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   Chapter 10

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Zulqarnain POV:

I rushed to the emergency after asking the receptionist about Hira. She was awake when I reach there. She was staring at the ceiling, with no such thing as tears in her eyes, her face is completely emotionless and if it wasn“t for her breathings, she would have been mistaken as a sculpture or a dead person because of her pale face.

Ami on the other hand is sitting beside her, holding her hand. I clear my throat to get Ami“s attention. Her head snapped towards my direction as she heard and shakes her head in negative, stopping me from coming forward. I nod in acknowledgement and silently look at her from a distance. The freshness I saw on her face that day is nowhere to be found. But she isn“t crying or panicking like a typical person usually do when their only family member dies, leaving them alone. She is calm, like she had always sounded on her calls, no matter how serious her father“s condition is. Maybe she has prepared herself for this day, but still her calmness is somewhat scary.

"I need to go. Baba must be waiting for me." Hira says, staring at the ceiling.

What the....

"Beta you should stay here until doctor discharge you." Ami says, squeezing her hand lightly.

"No, Auntie. I shouldn“t let Baba wait anymore. He was in a hurry to go. So, I better send him off quickly too." Her voice wavers for a second before she collects herself again. She is complaining and she is angry at her father for leaving her. Going through the stage where a person gets angry after accepting a loss.

So she isn“t in a state of denial.....

This thought brings a relief.

"I need to go. Tell me where Baba is?" She asks, getting up.

"Beta (child), your neighbours are taking care of everything. You don“t have to worry."

"Oh!" She pauses for a minute. "Do you know where my phone is?" She asks, looking at Ami.

"I have it." She returns her phone and say, "An elder neighbour of yours told me that they have contacted your family."

"It doesn“t change anything. They won“t come" Hira murmur and makes a quick call to a guy named Hassan and if I remember correctly, that guy is her friend.

So she doesn“t call her family....

Suddenly I felt a strange irritation when her facial expression relaxed on telling Ami that her friend is coming.

Why didn“t she think of me?

I am her friend too...

I wanted to ask her, but it isn“t the right time and besides, right now I have to meet that Hassan guy first.


"I will take care of the funeral arrangements." I say to Hassan, walking outside the waiting area of the hospital. I met Hassan a few minutes ago. He is the same as my height, normal body and dusty brown hair. All in all, he is an average looking guy, but he has the aura of those simple Pakistani caring men who can be trusted with everything and for some reason, I don“t like that.

"No, wait. Let me handle it." He says, coming after me.

"Is there something wrong with me doing it?" I frown.

Why can’t I do something for her?

"It“s not like that. Actually, I was thinking that if you could take Hira home. I came with a bike so I cannot take her home. Our friend, Saba and a few of her neighbours are already there. I will take care of things here and besides, you don“t know her relatives too. It will be problematic if they come here to collect the body." He calmly explains me everything.

I nodded in agreement after a brief moment. I don“t like this guy. He talks about Hira like he is her guardian and why is he so mature???

I ask Ami to bring Hira to the car. I still didn“t talk to her nor go in front of her. It may seem foolish, but I am reluctant to face her. I went out to the parking area and waited for Ami and Hira

ripping from my eyes. I quickly turn my face so he wouldn’t see me crying. I hate crying in front of others.

“......there is no winning from you, Hira. Do as you like but promise me, you will call me twice every day.” He finally agrees.


“Good. Zulqarnain is a nice guy but still..... Be careful. And get ready, he will be here soon.”

“Wait, how do you know him?”

“I met him in the hospital.”

“He came to the hospital?” my eyes widened.

“Yes, he was already there when I came and he was the one who brought you home.”

“Huh? I thought that was Auntie’s driver.”

“He was Zulqarnain. Don’t you remember?”

I shake my head in negative.


Zulqarnain’s POV:

Hassan helped me in putting Hira’s stuff in the car and left with his fiancé after saying farewell and giving me a warning look. Hira and I are now left in an awkward silence. I glance at her and find her looking back at me with her tired and baggy eyes.

“Assalam o Allaikum. I guess I don’t have to introduce myself, right?” I say, stretching the back of my neck.

Why the hell am I being so nervous.....?

“Wallaikum Assalam.” She tries to smile but failed.

“Come.” I open the door of the passenger seat and she hesitantly gets in, mumbling ‘thank you’.

I also get in and after giving her a glance, I start the car. All the way to home, I keep stealing glances of her while she was busy in looking outside. I open my mouth several times to talk to her but words never came out. I never thought that it would be so hard to talk to a girl and especially Hira.

I have been anticipating for such a day when I can talk to her face to face but now I am sitting silently like a dumb person. And this stupid excitement inside me is making it worse.

Cursing myself under my breath, I stop my car near our house entrance.

“This is my house. And the upper portion you can see from here will be yours from now on.” I say, coming beside her as she stands nervously, holding the door of the car.

“Shall we?” I ask her and she nodded, clutching onto her shoulder bag.

I lead her to my house, hoping that it will be a new beginning in her life....


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