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   Chapter 27

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Hira“s POV:

"My fingers are too tired to write." Tahir whined like a little kid.

"This is no excuse." I said without looking at him.

"I am not making an excuse, all I am saying is why can“t to take an oral test?"

"You“re not a prep student and in Pakistan studies your writing speed matters the most." I said monotone.

This is becoming a daily routine of mine to bear Tahir“s pointless whining. The only day they took their study time seriously was the first day. After it, they slowly start to show their true clolours. Faiq turn out to be genius in four of them but he doesn“t open his mind until asked, while Zaid is the one who doesn“t hold himself back in throwing or asking things, he also has a good brain which he likes to use to confuse others. Ahmer on the other hand is extremely moody person, he will obey if only he feels like and Tahir, he knows how to keep others“ hand full because him. He only show his interest in studies when we are starting something, or ending something. According to him, his mind went on “Pause“ mode in the middle of studies and this problem has no cure. But it“s a different thing that because to his hopeless behavior I have become to know these four better than before.

"Please Miss....." He whined, again.

"Look Tahir, if you give me this test without disturbing others I will give you a chocolate." I said putting the book my lap.

"What?" His eyes widened for a moment, "Do I look like a kid?"

"You“re acting like one." I said nonchalantly.

"Fine, but only if you feed me with your hands." He grinned and receives a hit on head by Ahmar sitting beside him.

"Oye!" Tahir turns back massaging his head.

"Kaam karo (Do your work)." Ahmar glared at him.

"Tumhe kiya hai (what is your problem)?" Tahir shouted at him.

"Dimagh na khao (don“t eat our brains) and pay attention to your work."

"Mind your OWN business." Tahir put extra pressure on “own“, on which I heard Zaid“s sighing.

"Excuse me Miss." On Faiq“s voice I turn my head to right.

"Can you sit on my place?" He asked politely.

".....Okay!" I said and got up from my seat.

Faiq silently settle himself on my place and start looking at Ahmar and Tahir who were still arguing.

"Tahir!" Faiq put his hand on Tahir“s shoulder, "Chal yar, parhte hain (come mate, lets study)." And with that, Tahir start giving his test.

And I thought I am the boss here....!


"I heard you were going to your friend“s house for stay." Ahmar asked, when I was about to go on my floor after dismissing four of them.

"NO WAY! You“re going to leave us?" Tahir throw his bag on shoulder and strides towards us.

"No I am not." I said to Tahir and turn to Ahmar, "I changed my plan."

"Means you not going to attend their wedding?" Asked Ahmar.

"I will be attending but not going to stay there. It wouldn“t be easy to go on job from there and besides I have to tuition you too."

"We aren“t kids who couldn“t study without a tutor and besides who will go to drop you and pick you every night from there?"

I don“t know....

"No one. I can manage on my own, so you don“t have to worry." I said with an assuring smile.

"Huh? Why would I be worried about you? Quit dreaming Miss Heera." He said angrily and left.

Wait, what did he just call me????

"Heera! Nice name yar." Tahir said to Ahmar, walking behind him.

"You can go miss, we will catch on our studies later." Said Faiq standing up from his seat.

"It“s not a problem at all." I assure him.

He nodded and say, "Allah Haffiz."

"Allah Haffiz... and Allah Haffiz to you too Zaid." I addressed Zaid who was going outside with his head hung down. On hearing my voice he raised his head and left giving a curt nod.

He is looking so down today....


Ahmar“s POV:

"Tujhe Kiya howa (what happened to you- informal)?" I asked Zaid as soon as

Unconsciously, I gaze followed him back towards the house but found nothing there.

"What are you looking there?" I jumped at his strict voice.

"Why were you looking there?" I question him back.

"Were you mocking me by copying my movements?" He frowned.

"Why would I mock you?" I asked.

"Because you like to irritate others."

"When did I irritate others?" My eyes went wide.

"You do it every time."


"Anyways, we don“t have time. Come." He ordered and starts walking towards its car.

"Thank you for your offer Ahmer, but I can go by myself." I said walking towards the main gate.

He didn“t say anything and silently drove the car out of the main gate.

Asking me to give ride to college. Well, that a nice change....

I smiled looking at Ahmer“s sports car but my smile soon faded, when I witnessed him parking his car in such way that I could not pass the gate.

"You have two option and five minutes to choose. One get in the car and ride with me to college or go back home." He said with a straight face.

Whats wrong with him????

"Ahmer, move your car." I ordered and he shook his head.

"Do you want me to step on your car bonnet and jump other side?" On this he smirked and motion to “go on“ my point his hand to bonnet.


"Come on Ahmer, I am getting late."

"Then hop in"

Hop in??? I am no rabbit...

"Ahmer, I need to go." I said in strict voice.

"You only ten seconds to come into the car." he said looking at his wrist watch.

"Or what?"

"Nine, eight, seven, six..." He starts counting and I stay stood glaring at him.

"Two, one! Are you coming or not?" he asked and I didn“t answer.

"Don“t tell me I didn“t war you." He said and pressed his hand on horn.

"Ahmer, stop. What are you doing?" the loud horn sound is making me deaf but he was sitting calmly like nothing happen.

"Ahmer?" I called him again but he didn“t answer me nor stop the horn.

I am starting to get worry that people will be disturbing by it and soon will come out.

Therefore, putting my ego on side I walk over to him.

"Ahmer, for God“s sake. Stop it."

"I will if you agree to some with me."

"Fine I will go, just please stop the horn."

And finally he made me agree to his condition.....


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