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   Chapter 6

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Hira“s POV:

"Who were you talking to yesterday night?" Saba asked.

"Huh?....No one." I answered absent minded.

"Liar, Hassan called me this morning, complaining I kept his best friend busy for so long last night..... He is thinking you were talking to me."

"He misunderstood."

"Yes he did. But when will you tell me whom were you talking with?"

"Argh! Aby yar wait." I said getting irritated by her.

I quickly email the documents and turn to face her.

"Now tell me, what is it?"

"Who were you talking to, idiot?"

"Muhammad Shah."

What was his nick name????

"Muhammad Shah???? Who is he? His name sounded like a big scary man. Who usually wears white cotton Shalwar Kameez, with big pointed mustache, which he swirl whenever he smirks evilly." She also swirls her imaginary mustaches, putting one hand on her waist. It made me chuckle. Then, I tell her the whole story, how I drop my laptop and he sent it through his mother and how we become friends.

"Wow! It sounds like a drama story."

"It is." I agree with her.

"But I think you should tell Hassan about him. You cannot trust a man only because his mother is nice."

"I know and I wasn“t planning to hide it from him in the first place. I mean why would I hide? I am not doing anything wrong." I shrugged.

"True!..... Oye, but if he asks to meet you?" She asked holding a piece of mango in her hand.

"I“ll say no.... I wouldn“t meet a stranger." I answered and stuff a big piece of mango in my mouth.

But I have a feeling that we will come face to face someday.....


Zulqarnain POV:

"Zulqarnain, you have an interview on tomorrow morning show related to your new drama serial." My PA reminds me almost shouting from stairs.

"Roger that." I shouted back from opening car“s door. I am already late to pick Sara, she will be mad at me.

I quickly drove to her place and text her to come out. I don“t want to go in, her mother is quite proud and self centred and I really don“t like such people.

Sara silently slid inside the car and turned her face the window.

"Hay, I am sorry yar. I was caught up in

ng at caller ID.

"Assalam o Allaikum... please don“t tell me your just wake up on my call?" My PA“s annoyed voice knock some sense into me.

Uff! I am late.....

He wouldn“t call me if I wasn“t. I scratch the back of my neck and got up.

"Sorry! I was talking with a friend and lost the track of time."

"It will better if you find that track as soon as possible. Sir."

"Yes, yes I am coming."

I quickly freshen up and ran into kitchen where Ami was yelling at Ahmar for something.

Why can“t this boy be little obedient....?

"Ami don“t make breakfast for me. I“ll eat outside." I kisses her cheek and rushed towards my car.

I slide inside my car and about to leave the gate when I saw Ahmar throwing a cigarette before starting his bike.

He smokes???

I was beyond shocked at my little brother. What wrong with him?

First he start skipping college and now this? I have to talk to him, but now..... I am late.....

I think Hira gave me a right nick name.

“Late Lateef....“

Her teasing voice echoes in voice leaving a smile on my face.


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