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   Chapter 16

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Zulqarnain“s POV:

I let out a frustrated sigh as I turn my car towards my home street. I am annoyed of Hira and exhausted because of heavy thinking and busy day. I really wanted to give Hira a piece of my mind but on the second thought, I let it slip after recalling yesterday“s talk. She wants freedom and some time to herself. However, I couldn“t stop worrying about her. It“s not like I don“t trust Ahmar and his friends, it“s just that I don“t think they are aware of the situation she is in. I don“t want her to be a victim of their foolishness.

My phone rang and brings me out from my thoughts.

I shouldn“t think so much while driving......

"Hello, Assalam o Alla-" The person on the line didn“t let me complete my sentence.

"What happened to Hira??! How is she?!" I heard a frantic masculine voice.

"What?" I frown, registering the name of Hira but couldn“t make out the rest of the thing he said.

"Where is Hira???"

"Hassan?" I asked.

"Yes, Hassan. Now tell me how is she?!"

"How is who?" what is he talking about.

"How is Hira damn it! Where is SHE?!" He almost shouted.

"Calm down, Hassan. She is with people from her job." I don“t like the idea of telling him that she is out with boys, late at night.

"She is not with them. Something had happened to her. I was talking to her on the phone when I heard her scream. Tell me where she is. I will go to look for her." he said everything in a single breath.

"What???... What happened to her?" I slow my car.

"If I know, I wouldn“t be calling you. She isn“t picking up her phone."

"Wait for a few minutes, I will call you back. I think I know where she would be."

"No! You tell me where she is, I will go to her now."

"Listen, Mister. I am her friend too and if you are needed, then I will call you. Right now you are wasting time. She might be waiting for us." Somehow I manage to convince him and the next moment after ending the call, I was calling Ahmar.

What did you do, Ahmar......

"Hello Ahmar! Where is Hira?" I asked as soon as he picked the call.

"She...she is with us. In the hospital." He answered hesitantly.

"Which hospital?"

"I don“t know the name. It is the hospital near Sea Breeze Plaza."

"Sea Breeze Plaza??? I am not going to forgive you for this, Ahmar." I said with my jaws clenched.

When he said Sea Breeze Plaza I get the idea of where they would have been. I have known for quite some time about their little illegal party point but kept my mouth shut.

I don“t know how I managed to get to the destination in one piece. Throughout the drive, all sorts of negative thoughts kept on popping up in my mind. I had seen Hira on a hospital bed once before, her pale face is still fresh in my memory and I wish that I would never see her in such a pitiful state again, but I am about to face the same situation once more because of my brother.


I was saved from the reception inquiry process by finding Faiq standing near the hospital entrance. He was surprised to see me there but I wasn“t in the right mind to answer him why I have arrived here.

I asked him to take me to Ahmar and he did. As soon as Zaid spotted me coming towards them, he got up and both Tahir and Ahmar copy his movement.

"Assalam o Allaikum." Zaid and Tahir salam me but Ahmar remain silent. It“s been a while since I saw him being nervous.

"Wallaikum Assalam. How is Hira?" I directly went straight to the point. All of their heads snapped towards me, except for Ahmar“s.

"Doctor said she will be fine after some rest. She coll

. So congratulations, you four really did a permanent job." He didn“t stay after saying it.

We really messed up things for her...


Hira“s POV:

I woke up sometime at night as the window beside me was showing the moon shining brightly in the sky. I slowly turn around and found myself in an unfamiliar room.

Ya Allah! Where am I....?

I quickly sit up and curse myself for being hasty. I head spin like a wheel just now, I hold the back of the bed to steady myself and look around the room. It is a simple room with light gray walls matched with dark gray furniture. The door of the room was half closed, I bent to the left to peek outside and find a woman coming towards this room.

I abruptly move back and sat straight. When the door opens, a breath of relief escaped my mouth. It was the house maid, Samreen.

"You are awake." She shrieked and ran outside.


Within a minute, Auntie came inside and hugged me, "Ya Allah! Tera shukar (thank you). You kept her safe. I was starting to get worried about you." She kept saying to herself, patting my back.

"Ami, you are going to suffocate her." From somewhere behind Auntie, I heard Zulqarnain“s voice and my shoulder stiffened.

"Oh! Han. Sorry." Auntie backed away and sits beside me, clearing the view and enabling me to see Zulqarnain now who is standing at the entrance wearing a white Shalwar Kameez. Unconsciously, I squirm on my own and settle my duppatta.

"How are you feeling?" He asked, still standing there.

"Alhamdulillah." I give him a small smile and he returns his usual big bright one.

"Are you sure you are feeling better? Should we call a doctor?" Aunite asks.

"Thanks Aunite, but I am really fine."

"Hm! Good. I made soup for you, will bring it after Namaz. Don“t sleep till then." She patted my head and leaves while Zulqarnain stayed still at his place.

His gaze followed Auntie and as soon as she left, he turns his face to me with a quite irritated expression.

Oh! This doesn“t look good....


Salam and hello everyone!

An early update for you guys. Although it was “My Four Eyed Husband“ turns.

Sorry for another slow chapter, but it is a slow story right? Still I want you guys to notice the smallest things that happened in each chapter, it will help you to understand the story later.

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