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   Chapter 5

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Hira“s POV:

Since the day I met Muhammad Shah“s mother my daily life become less stressful. Her name is Samina, she often calls me when she was alone and we talk almost for hours. I called her too three or four times to ask about her health. She is such a sweet person, humble and loving. Even on our first meeting we talk about many things in our short duration. When I told her about my mother“s death, she hugged me tight and asked me to talk to her if I had a problem.

I am also grateful to her son and he returns my laptop. I told Papa about my laptops little journey and meeting with a nice lady, he hated that I got my laptop back but was happy, when I told him that I having a nice time talking to Samina auntie.

Her son also repair my laptop, usually no one bother to repair other“s stuff when you are planning to return them. I wanted to thank him but I kept myself from calling him or texting him. So, I ask auntie to convey my message to him.

My thoughts were interrupted by Baba“s voice.

"Beta leaves the kitchen for tomorrow and go to sleep."

"Ji Baba, I am almost done."

Finishing my work, I dry my hand from towel and walk into living room. I check my mobile, it shown three miss calls from .....Muhammad Shah?

I was thinking why he would call me this late, when my phone rang again.

"Hello Assalam o Allaikum!"

"Wallaikum Assalam. How are you laptop lady?" I heard deep voice holding mischievousness in it.

Laptop Lady???

"I am fine Alhamdulillah. How are you Mr. Muhammad Shah?" I asked taking a deep breath.

I didn“t like him calling at this late. Actually I didn“t like him calling. Yes, I was thinking about thanking him a moment ago but calling me like this...

If it were someone else I should“ve been starting shouting at him but this person helped me earlier so I can“t be rude and since he involves his mother in this I relaxed and lower my guard a bit.

"I am fine, NOW." His voice amusement as he emphasize on “now“.

Is he trying to flirt???

"I am glad to hear.. and thank you Mr. Muhammad Shah for repairing my laptop too. But I would like to know the expenses it caused and wanted to return it." I directly come to the point, for saving myself for further flirtation.

"You don“t have to repay me for it.... But if it bother your sense of independency and you want to show your gratitude towards me than do me something for me."

What the hell?

"And what that would b

e?" I gritted my teeth.

"Be my friend."


"Can we be friends?"

The nerve of him....

"Mr. Muhammad Shah. I really wanted to repay you and show you my gratitude properly but I am afraid I don“t be friends with males."

"Liar." He blurted out.


"I have seen your Facebook friend list. There are many males."

I face palm myself. Of course he would knows everything.

"They are my childhood friends. We studied together. Plus they all are decent person."

"I am decent too."

"Calling a girl almost at midnight and offering her your friendship. Is this called decency?" It“s starting to get irritating. If it continues more than five minutes I will forget that this person has such a nice mother.

"Hm....! You have a point there Laptop Lady. But I can prove my decency to you."


"What if I asked you to be my friend in front of my mother? Normally guys hide their female friends if they are not faithful to them, which is quite indecent."

What kind of proof is that????

"So I take your silence as a yes?" He asked when I didn“t answer him for a while.

Fine than! Let“s see how brave you are....


"Great." He sound excited.

"Ami?" He turns on the speaker of his phone.

"Ji?" I heard Aunties voice.

"Ami do you remember the laptop girl?"


"Well, I asked her to be friends with me but she said it“s indecent to call a girl at midnight and ask her to be your friend."

"She is right you know?" I heard her chuckling.

"Yes yes, I get it... so to prove that your son is a decent man, I want you to be a witness when I ask her to be my friend." He sound eager.

"Okay sure!"


"So. I am sure you heard everything right?"


"Good! So what do you have to say now?..... I can assure you I will be a good friend."

I face palm myself again.

This guy is unbelievably crazy....

"Fine... We are friends from now on."

"Great! So let us over.... You can call me Zulqarnain or Zee and if I remember correctly you“re name is Hira right?"

"I don“t remember telling you my name."

"Actually, Ami usually talks about you... so I know many things and.... your ID."

Ya Allah....! Why boys have good memory when it comes to girls???

And with that I become a friend of a strangely nice person.


Salam and hello everyone!

Sorry for the short chapter and

Thank you all for supporting ...

Take Care :)

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