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   Chapter 11

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Zulqarnain“s POV:

“And this will be your bedroom.” I say, opening the door to a master bed in this portion of the house.

She nodded and smiled before asking, “Where is the kitchen?”

“Ah! Yes. About that, actually there isn’t any kitchen on this floor Actually, this portion is built for my Khala’s family. They used to stay here whenever they come to visit. There wasn’t any point of making a kitchen and so you’ll have to share ours.”

“Oh! So where will they stay if they come again?” she asks worriedly.

“They won’t come again since her family shifted here.”

“Hm.” She says, scanning around the room, while I try to read her face. She is still nervous and unsure.

Stop it... stop it...

I barely manage to turn my gaze before she could notice me and things could get more awkward.

“It’s almost lunch time. So why don’t you freshen up a bit and meet me at the dining table downstairs?”

“Where is your family?” She completely ignores my question.

“Dad has been out of the city as always, Ami will be back before tea time and my brother is somewhere in the city probably with his friends.” I inform her. She changes her position uncomfortably and I regretted telling her that we are almost alone. Few maids are working downstairs.

Should have stopped Ami from going...

“On a second thought, why don’t you stay here and I will send you lunch and get some sleep after that.”

“Thank you.” She mumbles with a forced smile.

“Stop saying thank you on every single thing. We are friends, na? And besides, it’s your right to know everything about this place, as you will be paying rent.” I assure her about the ‘renting’ part because I don’t want her to think that I pity her.

“Right.” She finally smiles.

“Good. So, now that you’ve understood my point, I can leave. See you when Ami returns.” I wave my hand and got back to our portion.

After instructing the servants about lunch, I went to my room.


Hira’s POV:

It’s been one week since I come here, but not for even one second I felt relaxed. I call Hassan twice a day as promised and Saba calls me whenever she likes. Still, it is hard to spend my time here. I miss Baba and my house every minute.

I go to Auntie whenever Zulqarnain and his brother are not home, which is almost every day. Zulqarnain comes late at night and sleeps till late morning until his PA calls him or comes to drag him up and then he would run to work like his tail is on fire. So, we practically don’t talk or see each other. And his younger brother Ahmar, I also haven’t met him because he’d always stay in his room whenever he is home.

Auntie told me that Ahmar is studying in college and his father wants him to take over their business because Zulqarnain is not interested in the field. I feel kind of bad for him. It’s not right to burden kids with your own wishes and demands, but there isn’t much I could do.

I came out of my thoughts when I heard knocking on my door.

“Yes?” I say loudly and a servant came in.

“Bibi (madam), Bari bibi (elder madam) is calling you for tea.” I nodded and she left.

I ask servants not to call me Bibi but they won’t listen. I am not used to such formalities. Never had servants. Not because I could not afford, but because I was always at home. So, there was no point of wasting money, which could be saved for Baba’s treatment. But Baba left me with that money....

Biting my lower lip, I got up and went downstairs. My feet came to a halt. For a nanosecond, my eyes spotted Zulqarnain sitting on a sofa in the living room near Auntie. I feel hesitant to go in front of him like this. This is probably the first normal meeting of ours.

“Assalam o Allaik

“Hm.... So what is your education? What sort of job are you interested in?”

“I have done Masters in Education and am willing to be a teacher.”

“I see.” He didn’t say anything after that and continues eating in silence.

“Hira, have you met my other son, Ahmar?” He suddenly asks and she shook her head in negative.

“Hm! He studies in college and his college principal is a very good friend of mine. If you are interested, then I could talk to him whether there is a vacancy available or not?”

“I think that’s a good idea. Uncle Wajahat will guide her properly.” I speak up before Hira could object. I know she will, it’s in her nature. She likes to do everything by herself without any help.

“I was thinking of the same thing... I will talk to him. Let’s see what I can do for you.”

“Thank you so much, but your family have already done so much for me. You don’t have to go through the trouble to find a job for me.” See? That’s what I meant. She will refuse it.

“Hira,to you, my wife is your auntie, so you better listen to what your Uncle says and since you are here, you are our responsibility. We want you to work in a safe environment, so you’ll get used to it.” She smiles genuinely and nodded in agreement.

Wow! Never thought Dad could be this protective.....


Hira’s POV:

“Uncle talked to his friend, I went for the interview and got the job.” I told Saba.

“That....was easy.”

“Hm! Easier than I thought. Yar, I know I shouldn’t have been saying this or thinking like this, but I have a feeling that Uncle throws me into that college to keep an eye on his son.”

“It could be.... but I see no harm in it. You got the job. Work here, gain some experiences, and leave. Then you find another job or continue here if you find it suitable.”

“Planning on that. Anyways, I better go to sleep now. I have job tomorrow.”

“Allah Haffiz.” Saba says.

“Allah Haffiz.” I say and drop my phone on my bed, along with myself. A smile spread on my face, as a tear slips from the corner of my eye.

Ami, Baba... tomorrow will be my first day on job. Wish me luck.....

From tomorrow onwards, I can proudly say..... I am a teacher.


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