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   Chapter 17

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Hira“s POV:

He didn“t say anything, just stares silently at me and I start diverting my gaze at anywhere but him. I understand that he is pissed and he has the right to be. He was continuously asking me to come back or tell him where I was. But I was too stubborn to depend on him, not wanting to show myself weak and fragile to others.

"How long have I been passed out?" I asked when I had enough of this awkwardness, but I still didn“t meet his gaze.

"Almost a day." He said plainly.

"Oh." I waited for him to say something but not a single word came out of his mouth. He just stood there, leaning against the door, glaring at me.

"Say it." I said after a while.

"Say what?"

"Whatever is in your mind."

"There is absolutely nothing in my mind."


"If I am lying, why does it matter to you?"

"It does."

"Ahan! Why?"

"Because you are my friend." I said carefully, I know he is about to burst out his anger and that“s exactly what I want.

"Oh, I didn“t know that."

"You know, you are behaving like a sulking wife." I tried my best to hide my smile. He didn“t reply, only narrow his eyes at me.

"Okay yar. I am sorry." I accept my defeat.

"Sorry for what?"

He really is sulking.....

"Sorry for not listening to my friend and continue to be a brat."

"You shouldn“t be sorry. You were with your students. A teacher must always believe in their students even when they are delinquents."

"You know they aren“t." I abruptly denied him. I don“t like people being judged because of a mere rumor.

"And they are not boys also?" He cocked his eyebrow and I kept silent.

"Spending two or three hours is understandable, but a whole day...? Let“s just forget it, okay. You are fine now and I don“t care about anything else. So, you shouldn“t be caring about anything else either, as long as you have a good relationship with your students."

"Why are you dragging them in every single line you are saying?"

"Because you only care about them."

"Yar, what is wrong with you?"

Why is he acting so strange...

"Nothing." He said nonchalantly.


I open my mouth to say something but close it back after seeing Auntie coming into the room. Looks like our bickering will have to wait a little more. Auntie brought soup for me and made me drink all of it. Zulqarnain stayed at his previous point and just watch both of us talking, until a phone call distracted him.

Strange guy.....


The next morning, I woke up as usual for work. Got ready on time and was about to leave my floor, when suddenly, I saw a figure climbing up the stairs.

"Assalam o Allaikum, teacher. Going somewhere?" His hair was messy and he looks quite cute in his trouser and black t-shirt.

"Wallaikum Assalam, going to work. Why are you up so early?"

"To tell you that you“re not going anywhere today. Dad has taken care of your medical leave."

"Uncle?" he nodded his head in agreement.

Uff! I totally forgot. Our boss is his friend.

Great. Now I“ll have to sit and do nothing all day.....

"Thanks for informing." I said and turn back to my room. I noticed he didn“t leave, maybe he wants to talk about something, but I didn“t wait for it.

He is behaving strangely since yesterday and it“s creeping me out. The look he kept giving me is indescribable and only because of it, I refused Auntie“s request of me spending the night in the guest room. I don“t like saying “No“ to an elder, but I also didn“t like the idea of staying in a room which is directly opposite of Zulqarnain“s room, while the student of mine resides in the room beside it. Especially after noticing how Zulqarnain stayed at the door of his room watching me as Uncle ordered me to have dinner with them and didn“t move an inch, until I went to the dining room.

At the dinner table, Uncle kept on telling me to take care of myself and Auntie kept on agreeing with him. While both Zulqarnain and Ahmar was in complete silence. Feeling ashamed for being so weak and that his family has to go through all this trouble because of me, I ate as fast as possible and excused myself.

I thought I would feel better by going to work, but my mood is completely ruined right now. Not because I wasted my two days, but also it gives a bad impression. I slumped down on the couch and got mesmerized by the painting on the wall. It is a beautiful painting of a landscape, where a house is surrounded by beautiful greenery. Quite serene, away from all the commotions of busy life. I wonder if such places really do exist. How would it feel like living in such a heavenly environment?

A faint smile starts forming on my face, as the hope of living with my Ami and Baba in such place in afterlife came in mind. But who knows, who knows what afterlife holds for us. I stayed still, staring into space, thinking of nothing in particular. Suddenly


"Thanks, but I will buy one of my choice."

"Fine, just take it till you buy a new phone."

"Yar..... I don“t like this phone. It“s .... too big." She said, looking at the box with a disgusted face.

Another reason to refuse....

"Hira, no more excuses. Just take it." I said firmly. She open her mouth to say something but my phone“s buzzing sound stopped her.

It was Sara.

"Hello, Assalam o Allaikum Sara."

"Zee, where the hell are you. I have been trying to call you for almost an hour." She shrieked so loud to the point where I had to pull the phone away from my ear.

"Sorry yar, I was driving."

"Where are you now?"

"Err... I am with family right now." I lied to her and Hira“s head snapped towards me.

"Can I join? I am getting bored."

"No you can“t. We are discussing some family issues." Hira smiled and look away on my response.

Okay! I better get going.....

I excused myself and walk further inside, where the noise of the shore is less. I stood in a corner and start convincing her that she cannot join me on my family dinner, but the entire time, my gaze was plastered on Hira, who was again busy watching the sea. She looks older than her age right now, like all the burden of the world is upon her fragile shoulders.

What can I do to wipe that look off her face....?


Hira“s POV:

"Zee....!!!" A crazy shriek brought me back to reality. I turn my face and find Zulqarnain is surrounded by many of his fans. Young girls start asking and begging for his autographs and selfies and he was struggling to avoid them. But I guess it“s not as easy as it seems.

I smiled on seeing his troubled face. He is confused but couldn“t show it. He smiled in his usual charming way on something a girl said and bent down to take a selfie with her.

That“s my Hero... always smiling.....


I got surprised of my own thoughts.

No, not mine.......

No one is mine, I am alone.....

With an emerging bitterness, I glance at Zulqarnain with wetness in my eyes, remembering how we fought in the car and on the thought that it will not last forever. All the care I have been receiving from Zulqarnain and his family will be gone too one day and I will be left alone with nothing.

"What is wrong with me?" I mumble and got up when my tears start dripping from eyes uncontrollably. But before leaving the table, I didn“t forget to take the phone he gave me.

Wiping my tears, I stride towards the reception and ask to make a phone call. Luckily they allow me. I dialed Hassan“s number and ask him to pick me up.

Hassan told me to wait fifteen minutes, so I start walking towards the shore, alone. The area I am heading looks scary right now, covered with darkness. But I shouldn“t be scared, right? Because sooner or later I will be devoured by the darkness of my future, which holds nothing but uncertainty and loneliness.


Salam and Hello everyone!

Sorry for late update and one more apology for next update which will also be late, because my PC isn“t working.

So, Zulqarnain finally get the chance to go out with Hira but things turned out in other way. Poor him. And Hira, is her future is really dark and uncertain as she thinks?

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