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   Chapter 18

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Hira“s POV:

“Hira, are you really alright?” Hassan asked me for the seventh time.

“Yes.” And I answered him for the seventh time, looking nostalgically at my old house where I used to live with my parents. My childhood memories start flashing back in my head, especially the one when we were about to move from this house. Baba rented this house after Ami’s death and now our house has become the home of others.

“Hira….” Hassan called out for me in a defeated way.

“Sorry. I am fine now. Could you drop me back home?” I said from the back seat of his car.

“Sure.” He said and starts the car.

A heavy silence covers the atmosphere of the car, which was later broken by Hassan’s voice.

“You should probably inform Zulqarnain.” Hassan said and throws his phone to the back seat. I texted Zulqarnain from Hassan’s phone that I am going with Hassan and he will drop me home. I know it wasn’t the right thing to do, yet I couldn’t show my weak form to him too. My tears were not stopping and I don’t want anyone to see my crying face or hear my somber voice.

I am not used to crying in front of anyone except Saba, because whenever I cried as a kid, my mother had always said to me that my tears hurt her. But my classmates said that I look so ugly that she couldn’t stand watching me crying. Since then, I wouldn’t cry in front of anyone. I got perceived as a cold hearted, emotionless person and I’ve possibly become one too. Then why, why do I get all teary in remembering Baba and Ami?

Not long after sending the text, I got startled by the sudden vibration and ringing of Hassan’s phone.

“Hello, Assalam o Allaikum.” I answered, regaining my composure, but only received a silent response.

“Hello?” I said again when I couldn’t hear from the other side.

“Where are you now?” Zulqarnain asked in a grim voice.

“Not far from your house.”

“How long will it take you to reach here? I am standing near our house gate, waiting for you.”

“Um… you don’t have to wait for me. Go inside.”

“And tell my family that I sent her with a male friend when she was entrusted to me?” His reasoning left me speechless.

“Okay, I am coming.” I said.

“I am waiting. Allah Haffiz.” He replied.

“Allah Haffiz.” I mumbled and end the call.

“So…… shall we move?” Hassan asked, taking back his phone and I nodded.

Throughout the ride to Zulqarrnain’s house, Hassan kept irritating me to eat something and I refuse each time. Right now, the only thing I want is to get into my room and cry my heart out.

“Thanks for the ride. Allah Haffiz.” I said to Hassan when I was about to get off from the car.

“Don’t torture yourself. Eat something. Ignoring meal won’t do any good, especially when you just came back from the hospital. I will call you later.” I nodded, mumbling Allah Haffiz and step out.

As soon as Zulqarnain sees me, he also got out of the car and silently opens the passenger seat door for me. After leaving him, I wasn’t expecting to see him again tonight but now it really feels awkward to face him and I have no idea how to answer him if he inquires about the reason of leaving.

Keeping my gaze low, I slid inside the car without saying a word. Zulqarnain closes the door with full force, perhaps to show that he is mad. He strides towards the driver seat and do the same abuse to his car door after getting in. He sat straight, staring onto the street before him but didn’t start the car.

I clear my throat, hoping that he would get the signal and start the car, because we are still on the same spot for the last ten minutes. His gave me a brief glance, before grabbing something from the back seat and put

I do to her?" I said in irritation and tell him the whole situation.

"Oh! Pour some water on her." He suggested.

"I can“t leave her alone like this."

"Oh, yeah right. Then cheer her up. Try singing."

"Have you lost your mind?" I nearly shouted at him.

"Oye! Do what I say or think of something on your own."

I looked at her and said, "What should I sing?"

"Just hum something good." He said and hung up.

Ghada (donkey)....

I couldn’t think of any good songs and ended up humming to “Chasing Cars“

I stopped as soon as I realize this song could not lift up her mood. A light tug on my shirt turns my attention to her, whose eyes are staring into space as she said, "What song was that?"

"Chasing Cars." I answered, looking at her somewhat pale face.

"Can you.... sing?" Her voice barely came out from throat because of tears.

"Hyn? ....Alright." I said and slowly start singing as I watch her carefully.

Her tears start to flow more than before, and I change my position uncomfortably but didn“t stop singing.

By the time I end the song, she was crying hard with her hands on the ground before her, carrying the weight of her body. She looks pitiful but what am I supposed to do?

Sitting beside her on the floor, I kept stealing glances of the crying girl beside me and sigh every time. This process kept repeating until I saw my brother striding towards us with a small water bottle in his hand.

He stood by her side and stares at her for a few moments before putting the bottle on her head. On the other hand, she stops crying as soon as she notices his presence.

"Dad and Ami are back. They are calling you." My brother said to me.

"Couldn“t you find a better lie?" I scoffed and say.

"Why would I lie to you?" I look at the girl sitting between us and raise my head to him.

He rolls his eyes and said, "Go."

"No." I answered.

"They are waiting."

"Fine.... Teacher, you should go to your room too." I said politely to her and got up.

"She will go back whenever she wants."

Oh..... Someone looks angry.

I was about to say something but was beaten by a feminine voice.

"Would you two just shut up for now?"


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