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Zulqarnain's POV:

I was brushing my teeth when I heard loud car horn sound, and what's irritating that the driver forgot to pull his hand away from it.

"What the hell." Mumbling in irritation I came out from the bathroom, then I noticed that the horn sound is a way too familiar for me to ignore and coming from a very close distance.

No way, Ahmar.....

In shock, I rushed outside, it's very rare for Ahmar to use his car, last time he used it was a year ago when he got in accidents while speeding and couldn't drive bike for weeks. The Same thought raises my mind as I walk towards the gate but the scene came in my view was way more unexpected than Ahmar's accident. With wide eyes, I watch Hira getting inside Ahmar's car and what's more shocking, he was allowing her to sit in the front seat. Because I remember how he taunts me that not every female should sit in the front seat and he will only allow those women to sit in his car's front seat that is extremely special to him.


Special. .....?


Don't know why but these three words doesn't sound fit together. I hope it's not one of his pranks. I am sure he will try to take revenge on her because he will be accompanying Hira in her friend's wedding. Scratching my hairs on the left hand I came inside with a small hope that everything went well.


"Ahmar slow down." I shouted again but it doesn't affect him at all.

"If you are not listening to me then stop the car, I am not going with you."

"Jump if you want, I am not stopping the car." He said in his usual rude way and frown formed on my face.

"Why do you have to go against whatever I say?"

"Because there is no reason for me to obey you."

"I am your teacher."

"In the college and while tutoring me at home."

"If that's the case then you better drop me right now. Because we aren't in college and I am not tutoring you either."

"Why are you behaving like a kid?" He gave me an irritated look.

"Yes, I am behaving like a kid. Now stop the car, if I am not your teacher then you are stranger to me right now and I don't sit in the stranger's car."

"Are you trying to pick a fight with me?"

"I am just asking you to slow down."


"It's dangerous."

"So what?"

"Do you like to get hurt?"

"Are you worrying about me or yourself?"

"For both. Life is a precious gift."

He scoffed and said, "Funny, it's coming from a person who often cries because of the unfairness of life."

"Do you meant by the night I cried on the roof?" He didn't answer my question.

"I cried because I was missing my father."

"Same thing." He mocked.

The nerve of him...

"Crying, it means that you gave your best on enduring things." I don't understand why I explained myself.

"Weak people cry." He said entering the college gate.

"Yeah, right, Strong people like you tackle with hurdles by taking out their anger on everyone."

He stopped the car and asks, "What do you mean?"

"Nothing, thank you for the ride." I said and abruptly get out of the car.

"Hey! Listen to me." I heard Ahmar's voice from behind but I hurriedly walk into the staff room.


"So.. Zaid picks you up from your house?" I asked Mashall and she nodded in agreement.

"What are these guys up to?"

"Not sure, but sooner or later it will become an issue." Mashall answered.


"Because of Ahmar."

"I don't get it. What do you mean?"

"Actually, last year on independence day celebration, a girl from Ahmar's class asked him to drop her on the way but he refuses her saying that only special woman are allowed to sit in his car and she isn't one."


"That's rude."

"Indeed. Since then the rumor spread that he will only allow his 'someone special' to sit in his car and he never denied it."

"I don'

, beside him is Tahir and Faiq and the one standing with you is Ahmar. Right?"

She continues without hearing our answers, "They are just like how you pictured them Hira. But I never thought they will this big. You look like a small doll standing with them."


Unintentionally, I glance at Miss Hira and noticed that she indeed smaller than four of us.

"You are complementing them or making fun of me?" Miss Hira said with an unpleasant face.

"Why would I ever make fun of you?" She said to Miss Hira then turn to us, "Hira told me that you guys like to sing. Is that true?"

"No." I abruptly said.

"Oh? But I remember Hira telling me that you once sang for her."

She even told her this???

"You sang for her?" I heard Faiq's whisper. I turn my head to them and find Faiq and Zaid giving me a disbelief look, while Tahir wears a smirk on his face.

"Well, ..... it was-"

"Will you like to hear something?" Tahir didn't let me finish and asked the bride.

"I would love to, in fact, that was the reason I wanted to meet you all."

So we could entertain your guest???

"They don't sing in public Saba." Said Miss Hira.

"Oh, I am sorry. I didn't know it I just thought that if you guys sing for enjoyment then you can enjoy here with us too. But it's okay, I will still listen to you guys after the guests leave, so please stay until then okay?" She says giving us that puppy dog eyes, which I hate the most.

"We don't mind singing before your guest." I heard Faiq's voice and my head snapped towards him, "Consider it as our present to the bride."

"Is there any particular song you wish to hear?" Tahir asked the bride.

"Anything you like." She smiles brightly.

"I'll go and bring our guitars." Said Zaid leaving the room.

What is going on here???

Since Zaid has no problem with singing before people???


Salam and hello everyone!

Finally, I updated this chapter after almost an year. I didn't update this story because I want to finish 'My Four Eyes Husband' first. Because this story need extra concentration because here we have so many characters unlike my other stories and each one of them has different personality and has a very important role to play in the story. What I am trying to say that I cannot promise for frequent updates until MFEH is, but I'll try my best to do so.

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