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   Chapter 23

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Hira“s POV:

As soon as the boys saw Zulqarnain coming, they all got up and shook hands with him. While shaking hands with Faiq, he glanced at me with a mocking smile???

I abruptly looked away, only to realize the he will be sitting next to me as it was the only vacant place left.

Just great!

I want to bang my head on a wall but on the second thought, it will be better if I bang his head on the wall. At least it makes me feel better. It really irritate me how he underestimates me and what“s more irritating is that he acts like he is boss of me or a guardian. I shot a glare at him, who was busy talking to Zaid. Suddenly, I felt something on my left side and on turning my head, I found Faiq settling beside me.

Well, Zulqarnain won“t be sitting here now...

"Come down." Ahmar ordered everyone and we silently slid down onto the carpet and circle around the table.

I guess luck isn“t on my side...

I sighed when Zulqarnain settled himself on my right side. He may have kept a clear distance between us, but it is still uncomfortable. On my one side, I have Faiq and on my other side is Zulqarnain. I feel trapped and the fact that Faiq is my student doesn“t make things better as he is tall as a grown man.

"Ladies first." Ahmar slide the bottle towards me, mentioning me to spin and I did so without any objection.

On the first attempt of spinning, the bottle slips from my hand and hit Zaid.

"Butter finger." I heard Ahmar“s faint mumble, who is sitting beside Faiq.

I ignore him and hold the bottle again, muttering sorry to Zaid. Everyone starts staring at the bottle as it starts spinning and it stops on Tahir.

"Lanat hai yar! (Damn it man)" Tahir raised his head dramatically, "Why does it have to be me first every time!?"

"Drame band karo (stop this drama)." Ahmar said and eyed expectantly towards me.


I mirrored his expression, looking at him.

"Ask him." Faiq said.

"Hm? Oh, right..." I turn my face from Faiq to Tahir, who was looking at me.

"Truth or dare?"

"Dare suits me more." He answered.

Oh great! Now I have to tell him a dare...

"Um.... sing your favourite song in..... Captain Jack Sparrow style." This silly idea popped up in my mind and I said it without thinking.

"Huh?" Was the response of Tahir, on which I only smile in return.

"What kind of dare is this?" He asked.

"If driving a bike bare chest on midnight in a cold December could be a dare, then this one is quite simple." Zaid said.


On hearing Zaid, I looked at each one of my students with wide eyes, who were looking at each other with nonchalant look and Zulqarnain was just shaking his head, but said nothing. Not even scold them.

When he caught me staring at him in surprise, he puts his elbows on the table before leaning on it and simply said, "They are boys."

Nice reason....

We all turn to Tahir who stood up to do his given task and it was just a matter of seconds before he started singing in the voice of drunken Captain Jack sparrow, with the same wal

taught us since our childhood.

After a few minutes, Ami also joined us on the dining table but she was alone. Hira didn“t come down and on dad asking, Ami tells him that she is sleeping.

Who sleeps at this time???

It“s hardly 9 p.m.

"I think Hira should quit her job and rest for awhile." Ami said out of nowhere and all of our heads snapped towards her.

"Begum (Madam/wife)" Dad addressed Ami. He usually uses this word when he disagrees with her on something, "Do you want her to sit idly at home so she could get ill by remembering her past?"

"She is still not doing fine after keeping herself busy either way. It“s been a few days since Hira started her job and got into the hospital," My head slowly turn to Ahmar and the others. They quickly looked away as soon as our eyes met. "She“s been sleeping since she came back from work and hasn“t eaten anything. Right now she is sleeping again and I am sure she wasn“t planning on sleeping. Her room“s door was unlocked."

She locks her room before sleeping???

I don“t know why it hit me so hard and I find myself frowning.

"What Hira is going through is hard, even for people like us and she is very young to be handling the hardships of life alone. She needs time and some diversion of attention. Take dinner to her room and make her eat." Dad said to Ami and she nods in agreement. But my mind is still stuck on the point.

Why does she lock her room???


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