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   Chapter 14

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Hira“s POV:

"Finally caught you. Now I will see how you“re going to run from me." Zulqarnain said with a smirk.

It took me a minute to understand what just happened and when I did, my first reaction was....

"Huh?" I titled my head a little, not getting what is going on in his mind. He isn“t the type of person of whom I feel danger towards, and what I saw in his eyes is partially why.

Suddenly, his smirk disappeared and he starts glaring at me.

"What“s with this look on your face?" He barked.

"What look?" I blinked.

"That dumbfounded look." He pointed his finger at my face and continued, "You should look scared or startled."

"Should?" My eyes widened, "What do you mean by should?"

"You are alone in a room with a man. So, you should be scared."

"Man? What man are you talking about?" I asked, turning my head to look around the room.

To be honest, I was startled and scared but the gentleness in his eyes made me calm a little and now, I am trying hard to hold in my laughter to the stupid chat we are having.

"What do you mean “what man“? I am a man!" He leaves the door and stands straight.

"Ya Allah!" I gasped, putting my hand on my mouth.

"Hm?" He cocked an eyebrow.

"I just realized that you are a man!" His face turns to serious but his eyes didn“t.

"Sorry." I said, biting my lower lip to hold back laughter while he stared at me with a fake glare.

"Let“s go outside. I put the kettle on the stove."


"So, let me pass."

"No." He said plainly.

"What do you mean by “no“?"

"No means no." He shrugged.

"Step aside, mister. I in no mood to make tea again." I said strictly.

"Okay, okay teacher. Don“t get angry. I will allow you to pass once you tell me the reason behind your behaviour. Why were you avoiding me?" he asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Oh, so you are up to bargain. Very well, Hero. Let me pass and I will tell you." I smiled.

"I have the upper hand here. So you better listen to me." He smirked.

He is right.....

"Fine....!" I accept my defeat. "I was avoiding you because you are being ANNOYING these days."

"Huh?" He almost shouted.

"You heard me. You are being over protective. Where I go, how I go, whom I meet, who are my friends at work, how am I doing on job and many other things. You think I am stupid not to know what you have been bizarrely up to these days. Look yar, I know you are worried about me, Saba and Hassan are too, but care for me as a friend, don“t act like an over protective father. I am not used to it. It suffocates me and sometimes it makes me feel as though you pity me because I have no family."

"You know it“s not true." His voice was serious.

"Then let me see it. Allow me to live my life as I lived when Baba was alive." I said, looking into his eyes. He sighed and stepped aside and opened the door. He didn“t say anything after that and by the look of his face, I think he got my point and reluctantly agreed to it. So, I didn“t bring up that topic either.

With a cup of hot tea, we talk about our routines at work and in my turn, I completely skip the part of going out with the boys tomorrow. Later, he asked me to help him in memorizing dialogues. I tried to avoid him at first, because auntie isn“t at home and for some reason, the maids are also not here. I already feel quite awkward being alone with him but I couldn“t refuse because of his puppy dog eyes.

Seriously, that guy doesn“t act like a twenty-seven year old....!

I settle myself on a single sofa in the living room and he sat on the floor, across the coffee table. In the beginning, he was going great but as time passes, it got harder for me to stay serious. I mean, this is the same guy who was giving me puppy dog eyes and right now, he is defending his imaginary lover from his evil father, with the most serious expression I have ever seen on his face.

"Hira, just sto

slightly embarrassing for you and give the information they need before asking - The best way of tackling a possible upcoming humiliation.

"Oh! Means you had no luck. Or no one was ever interested in you because you are so dull?" Zaid asked.

Rule number two: Never underestimate your student“s ability to humiliate you.

"No, it“s just that I have decided to spend my life in helping cute kids like you." I heard a snicker from the back but couldn“t make out who it was.

Rule number three: Make them quiet by a comment involving them.

The car is stopped near a fast food restaurant. We entered and soon find a table for five. Maybe it“s just my imagination, but I think Zaid and Ahmar are deliberately sitting closer to me, while Faiq and Tahir sat across the table.

"So Hira, what would you like to eat?" My eyes widened when Ahmar addressed me by my name.

"Hira? Since when are you allowed to call me by my name?" I turn my face to him.

"Oh come on! We are not in college right now." He said, leaning back and resting his arm on the back of my seat.

Okay....! Someone needs to learn his limits....

"It is Miss Hira, and it should always be as such whether we“re in the college or outside the college. And if you refuse to accept me as your teacher, then there is no point of me being here. I came with my students, not with a group of unknown boys." I said, looking into his eyes and picked my bag to leave.

"Miss Hira, please ignore him. He didn“t mean to disrespect you." Said Tahir.

I take a deep breath and leave my bag. Ahmar also drew his arm back and sat straight.

"So..... Miss Hira, don“t you think as a teacher, you should treat us instead of having meal on our money?" Zaid said, putting his both arm on table.

"Sure, I will pay." I smile and receive a cheer from Tahir.

"But, only for the food I chose for you guys." I looked at him with a small smile.

"Hey! We aren“t eating Salad like you women eat for lunch."

"Come on, dear student of mine. Shouldn“t you trust your teacher?" I throw his words on him, with a slight change.

He glared at me for a moment before seething out “Fine“ and got up.

"Let“s go boys, with our teacher." He said mockingly and leaves his seat.

Well, let me show what real outing is...


Salam and hello everyone!

Sorry for late update.

So.... Zee isn“t a bad person after all and he likes Hira“s smile. Does it means something?

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