bitter fact and need to force myself to move forward, trying to find my place in this world. With the hope that when we meet again in the afterlife I will not see a regrettable look on the faces of the people I love.

I got up from the bed and start cleaning the whole portion of mine, to divert my mind. I was completely exhausted by the time I got free and without wasting a minute I went for a shower. The next thing I planned was to go downstairs, make some tea and help Auntie with dinner since the cook took an off today because of sickness.

I feel quite fresh and all charged after taking a warm bath but as I stepped outside of my room, I heard Ahmar's panicked shouts. I wasn't able to fathom what he was saying but I dashed over to his voice and on reaching Auntie's bedroom I found him holding her by shoulders while she was about to collapse. I quickly helped him to lay her on the bed.

"Ahmar, quickly grab her gluco-meter." Ahmar dashed out of the room and I began to remove her dupatta. She was pale and all sweaty like she will pass out any moment.

"Here." Ahmar was back within a few seconds.

"Good, now go to the kitchen bring a glass of juice but make sure it is not a diet one." He nodded and left. I quickly check her glucose level and as expected it was abnormally low. I almost throw the gluco-meter on the bed and rushed outside to Ahamar, who was already heading this way.

"Give me that and bring some more." I ordered talking the glass of juice from his hands.

Somehow, we managed to make her drink whole two glasses of juice and start waiting for a few minutes to check her glucose level again. Meanwhile, Ahamar called a doctor and inform his father about Auntie's condition. The colour of Auntie's face starting to get better, but Ahmar wasn't able to notice it until I pointed out to him.

"I am alright now." Said Auntie in a weak voice looking at Ahmar's worried face, but he refused to believe her.

"Listen, if you can't trust us then why not check yourself?" I asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Take the glucometer and check it yourself." He grabbed the meter but seem reluctant to try it.

"What's wrong?"

"You do it." His stretched out his hand to me. I looked at him but he avoided making an eye contact.

Is he afraid of using medical equipment???

Wondering, I took the apparatus from him.


"Did you study medical?" Asked Ahmar sitting on a stool near the kitchen counter, as I make tea for everyone. Uncle got home half an hour ago when the doctor was doing Auntie check up and right now he is with her. On the other hand, I came to the kitchen to prepare some tea and for some reason, Ahmar decided to stick with me.

"No." I answ

and you will be rewarded."

"I think a student shouldn't be motivated by greed."

"There is a huge difference in reward and greed." She went silent and look lost in thoughts, while Dad looked at her expectantly.

"... You are right, Uncle. I guess I got a little lost in the darkness."

"Yes, people get lost in darkness, but only the few who become accustomed to it quickly, could find their way out, towards the light." Dad smiled.

My mind had stopped working long ago, I was only listening to them but wasn't able to process a single word and now, when I think about it, I can't remember whether they were talking in our language or not.

She turned my father into a strange person too...


"So, you will take me to college daily?" She asked probably to break the silence in the car or perhaps just to annoy me.

"Is that a problem?"

".... No." I gaze at her from the corner of my eyes on this reluctant answer and waited for another question which never came.

She sat in complete silence, looking outside through the window and for some reason, I didn't like this quietness. Therefore, I turned on the radio, but she remained in the same position detached from her surroundings.

She sure is a strange woman...

I said to myself and turn my attention to the road.

"It is a very beautiful song." Suddenly she said when Aarho's song 'Na Kaho' started to play on the radio.

"Yes, it is." I answered unintentionally.

"I wonder how beautiful it will be in your voice." My head snapped towards her and found her looking back at me with a warm smile.

Instantly I turned my gaze back to windscreen. There was an unexplained glint in her eyes and the tone of her voice was perplexing too. Was it a request to sing this song or it was a compliment? I failed to understand.

And what's with that smile???

All day long her words and that smile haunted me like a nightmare, I couldn't forget the expected look those gaze held. I don't know the reason behind these stuck up thoughts of mine but whatever it was, it sure left a lasting impression on my mind and at the end of the day, I was practicing that song.


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