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   Chapter 19

Oh, My Darling Teacher By lailamehtaab Characters: 2637

Updated: 2017-12-11 12:05

Salam and Hello everyone!

My first Author“s Note to this story. As most readers know, someone stole my story “You are Mine“ (YRM)and had been publishing it as her own work onanother website, until a generous reader told me about it and helped me, alongside other readers and her friends to take down the story from that website. (for those who don“t know, read the AN “To the readers“ on YRM)

Now the story YRM is completely deleted from that website, but I come to know that she is also posting the story in various different sites too. Publishing them again would be a risk, so I am not going to publish the chapters after 42 and will not be publishing “You Will Always be Mine“ (YWABM). I am also not going to publish my other works from now on too. So I am sorry, I don“t feel like


Her blog:

In the blog, I notice she had added other stories in as well. I suggest for some of you to see if you recognise the other stories, so that the actual authors may get justice too.

I“d be grateful if you take the time to report her of her acts on those websites. Do so only if you are willing to. I am not forcing you.

Thank you for now, love you all...

Take Care!

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