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   Chapter 12

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Hira“s POV:

I rub my cold fingers against the palm of my other hand. I am nervous, so much that I want to run back home and quit this job before even starting. But I cannot do that and I have to face this someday. Why not now?

I glance at the digit of 37 on the column of total number of students in attendance registered on my desk, before raising my gaze to the attentive class with curious looking faces.

I gulped before saying, "Assalam o Allaikum, class." And received snickers in answer.

"Wallaikum Assalam Ustani Ji (teacher)" A boy shouts from the last seat in a mocking way. So I ignore it and ask them to take out their books.

The first class went like an endless path to planet Pluto. Still, I manage to end the journey without passing out. My next class was of first year students but the principal gave me a break by looking at my somewhat pale face. Few other teachers encourage me by saying that those were final years, they are quite out of control and since they are seniors, they think themselves as Ruler of college. According to them, other classes are much better but don“t know why, my heart is screaming not to believe them. So, I just smile at them and turn my focus to my consciously buzzing phone.

It was Zulqarnain, he keeps on bugging me since he got up. Thank God he is using his brain to not call me but his texts are quite annoying too, because he sends one in every ten minutes.

“Hello, teacher....?“

“What is it?“

“I am thinking of giving you a ride home after work.“

“Keep thinking, but don“t try to do it.“

“But I am worried about you, Teacher. You aren“t familiar with the place.“

“Thank you for worrying about me Hero, but I am a big girl. And please, no more texts. I have a class to teach.“

“Ok, I will miss you.... :(“


Taking a deep breath, I got up as the bell rang and make my way towards the third year“s class. My tracks come to an abrupt halt on hearing a boy“s voice saying something about a new teacher with the nickname of “Ustani Ji“.

Wow! I“m famous.....

"She is just a simple looking middle class woman yar. I don“t understand why our college administration doesn“t hire pretty young girls?" A boy says in a lazy voice.

"She is young." This voice belongs to a girl.

What the hell.... Is that how they talk about their teachers???

Irritated by their way of talking, I step inside with a frown on my face, instead of a smile. All of the students took their seats when they saw me entering and greeted me with expressions which I wouldn“t call a pleased one.

"Assalam o Allaikum class, take out your books." I say in monotone, outing the attendance sheet on the teacher“s table. I was expecting same sort of behaviour like final year“s students but to my surprise, they quietly open their books mumbling “Wallaikum Asslam.“

Are they really better than seniors or my anger is clear from my face???

Well, whatever the reason is, at least we can have a decent study time. I relaxed on the thought and start the lesson.


Ahmar“s POV:

"Haye....! She is so sweet." Tahir sighs as he say this probably the seventh time.

"I thought you like our English teacher?" Zaid asks.

"Yes, I like her too. She is hot but Urdu teacher is sweet. What“s her name again?"

"Hira." Zaid answered, glaring at him.

"Haye... Hira...." Faiq puts his hand on his heart and drops himself onto the bed dramatically.


We are at ou

who has been standing under your window in the cold.“

This time she didn“t reply. The light of her room turns on and soon I saw her face on the window. She face palm herself and ask me what I am doing there by moving her hands.

I look at my phone in my hand and then at her. I don“t know what she understands but she shook her head in negative.


Hira“s POV:

“Oh come on, just for a few minutes? Have pity on your friend who has been standing under your window in the cold.“

I read his text and quickly got to the window after covering my head with duppata. He was really standing under my window. I helplessly chuckled and face palm myself.

This guy is really something....

I ask him “what is it?“ by moving my hand. In answer, he looks at his phone in hand and then at me. I shook my hand in negative as a response. There is no way I am allowing him to eat my brain after Hassan.

He puts both of his hands on his hip and glared in my direction for a minute before slumping himself on the grass.

This guy really is a joker....

I move away from the window and call him after accepting my defeat. I don“t want to be blamed for a famous actor catching cold because of me.


"I am going, auntie. Allah Haffiz." I say before leaving the house. She is so sweet to get up early just to send me off because Ahmar leaves without saying anything.

"Beta, why won“t you go with the driver?" She asks worriedly.

"I am fine on my own, auntie. Thank you." I smile.

"Assalam o Allaikum. Hira, wait two minutes. I will drop you." Both auntie and I jump by the sudden voice of Zulqarnain and our heads turn toward his room.

Oh no, I am not going with him and get the title of being friend of the famous “ZS“

"Auntie, I am going." I quickly ran out, waving my hand to her. She called me but I ignored her.

They have already been doing so much for me, I cannot ask for more or rely more on them. This is my life and I will lift my own burdens, like how I am used to doing.


Salam and hello everyone!

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So, Ahmar is up to deal with a Teacher and a Romeo same time. What“s going to happen?

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