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   Chapter 8

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"Oye! Wake up yar. We will be late for college." I heard Tahir“s voice.

"I am up. I am up." I sits up squeezing my eyes.

"Yar why didn“t we take admission in an evening college?" I open my one eye and look at him getting ready.

"Shut up and get up before my sweet mother switch into her Hitler mode. She is already mad at us for coming late yesterday night."

"Abe yar!" I stretched my arm and get off the bed.

Within fifteen minutes both me and Tahir are in his car going to my house because I forgot to bring my uniform yesterday.

"I will only drop you and leave for college." He announced.

"The first is English class today?" I ask, only to receive a wink from him.

"You“re hopeless man." I sighed.

"Oh come on yar! Ms Sana is really an item. Totally hot and we should praise God“s creations right?" He wink again.

"Other teachers are not creation of Devil." I say with a smile and look outside.

Soon we reached home and I thank God that “He“ already left. I don“t want to face him. I am tired of his lectures to change myself..... this is my life, I will do whatever I want, whatever I like. I don“t like to chain down as they want me, both Papa and Him.

"Assalam o Allaikum Ami." I enter the house.

"Wallaikum Assalam! Why didn“t you come last night? He was asking about you." Ami say angrily.

"Huh?... Why he was asking about me?" I scoff.

"Ahmar! He is your elder brother." Ami scold.

"Yeah! I remember." I mumble entering in my room.

I quickly change into uniform, take my bike keys and leave the house shouting “Allah Haffiz“.


"You miss the class Ahmar." Faiq shouts as soon as I entered in class.

"Did that on purpose. Besides it“s not like she was to give a real lecture. All she do is to batted her long lashes and ask others opinions. I doubt that she even know how to teach."

"Don“t you dare to say anything about her." Zaid says in his fake angry tone.

"Yes, or else we will make you sit between girls in Pakistan Studies class." Tahir says giving a high five to Zaid.

I rolled my eyes at them. Pakistan Studies is my sleeping class. I mean why does we have to study this subject when we are born Pakistani.

"Yar when will the next class start?" Tahir asks.

"It“s already started seven minutes ago." Zaid answered.

"Abe! Get up yar. That teacher will seriously call our parents if we miss his class again." Faiq jump from the desk and run towards the class.

"Oye! You have

hundred and ten percent sure that Muhammad Shah could not be that actor. I mean .... it“s impossible right?

"You don“t believe me?" She puts her both hands on her hips.

"No." I say nonchalantly.

"Than lets just put all the puzzles together." She strides back to counter.

"One: He didn“t tell you his full name first.... Two: He told you about his family, his full name and other stuff when he was sure that you are completely clueless about local entertainment media industry.... Third: He didn“t tell you his real job. He only say that he is a social worker. Which most of actors are into.... Fourth: He didn“t show you his picture and never ask you to meet. Which was not an issue in his mother“s presence right?" She says leaning against the counter.

"You“re exaggerating Saba.... Even if there is a tiny-miny of chance that he could be a actor than why would he hiding himself?"

"I don“t know. Maybe he don“t want you to know about him being a celebrity." She shrugged.

"Still not convincing." I say nonchalantly.

"Yar tum (you)...... fine. Time will tell.... but my intuition as a woman say, that Muhammad Shah of yours is really Zulqarnain Shah."

"Whatever." I shrugged it off but the logical part of my brain agree with her.

Could this be possible???

No way.....


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