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   Chapter 9

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Hira“s POV:

“Text me as soon you reach your destination.“

I email Muhammad Shah before covering my head and pinning up dupatta.

I may denied what Saba says about Muhammad Shah being the famous actor Zulqarnain but there is a small conscious part of me who believes that, it might be possible. But still....

I slid my phone in bad and enter the living room. As soon as Saba saw me ready she also gets up.

"Baba we are going." I say peeking inside his room.

"Okay! Come before Maghrib." He instructed as always.

"Of course. Allah Hafiz." I say.

"Allah Hafiz Uncle." Says Saba.

"Allah Hafiz beta (child). Say my Salam to your parents." Baba answer.

"Sure." She nodded, opening her umbrella.

"Oye! Put that back." I hate when she uses her fancy umbrella in hot summer day. But according to her fancy umbrellas are for summer they cannot be use in rain.

"Shut up and walk quickly. I don“t want to miss the bus." She settles her bag on shoulder again.

Luckily we got bus earlier than expected and now we are sitting side by side on a long way to exhibition centre.

"Yar! Sometimes I think you shouldn“t have taken education field. Your M.Ed degree is a total waste now." She says out of nowhere.

"I know yar! But you know I love teaching."

"But you knew from the start that- Ullu ka Pattha." My eyes go wide and my head snapped towards her when she let out a curse instead of completing the sentence.

She was frowning and I follow her gaze to the man who is sitting on first seat of gent“s compartment. I cringe and look away. He looks like a dirty drunkard. No wonder Saba mumble such words. They he is looking at her I want to get up and poke my fingers on his eyes. But I couldn“t do that so I try to calm Saba down.

"Just ignore that idiot." I say petting her arm.

"I want to kill him instead of ignoring him." She gritted her teeth.

"Leave it na yar." I somehow manage to divert her mind but soon we were disturbed by a girl shouting. We both look back to the source of voice and find a young girl accusing the same man for touching her inappropriate way. He argues back that he didn“t and she is lying.

The next moment without any hesitation the girl slaps him on face with full force. Everyone froze on their places in shock, even the man who got hit. After a moment when everyone broke out from trance, an old lady pull away the girl from her spot and few gentlemen step towards the man, who starts yelling that the girl is mentally retarded because she is accusing him for something he didn“t do. Before the girl could reply Saba speaks up.

"He is lying I saw him touching her."

"Oye!" I quickly grab her arm but she elbows me. Means I should remain silent. The drunkard man glares her. But before things get to far a middle aged man with few others forced that drunkard to sit on the last seat while the girl sits on her own. When everything settled down I glare at Saba.

"What? He deserves that." She shrugs.

"Yes he does." I sigh before saying, "Well I have to admit. It was a nice shot." I wink at her and we both chuckle.


“Sorry yar I was busy. Just read your email. My flight was fine was I am here in one piece and all good :)“

I receive his mail at night.

“Means you didn“t die. Pity, I lost this chance of eating delicious Biryani.... Oh! But no worries you will be coming home by plane too. Right? ;) And call me if you get time.“

After replying him I put my phone on table and start making dinner with Saba. Her brother was picking her up from my home but he got some urgent work to handle, so he called her that he will come after dinner and there is obviously no way that she or I will have

hope everything is fine.

"Hello Assalam o Allaikum Ami."

"Zulqarnain? Are yo-?"

"Yes Ami, I just arrived at home. Where you now? What happened?"

"Beta (son) I am in hospital with Hira." She pause for a moment and a frown forms on my face. "Beta, her father is no more."

"Wait... what?" I ask in disbelief.

"Her father died about half hour ago and Hira is unconscious. I am in hospital emergency with her." I froze as soon as I heard those words and barely manage to murmur.

“Inna lillahi wa inallah-e-raji“oon“

"I don“t know what happened to her father because when I reached here she was unconscious and her neighbors are looking after all the hospital formalities." I heard what Ami said but my mind is stuck on Hira. She is left alone.

"I am coming." I say striding towards my room to get my car keys. "Which hospital she“s in?"

"You don“t have to come. We already inform her relatives, they will be here soon."

"Ami, no matter what happens don“t leave Hira on her relatives please okay? And I am coming. Are you in the same hospital where her father go for treatment?"


"Okay." I say and ended the call.

I don“t know much about Hira“s relatives but I am sure there are tensions between them. Hira is a stubborn girl but she is not a fool who lives alone away from her relatives with her ill father. I don“t want to leave her alone with them until she is fully conscious.

What am I saying, even is she become conscious her mind probably won“t work right. I cannot believe this happened. I talk to her three days ago and she told me her father was fine, then how....?

Is life this fragile???

I comb my hairs with fingers and speed up the car. I don“t know what can I do for her but I will not leave her on her own.


Salam and hello everyone!

*Inna lillahi wa inallah-e-raji“oon: The phrase is recited by Muslims when a person experiences a tragedy in life, especially upon hearing the news that a person died.

*A very big sorry for this late update and strangely I cannot give you an explanation why it got late. I wrote this chapter long ago but couldn“t mange to update it after giving a final look.

*Anyways I“ll try to update properly from now on (means twice a month).

*And thank you soo much for your support and waiting.

* Please tell me how is this story going so far? I know it“s slow but I hope you guys will like it.

*Don“t forget to vote and comment!

Take Care :)

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