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   Chapter 7

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“Hira?....Hira beta wake up?“


My eyes shot open on her voice and found her smiling face hovering me, as my head is on her lap.

“Ami?“ I quickly sit up and cupped her face with my palms.

“Where were you Ami? I missed you.“

She didn“t say anything just smiles. Tugging my hairs behind my ears she places a kiss on my forehead.

Suddenly there was a knock on main door. Ami“s face lit up and a bright smile formed on her face. Standing up fast, she rushed to the door and opens it.

Moments passed and she stood there with the person arrived and talk. I also got up to meet the person, I can hear Ami“s happy voice and her smiling face, while I wasn“t able to hear the guest“s voice. As I reached closer I saw the guest was a man, a young man with tall figure but before I could see his voice I hear Baba“s voice from behind and my attention turns towards him.

“Finally you are here. Now we can go.“ He came close smiling at me.

“I love you beta (child).“ He hugged me tight, confused by his behavior I hugged him back.

“Come Rimsha (my mother). It“s time to leave.“

“Wait! Where are you going?“ He didn“t answer just smiled at me.

“Baba? Don“t leave me.“ I screamed and try to run to them but I found my feet glued to floor.


My eyes jerked open on my own scream and Baba came rushing to me.

"Hira? Are you alright?" he sat on bed beside me and I quickly hug him.

"It was a nightmare Baba, sorry to startle you like this."

"It“s okay. I was already awake... its almost Fajir time."

My arms tightened around him. My mother use to tell me that dreams are real. Sometimes they are vision from the future and I defiantly don“t want such future.

"Hira! I have to pray beta. You also get up." I nodded and leave him.

Few moments later Baba went to Masjid (Mosque). I also prayed Fajir and recite Quran until Baba came back. I give him breakfast and he went to sleep. While remain awake, couldn“t shook off that dream from my mind.

I drop myself on bed and check my mobile, I have received two texts. One from Saba and other from Muhammad Shah.

“Going outdoors for field work.... It will go to be so busy for few days. Wish I could talk to before leaving :)“

A smile found its place on my face after reading it. and I quickly reply him.

“Take care of yourself and don“t die, okay. I am not in mood to eat delicious Biryani so soon. Allah Haffiz“

I send next text to my best friend setting our today“s program about going to the exhibition. Before I could put down my phone after texting her Shah called me.

How this guy gets the time to call and chew people“s brain...?

owards the door and open it but there wasn“t anyone except few kids waiting for their school van.

“Assalam o Allaikum Baji (big sister)“

Kids Salam as soon as the saw me.

“Wallaikum assalam.“ I said and come in.

“Where are you?“

“On my way to airport.“

“Why didn“t you tell me before.“

“Because I only wanted to see you.“


“Nothing, you can“t understand right now. Allah Haffiz “

Why his sentences always have double meanings??


Zulqarnain POV:

"Wasn“t she Hira madam?" My driver asks me.

He is same age as mine and we don“t have typical boss and employee relation.

"You know her?"

"Yes, usually saw her with her father. She know your mother too."

"I know. I was the reason of their meeting."


"Remember the laptop girl?"

"Oh, right. Your mother return her laptop."


"And she became your friend? Quite sharp she is."

I frown at his comment. She isn“t from those type of girls.

"Get knowledge of facts before applying something on others... I didn“t meet her because she doesn“t know me as Zulqarnain Shah the famous actor and I was the one who wanted to be friends with her." I said strictly to make him shut his mouth on this matter permanently.

I want to cherish the friendship Hira and I have because I don“t know what will she do when I told her the truth.

Will she get mad on hiding?

Leave me because of my fame?

Change herself like my other friends did since I become famous?

Or forgive me?

I don“t want to lose a good friend because of a temporary thing like fame. I already lost many .....


Salam and hello everyone!

Sorry for late update. I“ll try to update properly once I complete my story “You are Mine“.

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