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   Chapter 25

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Zularnain“s POV:

Tapping my index finger on the table, I tried to control my urge to slam my manager’s head against the wall behind him. Because he announced another week of a packed schedule and afterwards, I would have to go out of city for an event. Maybe it’s just me, but lately my schedule has gotten tougher than usual. Sometimes I feel like my PA, Umair is taking revenge on me for letting him deal with all trouble when I was skipping work because of Hira.

Speaking of Hira, we didn’t meet after that day. No one would believe that I didn’t get a chance to see her, even though we are living under the same roof. We only talk a few times on text because of our opposing break schedule. I also reach home late at night, so there is no way I could meet her. I tried to call her several times after her job but she never picks up, guess she is still annoyed because of that day. I don’t understand why she got so angry on me worrying about her? Aren’t I her friend? All I want is for her to live a happy life and don’t end up marrying someone who doesn’t deserve her.

Stubborn girl!

I let out a sigh and lean back onto the sofa. It’s amazing how my anger shifted from my manager to Hira.

“Sir, sighing like this won’t take you anywhere. You have to work for an outcome.”

“What do you mean?” I raised my head to see my manager is busy on his laptop.

“If it is about a girl, then you better think of something productive, instead of sighing like a hero of a movie of unrequited love.” He said in a monotonous voice without raising his head.

“What...?” I frowned and continue, “It’s not about a girl.”

“It was for a man?” This time he raised his head with a horrified expression and received an annoyed expression from me.

I am surrounded by the oddest people of the world…

A delinquent young brother, a strict father, a stubborn friend, and a sarcastic PA.

“You have been acting different lately. It’s rather unusual to someone who doesn’t change himself for others easily and tend to make others concur to him with his innocent charms. It’s easy to see everything and I see that, the great ZS is not sighing over a man. Furthermore, that sort of sigh is sighing of dejection and defeat. So whoever is responsible for it may have been worth the great ZS’s attention and worry… So I would like to congratulate you, Sir.” He gave me a formal smile.

“What are you spouting?”

“I am simply congratulating you, Sir.”

“On what?”

“On taking a step forward in life and finding someone.”


“Yes, someone special.” He nodded.

“She is not someone special, she is a friend.”

“Hence, it’s proved that you weren’t sighing because of a man.” He said, typing something and I literally face palmed myself.

“What’s for lunch?”

“I hadn’t ordered anything for you. You are having lunch with Miss Sara, have you forgotten?”

“I don’t remember promising lunch to her today.” I frowned.

“You were planning to go for dinner with her yesterday but all of the sudden you decided to cancel it and ask me to deal with it. Therefore, I dealt with it.” He said nonchalantly.

This is it….

I grabbed a cushion from behind me and hit him with full force.


Zulqarnain’s POV:

“Zee…?” Sara asked, putting back the glass of water from her hand.

“Hm?” I answered, swallowing the salad I am forced to eat by Sara. The main reason I avoid having lunch with her. She is diet conscious, more than an actress should be. One day I accidently made fun of her and the wrath I had to face later made me shut my mouth forever on this mat

e uttered openly when I see Hira smiling at Ami.


“Is everything alright? You told me you will be home late today.” Asked Ami, who is coming out from her room after praying Asar.

“I am going out of city next week. So thought to spend a little more time at home.”

“ That’s... odd. Usually you love to sleep or go to the gym.”

Pakistani mothers and their sarcasm......

“Ami, if I don’t spent time at home, you complain to me. And if I do, you still complain about it.” I got a little annoyed. First of all, she allowed Hira to Saba’s home the day after tomorrow, means she will be leaving before me. Ami could have stopped her, Hassan’s wedding is on the weekend and it’s only Monday today.

“I am not complaining.” Ami chuckled, “By the way, you put me into trouble... both your father and I have a wedding to attend on the same day too, so we couldn’t go there. I thought I could send you, but now.....”

“I have flight on Saturday night. I cannot attend.” I feel dejected for some reason. I wanted to see Hira dressed up formally.

“Hm... I think I will ask Ahmar to go. He may be careless, but he has to grow up and take responsibility.” Ami said.

“What? ....what will Ahmar do there?”

“The same thing you would have done, if you go.” That response shut my mouth.

“Ahmar is a kid.” I mumbled loud enough so that Ami could hear.

“He acts like a kid when he is with friends, but he knows how to handle things if one depend on him. I have noticed how careful he is towards Hira, even if he doesn’t show it.”


“What do you mean ‘careful’?”

“I talked to him the first day Hira started tutoring them and try to convince him not to cause trouble for her, as she already has too much in her plate. To my surprise, he listened to me and not only that, his friends also behaved very well. Your father is rather impressed by the change in the four of them.” Ami chuckled at her last sentence.

I am impressed too, of how things are changing dramatically in my house....

I sighed.

If Ahmar is representing our house at Hassan’s wedding and accompanying Hira, then I better talk to him first.....


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