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   Chapter 26

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Ahmar“s POV:

"What do you want?" I asked rudely as soon as I saw the big brother of mine coming into my room.

"I need to talk to you." He answered.

"I don“t have time." I said and turn back to my phone. But instead of going back, he strides towards me and stands beside my bed.

"It“s important." He said, giving me a serious stare of a typical Pakistani big brother, as he stands with his arms folded on his chest.

I rolled my eyes and sit up, "Look, if it is about the friend of yours, then stop before even starting. I am not interested in listening to you after Ami“s huge lecture and the embarrassment I had faced before my friends."

"Ami gave me a huge lecture before our second day of tuition, about how she is struggling, her tragic life and I shouldn“t create problems for people who are alone and going through hard times and this and that. But later she insulted me in front of my friends saying that I am stupid and don“t understand the sensitivity of her situation and that they are more MATURE than me, so they should also be more careful with her and keep a close eye on me too." I gritted my teeth.

Why does every mother love their children“s friends more than them???

After hearing the story, my big brother didn“t say anything for awhile, not because he was sympathising me, but because he was trying to hold his laughter.

"Okay, I admit it, Ami shouldn“t have said this to your friends. But you also shouldn“t say over exaggerated things. Ami would never use the word “stupid“. It“s like you want others to see Ami as a villain."

"I never said that and don“t you talk to me in that filmy way of yours. She called me naive, there is no difference between naive and stupid."

"I don“t know what dictionary you used to look up the meanings, but there is a huge difference. Anyways, I am not here to talk about dictionaries, all I want to say is that I am going out of the city and Ami wants you to accompany Hira on her friend“s wedding, to represent our family."

"Huh? Why do I have to go? She is your friend, you go."

"I would do that if I wasn“t busy."

"Then don“t be busy, cancel your tour."

"It is my work, not some holiday."

"It“s the same. Whatever, I am not going with her."

"It“s Ami“s decision, not mine. So complain to her and DAD." He emphasized on the word “dad“ because he knows that arguing with him isn“t the easiest thing. And before I could say anything, he turns back to leave.

Idiot brother.....

"Fine. I will go with her. It wouldn“t be a waste as I would get the chance to look at her nicely dressed. According to Tahir, she would look super hot if she“s dressed formally." I said, leaning on my bed“s head post and as expected, his steps halted. He turns back to me, probably glaring, but I pretend to be busy with my phone and only raised my head when he left.

Take that, big brother of mine....

Happy sulking seaso

of, you don“t talk to me or appear in front of me as often."

"Hero, I..... I don“t know." I sighed and continue, "I am unable to understand many things right now. Everything happened so fast that I feel like it isn“t reality at all.... My dream of becoming a teacher came true just after I faced the horrors of my worst nightmare of Baba leaving me on my own. Life made me so confused that I don“t even understand whether I should laugh or cry. I don“t even remember my old self. I am sorry if I had made you think that I am avoiding you." I said, looking at Zulqarnain, who was staring at the fountain.

"You know teacher, if this moment were in an Indian movie," He said after a while in an amused tone, "the man would hug the girl and both would“ve been lost in a song now."


I stare at his smiling face in confusion as he is looking back at me.

"And if it were in an English movie, then they both would be kissing by now." He says and I nearly choked on the milk that I was drinking.

Zulqarnain chuckled and continues, "If this moment were to be in a Pakistani drama, then the man would be looking at the girl with utter love and devotion." He said and winked.

What“s got into him???

"Pity, because this is in real life. And you know what happens in real life?" I asked after recovering from choking and narrowed my eyes at him.

"Yes, the man would be preparing himself for an expected slap or sandal." He laughed and stood up.

"How about a mug? Half filled with warm milk."

"No thanks, I am already full." He said, walking back to the house, with the same infectious bright smile on his face that would make others smile too.

"And you also, go to your room too. Good girls don“t stay outside at this time of night. Shab-a-khair, teacher." He said and rushed inside the house, leaving me stunned.

What is going on in his head?


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