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   Chapter 22

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Hira“s POV:

"Just a girl, huh?" I narrowed my eyes on him as soon as Auntie was out of our sight and Zulqarnain“s head snapped towards me.

"Look,.... there is no need to get annoyed. The news just startled me. It- I wouldn“t be like that if you informed me before. You know..." he tried to explained.

"It wasn“t news." I deadpanned.

"It wasn“t?" his eyes widened, "Then what was Ami talking about?"

"She was just saying that she would marry me off like her daughter." I kept glaring at him, as I slid down from the sofa to the rug near the table.

"But you aren“t her daughter." He blurted out.

"Thanks for informing me, I didn“t know that before." I said sarcastically as I am serving him tea.

"Wait, I didn“t mean it that way." He exclaimed.

He is behaving rather strange... Did he hit his head somewhere?

I didn“t say anything else and turn my focus onto my tea.

"By the way, who is coming?" Zulqarnain asked after a few moment of silence.

"My students." I answered.

"For what?"

"For tuition."

"Oh! Which students?"

"Zaid, Tahir, Faiq and Ahmar. I am going to tutor them from now on."

"WHAT?" He nearly shouted, making me jump a little in surprise.

"Why are you tutoring them? They don“t need any tutor and if they do, why does it have to be you?"

"Why do you always have a problem with everything, Hero?" I scowled.

"Not everything, just them."

"Really, so why were you opposing the idea of my “marriage“ a few minutes ago?" I said, making inverted commas with my hands.

"I was genuinely concerned of your well being."

"Hero, I am not a kid." I said with my jaws clenched.

"But you are a girl and you should be more careful of what you do."


"Fine then." I said and got up, taking my cup of tea.

"Where are you going?" He asked as soon as I turned to leave.

"To my floor."

"What? Why?" He frowned.

"Because I am a girl and I should be more careful of what I do. Therefore, I am leaving. A girl shouldn“t sit alone with a boy. So, we will only talk when others are around. It was nice talking you, Mr. Muhammad Zulqarnain Shah." I said and leave, while he sat there calling out for me.

Lie down on a railway track like I would listen, you shouldn“t have underestimated me.....


Zulqarnain“s POV:

That girl is so stubborn...

I watch Hira as she went back to her floor with slow steps, making it more obvious that she is rubbing my words on my face. I don“t remember when was the last time I was mad at my friend.

This girl just doesn“t listen to me and continues with her reckless behaviour. She loves to put herself in difficult situations and put up all brave acts. Can“t she understand how frustrating it is to watch her dealing with those boys who were the reason of her being hospitalized???

She should thank Allah that she is a girl, or else I would have smacked


"I know your name, class and your previous academic record. Enough to start the study on the first day." I put back the book on the table.

I don“t understand why we are sitting in the living room, it would“ve been much better if it was a proper room or perhaps my floor. There is an empty room there too. Then again, it might be a way to keep an eye on these boys or something.

"Let me tell you straight. We are in no mood to study today. Especially after we were threatened by our fathers." Zaid said, leaning against the back of the sofa.


I look at each of them one by one and their plain expressions suggested that Zaid wasn“t lying. I bit my inner cheek, thinking of how I should proceed when they have spoken their minds.

Taking advantage of my silence and confused state, Tahir said, "Truth or Dare it is!" His voice is filled with excitement, making my head snap towards him as well as the other boys and then their heads turn to me.

Fine then, let“s go with the flow....

"Okay, only if you guys promise me to get serious from tomorrow onwards."

"Yes!" Tahir exclaimed and received strange looks from everyone.

"Ah! If we are playing, why don“t I call my big brother too?" Ahmar suggested.


"He is at home?" Zaid asked and Ahmar nodded.

"Then call him. If he wants to come, it will be a high time to have fun." Faiq said with a mischievous smirk.

"Oh, he will come for sure." Ahmar winked and got up.

Within two minutes, I saw Ahmar coming back with a winning smile, followed by non-other than Muhammad Zulqarnain Shah in his trousers and blue T-shirt. As soon as our eyes met, I averted my gaze.

Ya Allah! Why does he have to look so cute????


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