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Salam and hello everyone!

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Hira's POV:

"You are playing unfair you know? Poor kids don't even have the idea what they fell for." I glare at Saba and put my finger on the lip to hear boys' voices. But because of the loud music outside couldn't hear anything.

"It's for their own good. Or at least I can hope it is. I shot an arrow into darkness, I wasn't even sure that Faiq will agree to the request but knowing the amount of courtesy in his nature, I took advantage of it." I said coming back towards Saba.

I have heard Ahmar's singing and noticed their humming during study time when they unintentionally open up a bit. Since then, the thought keeps popping into my mind that their rebellious actions are because they are forcing themselves to bottle up their true selves. So I thought why not give them a chance to show their talents. I am aware of the possibility that I could be wrong, but it worth a try. Taking Saba's wedding as the chance, I planned the whole situation with her. Till now, the arrow I have shot going in the right direction. All I have to do is wait and see if it hits the target or not.


Ahmar's POV:

"Why did you agreed to it?" I turn Faiq towards me holding his shoulder.

"It would be impolite to refuse her." He answered.

"So you agreed to be her free entertainer?"

"Think before speaking. Whether we like it or not Miss Hira is our teacher and her friend invited us over because she heard her friend talking about us often and the way she treated us, I am sure that Miss Hira never said anything bad about us. Not even this, that we aren't the type who listen to others. In short, she made a good impression about us and you want to destroy it? and prove her wrong in front of her best friend? She lied to her best friend because of us."

"You have done the same thing Ahmar. You hide the fact that Miss Hira is your paid guest and friend of your brother. Because you care about the image of her and your brother. So why are you so angry if we want to keep the image Miss Hira built about us?" Said Tahir, taking Faiq's side.

"We thought that we would never sing for othe-" I left my sentence hanging when I remembered that I was the one who broke this rule first.

"You were saying?" Tahir raised his brows.

"Which song we should sing?" I asked with my clenched jaws.

"We will decide once Zaid is here."


As soon as we hold the guitars and sit on the seats arranged for us. The same girl who brought bride's message for me approached us.

"You will play it?" She asked pointing at my guitar. I was about to say 'No' but her doe-eyes stopped me and mumbles 'Yes'. Hearing my answer she excitedly run towards some other kids of her age and soon they all start to gather around us.

"Wow, its a guitar."

"It's really big."

"All guitars are different."

"I will buy one when I grow up."

All four of us silently listen to their comments while holding our guitars until a girl approach Zaid and say, "Bhai (brother) play for us."

".....Sure?" He looked at us and Tahir nodded in response.

"But first, you all have to sit down in a circle." Said a young man standing behind us and all of the kids to sit on the floor.

As soon as everyone stalled down, Zaid starts a nice solo melody and one by one all of us join him. After it, we

st of her time on her floor, alone. Doing God knows what, the only time she can be seen on our floor is on tuition time or sometimes on dinner. Otherwise, she doesn't show up and on weekend, her existence not found anywhere. It's just like Dad says, she made herself accustomed to the loneliness.

But what sort of life is this???

Suddenly, something chilled touched my face and I jumped slightly jumped on my seat.

"Oye!" I frown at Faiq and took the cold drink can from his hand.

"What is it? You were staring into space for quite some time."

"Can you spend your whole weekend locked up in a room?" I asked opening the can. We were standing at a supermarket near to Zaid's house. We planned to gather here before leaving for a movie but both of Zaid and Tahir are late.

"Whom are you referring to?"

"Just asking."

"I never thought about it, since I always have you guys to hang around. But if I think hard, I can stay in my room for one day, with my laptop. There are several movies I want to watch and try some new games."

Just for a day....!



"Lately, I have an urge to sing in public again."

"Hm?" My head turn towards him, "Really?"

"I don't know, but since the night we have sung in Saba Baji's Mayon ceremony. I feel that something has changed within me. I feel lighthearted, like the burdens and heavy thoughts suddenly lifted up."

"That..... is quite a surprise, especially coming from you."

"I know, " He leans back on car's seat, "I was shocked too after realizing it."

".... so, if we get another chance to perform. Will you do it?" I asked after a while.

"I guess I want to give it a try again to confirm whether if that the case or not."

"I see." His answer doesn't gross like I thought it would because it was an understanding among us from the start that we will never sing before anyone else. It was our secret.

I wonder why???

Is it my guilt of breaking our unspoken promise or I share the same thoughts as him???


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