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   Chapter 15

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Song: Khul jaye bottle from movie “Jawani Phir Nahi Aani“

Hira“s POV:

I bring them to what we call a “Dhaba“. It“s a restaurant near the highway, so they serve in open area. No air conditioner and no fancy and comfortable seat for my dear students. The sitting arrangement here is on “Charpiai“ with a water cooler on the side. The isolated location of this restaurant is the best thing to me. I don“t want to be seen hanging around with them by my staff members or my other students. It will be an awkward situation, for me of course.

The boys glare at me when I told them that we are going to lunch here and if I didn“t use a little of my arrogant behavior and some mockery, they would never even sit at such place. They kept on complaining about the fast and dusty wind that will destroy the hygiene of the food and at one point, I was so irritated that I asked them to go back home.

But when lunch was served in purely Iranian style, their whining and taunting about I never went to a better place than a “Dhaba“ died down and they ate like nothing happened. They laugh at each other, when the fast wind of the open area messed up their hair and fly off the spoons from their plate. They got so busy with their own selves that they completely forgot of my presence. Well, maybe not the presence but the point that I was their teacher and I was asked to spend time with them for Allah knows what reason.

I ate silently, don“t wish to be targeted by their insults. But this happiness was short lived, when Zaid leans back on his hands after finishing his lunch.

I squirm unconsciously, sensing a presence of a male close to me, and he noticed it, as a smirk creep up on his face.

Curse his sharp observing...

He leans a bit closer and said, "Despite having a hot and spicy attitude, our teacher is not good in handling hot and spicy food." I quickly pull away and narrow my eyes at him.

"Yes, I prefer sweet things. That is exactly why I am here with you guys." I gave him a tight smile.

His smirk vanished and the other boys also turn their attention to us.

"Don“t you think you should be more careful and watch your mouth when you are alone with boys?" He narrowed his eyes at me.

I didn“t answer. I turn my attention to the waiter and ask him to bring “Kheer“ for everyone. It“s best to ignore them if they are persistent in showing their superiority of being male. More arguing will not lead us to anywhere, it will only increase their arrogance.

"Hm! It“s tasty." Faiq said, after swallowing the first spoon.

"It would“ve been tastier if someone feed you with their own hands." Ahmar shot a comment, focusing at his kheer.


"Mere dost, ye le (my friend, take this)." Tahir said in a dramatic style, holding out a spoon of kheer towards him.

"What are you doing?" He pulled his face back and asked with a cocked eyebrow.

"I cannot see your lonely state. My heart aches. I cannot find the person who you seek for but at least I can feed you." He said, trying to put the spoon into his mouth and we all burst out laughing.

I noticed that Tahir doesn“t go with the mocking and teasing both Zaid and Ahmar do, but he doesn“t stop them either. Instead, if things start to go into a wrong direction, he tries to put them back on track by interfering with a serious face or by a practical joke.

Ahmar shoves his hand and said, "Get lost."

After that, Tahir took the lead of the conversation and inform me about every minor detail of college since they took admission. Even the affairs among students, as well as the teachers. It was quite awkward when he said that students aren“t blind or stupid that they could not understand what“s going on

verything scarier.

"Hira? ....Hira, are you listening to me?"

"Huh? ...ah, yes... yar, can we talk when I get home?" I said, stepping back towards the entrance of the hall.

"Hira? Are you alright?" he asked. Perhaps he noticed the panic in my voice.

"Yes... I am fine." I answered and turn back to look at the figure and find him following me.

Ya Allah!

"You don“t sound fine. Hira! Tell me what it is." he said strictly but my mind was preoccupied by the man chasing me. Ignoring his question, I start running towards the gate and keep looking behind.

Suddenly, everything stopped and I couldn“t move forward. A small scream escaped from my mouth on realizing the reason of my abrupt halt. I bumped into a man and now he is holding me with his both arms.

I tried to wiggle free from the hands which are holding me, his grip is suffocating me but the hold was too tight and slowly, my struggle died down and I find it hard to open my eyes and keep myself steady. I felt someone shaking me but before I could respond, everything went blank.


Ahmar“s POV:

I went to the restroom and on returning, I found our teacher missing. I quickly scan the area but couldn“t find her.

Where did she go....?

Once again, I start scanning the hall when I saw Tahir coming towards me.

"Oye! We got a problem."

"What problem?"

"Miss Hira fainted outside." He answered, going back to the exit.

"What? Where is she?" I fasten my pace and join him.

"Zaid is with her. She got so panicked that she started screaming for help." He informed me and continued, "What did you put in her drink?"

"Shut up yar and lead me to her."

He is going to kill me.....


Salam and Hello everyone!

*Dhaba: it is the name given to roadside restaurants in Subcontinent. They are situated on highways and generally serve local cuisine, and also serve as truck stops.

*Charpai: A traditional Sub-continental woven bed. Mostly use in Punjab and ruler areas of Pakistan and India.

Thank so much supporting till now, even though it is a very slow story and also thank you for waiting patiently for every chapter and please keep up your support so I could manage time from my extremely busy and tiring routine.

So, do you think Ahmar really add something in Hira“s drink and he is lying to his friend?

What will Hassan and Zulqarnain going to do?

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