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   Chapter 13

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Hira“s POV:

Walking briskly to the main road to get to the bus for work, I look behind and release a breath of relief. I thought Zulqarnain will follow me today for sure. He is getting annoying day by day, just like Hassan. He tries to be a part of everything I do. I know that after having a job, I won“t be able to talk to him much despite living in his house, because of our routine difference and well, I deliberately avoid him too.

Yes, I miss talking to him and enjoying his stupid and over dramatic chats, but our circumstances are different now. Before, we only talk on the phone, no one knew about our friendship and Baba was also there. Now, I have to be extra careful and should maintain distance between us. I am currently living in his house, teaching in his younger brother“s college and I am his friend too. Being seen with him would only create hype in the media, which both of us cannot afford.

Life isn“t easy....

I sighed looking at the other direction and a smile formed on my face when I see Mashal coming towards me. She is a chemistry teacher in the same college and is two years younger than me. Since the boy of the third year“s class mentioned about hiring young teachers, I unconsciously start noticing teacher“s ages and find most of the female teachers are young. So, I don“t get what was that boy referring too.

"Late again." I smile, shaking hands with her.

"Our bus drivers don“t seem to understand the meaning of getting late." She said, trying to control her laboured breath. She is very friendly and since we come and go by the same buses, she becomes a quite good company. Actually, she lives far away from the college and had to use two buses to come and it is quite favourable to me because I also told her that I don“t live nearby.

After a week of teaching, I conclude that teaching is fun, if your students are willing to study - something college students don“t usually do...

"Mashal, I need your help." I said after she takes a seat on the bus.

"In what?"

"In making upcoming test questions. I know how to make them but still, it would be better if you give it a look."

"Sure, no problem. Beside, our principle will be so happy if you make a tough paper."


"Yep, he likes to push students to the limits when it comes to Urdu, Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies. He thinks our new generation needs to be given extra attention towards these subjects."

"Well, he has a point." I nodded my head in agreement. "Students don“t know much about our culture and traditional values."

"You“re right. Sometimes I also wonder what our students are doing. Have you seen the girls“ uniforms? They are so tightly fitted that I don“t understand why they even bother in putting them on."

"I noticed on my first day" I made a displease face. I really hate how tightly fitted their uniforms are.

We talk about different things till we reach our destination. After getting off from the bus, we started walking towards the college when a motorcycle rider crossed our path in great speed, as though he wanted to hit us or scare us.

"What the hell? Was he trying to kill us?" I mumble glaring at the rider“s back.

"That guy was.... Ahmar. What“s got into him?" Mashal said, looking at the same direction as me.

"Who knows? Let“s get going before we be late." I told her and we start walking again.

Our suspicion about the bike rider is confirmed when we saw Ahmar standing with his friends, leaning against his bike. Both Mashal and I exchange glances to each other but didn“t say anything.

Ahmar and his friends have the reputation of being bad boys in their class, but not the worst. Their seniors are much troubled. I have seen their seniors disrespecting and fighting with others, but not them.

To be honest, I don“t think they are troublesome, with that sweet boy in their group named “Faiq“. He is different from the three of them. Unlike many other college boys, he doesn“t have that strange spike haircut or whatever, he wears his uniform properly too and the way he sets his glasses on his nose is super cute. Then, there is “Tahir“. He is what you call loud, friendly and cool, he is everyone“s friend and famous among the girls because of his nature, but I“ve heard complaints of him hitting boys because he was pissed at something they said about their class. “Zaid“ on the other hand is probably the most handsome in their group, with his silky long jet black hair and same coloured eyes. He is the serious and obedient type, he will do whatever the teachers say but have that look on his face of “don“t dare to get overboard“. And lastly, there“s Ahmar. He is popular as the rest of his friends but famous among the girls because of his arrogance and well, he is the brother of Zulqarnain - another reason of his popularity. He really doesn“t care for anything, what people say and do around him, he doesn“t even care about his so called girlfriends, which changes every month. He only cares about his friends and I don“t know why he seems angry with everyone. I thought of asking it to Zulqarnain many times but it w

at?" I try to look calm, but I don“t know... It feels like he is up to something.

"Spend some time with us tomorrow and we will give you a test of our own." He said with a mischievous look in his eyes.


"And hopefully you“ll pass it with good grades." Zaid said, leaning back to his seat. He has the same expression as Ahmar. While Tahir is looking at me with an amused smile and Faiq is busy on his phone.

"You are looking nervous. Come on teacher, shouldn“t you trust your students?" Ahmar asked, tilting his head to the right when I didn“t answer for long.

"Stop it, Ahmar." Faiq spoke for the first time and got up from his seat to leave.

"No, let us see how a real teacher is like." Zaid holds his hand and narrow his eyes on me.

What“s with them, why do they suddenly have grudge against me?

"It has nothing to do with my profession." I said politely.

"So, now you are becoming a professional, eh....? People cannot change anything if they want to stay in their limits." Ahmar said, glaring at me and I stare back into his eyes.

"Hmph! Teacher..." He scoffed, "Chal yar (let“s go, friends)." He slides from the desk.

“People cannot change anything if they want to stay in their limits.“

“Come on teacher, shouldn“t you trust your students?“

“How a real teacher is like.“

"Fine! I will go with you guys."

"Miss, you don“t have to." Faiq said abruptly.

"It“s fine, Faiq. Let me show you what a real teacher is. Wait for me outside the college gate tomorrow after school." I said and walk out of the class victoriously. But as I reached the staff room, I gulped and wipe the sweat from my face.

What am I trying to do exactly.....?

Going out with a bunch of boys? I barely know them. Students or not, they are grown boys, with bad boy reputation. Well, it“s not like I have much choice now, so better quit complaining and go back to them.

Let“s see who“ll win in this stupid sort of quest.....


"Assalam o Allaikum, auntie." I said, coming into Zulqarnain“s portion after praying Asar prayer.

"Auntie?" I call her when I didn“t receive an answer.

Is she in the bathroom....?

Satisfied by the thought, I made my way to the kitchen to make tea for us. It“s become my routine whenever uncle isn“t home. I put the water on the stove and come back to the living room.

"Auntie?" The silence in the house is giving me an eerie feeling and I want to find auntie as soon as possible but I hear no response. After waiting for two minutes, I peek inside her room.

"Auntie? Where are you?" I couldn“t find in the room so I went outside but halted the next moment, when I heard shuffling noises inside her room.

"Auntie, are you in here? Are you alright?" I start to panic a little, as I remembered that Baba didn“t say anything when he collapsed on the floor last time. I rushed towards her bathroom, knocked and waited but no response. As I was about to open the bathroom door, I heard the sound of the door closing behind me.

It startled me and I quickly turn around and find Zulqarnain leaning against the closed door.

"Finally caught you. Now I will see how you“re going to run from me." He said with a smirk.



Salam and hello everyone!

Finally, Ahmar spoke to Hira but what he is up to?

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