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   Chapter 20

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Ahmar“s POV:

"Would you two just shut up?!" Both my brother“s and my head snapped towards the source of voice. I was shocked on hearing her tone, she was loud, angry, and her voice lacked the self composure she has always held.

"You guys keep fighting like kids while your parents are probably waiting downstairs. Can“t you both just go to them first? They are your parents, not servants who have to wait for you. You guys are here for me, huh? Who am I to you? No one. But still you fight over me, ignoring the people who love you more than their lives." She almost shouted the last part, making both my brother and I startled. We immediately exchange glances and turn to teacher, who was getting up from the floor.

"Idiot people. Don“t even understand the significance of parents and fighting over stupid things, in front of a stranger, showing her their level of maturity and tolerance." She dusted her dress and pass by both of us, stomping and mumbling to herself.

After a few moments of staring at the stairs, we start walking towards it too. On my way passing through her floor, I couldn“t stop myself from thinking whether she is crying again. I have never met a person like her before, who can be stubborn as a stone, yet fragile as a glass.

What are you, Hira Arshad.....?


Hira“s POV:

My peaceful slumber is broken by the alarm sound. I unexpectedly slept well after crying my heart out and on waking up, I felt much better. Everything that had happened yesterday night on the rooftop is a blur. I don“t remember much, except for the fact that I cried in front of them and for this, I curse myself several times.

After praying Fajar, I don“t feel like going back to bed, so I went downstairs to the garden for a walk. But instead of walking, I found myself adoring fresh flowers in the light fog and not long, I realize I was already late to catch the bus.

Rushing towards my room, I quickly change my clothes, stuffed my face powder, mascara, Kajal and lip gloss into my bag. But before I could go down, something caught my attention near the staircase - A small bouquet of roses.


What is wrong with Zulqarnain???

Shaking my head, I quickly put the flower in a vase and rushed down, only to bump into my student.

"Argh! Watch it, Miss."

"Sorry, sorry. My mistake." He made a displeased face but didn“t say anything and I was in too much hurry to lecture him on Salam elders in the morning, so I skipped it, for today.

I made a cup of tea as fast as I could and grabbed a slice of bread. While eating, my eyes landed on the figure looming against the kitchen cabinets and a smile spread on my face. What held my interest was that person“s face, which has a deep frown on it, while he struggles to apply butter on his bread. Besides, Ahmar looks quite cute in his trousers and maroon coloured hoodie. Maybe he just got back from a walk.

But..... he can“t even apply butter on bread....?

"Let me do it for you." I offered even though I was getting late.

"I can do it on my own." He huffed without looking at me and I had a hard time holding back my laughter. But I am glad that he did it.

After finishing my tea, I got up and walk out saying, "Say Allah Haffiz to Auntie and don“t be late."

Walking towards the bus stop, everything that happened last week repeats itself in my mind. It is unfathomable of what is going on with me lately. I have never been an impuls

am, Hira. How are you feeling now?"

"Alhamdulillah, much better Sir. How are you?"

"Alhamdulillah. Have a seat, Hira." Thanking him, I took a chair from across his spotless glass top table.

"Hira, without wasting our time, I will go directly to the point. I want you to tell me what happened that day, what were you doing with the boys and everything from the start. And I would appreciate it if you don“t hide anything so that I could decide a fair punishment for everyone involved. Or else you and the boys would be treated unfairly from the view, which I and every other staff members perceive now."

So this is it, the end of my newly started job.....

Taking a deep breath, I start telling him the whole story. As well as preparing myself for my new job interviews.

When I finished, there was a moment of silence. Not long after, I was told in a very polite manner that “I am a fool to have become a toy to them and things could“ve gotten out of control.“

"I apologise, Sir." That was all I could say to him.

"Now, as for punishment of the students, their parents will be called tomorrow, but I want for there to be extra punishment for those four." Principal said, leaning back to his chair.

"Any idea what should we do, Miss Hira?" I gulped and shook my head in negative.

"Hmmm.... then we will find out by ourselves."

Ourselves ....?

I didn“t get why he reffered himself as “ourselves“.

Slip of tongue...?

It could be.... even if it were. It twisted my gut for sure.

"Send them in." My ears perk when I heard the principal saying it.

The boys are here....?

"The boys and I would like to talk to you about something. Therefore, I ask a teacher for your fixture in the next period. Don“t worry about the class." He said to me and got up from his seat. Too startled and clueless of what to do, I also copy his movements.

After a light knock, the door of the office opened, revealing three well dressed, middle aged men instead of boys.



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