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   Chapter 4

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Hira“s POV:

After sulking the whole day, I lay down on my bed and I try to sleep. I miss my laptop. I don“t know what kind of low life is putting his hands on it. He might be using it right now looking through my files. I didn“t even set a password on it.

Well, I am not worried of information or private stuff theft as I never put much in it. I use my laptop for writing stories, watching dramas and free lancing work when I am outside or too exhausted to use my desktop computer. But still.......

My poor poor lappi....

I sighed. At least my Baba is happy. He called it “Shetaani charkha“ (devil“s game) where once you“re in, you are stuck. I turn on Wi-Fi and open Facebook. One by one I check all notifications and messages, when I saw a massage from an unfamiliar ID named Muhammad Shah, I quickly open it.

“Assalam o Allaikum Ms. Yesterday I happened to be there when you dropped your laptop. Right now I have it and would like to return it to you as soon as possible. Contact me on 034......

And sorry for using your laptop without permission.“

I read this massage several times. I can“t believe this. Someone is really kind enough to think about returning my laptop. But wait... it could be a trap. He could be a member of that gang who kidnaps girls and sells them.

But on the other hand there is a possibility that he is not. So what should I do??? Should I contact him or not?

Staring at the ceiling for a long time, I made the decision to call him, but from Baba“s number. Feeling relieved, I close my eyes and let sleep take over me.


I dialled his number and waited to for him to attend the call.

"Hello Assalam o Allaikum?" I was greeted by an attractive masculine voice.

"Wallaikum Asslam, am I talking to Mr. Muhammad Shah?"

"Huh? Oh yes. I am." He sounded a little unsure.

"I got your massage yesterday that you have my laptop... Is it correct?"

Please say yes.... Please say yes...

"Yes I have."

"Thank God!" words left my mouth in a haste without realizing and I heard a low chuckle from the other side.


Zulqarnain POV:

"Thank you sir for picking it up and for informing me." She told me.

"You have a very beautiful voice." I said without realizing.


"Ah... Nothing.... So can you give me your address? I will send it to your home." I suggest.

"......Pardon my straight forwardness sir, but I don“t think giving house address to an unknown person is a good idea..... Can you kindly suggest anything else which is suitable for you?" She says politely but the confidence speaks through her strong personality.

"Hmm... Can you come to the hospital where you dropped your laptop? Tomorrow morning at eleven?"

"Yes I can."

"Great! My mother has an appointment with a doctor tomorrow. I“ll ask her to give it to you. Sounds convenient?"

"Yes. That sounds great."

"Cool. I will give your number to my mother. She will call you when she is there."

"Okay! Thank you very much for your help."

"Any time."

"Allah Haffiz!"

"Hey! I didn“t catch you name?"

"I am not telling you." She says bluntly.


"Then what should I call you? Laptop girl?" A smirk formed on my face.

".....Allah Haffiz Mr. Muhammad Shah." She said after a pause and hung up.

A wide smile spread on my face after hearing her irritated voice. The way she talked was captivating; as though she was spell bounding me to listen to her carefully.

"Looks like someone is enjoying herself after being so exhausted." Sara says taking a seat beside me.

"Looks like someone is being lazy even after over sleeping and coming three hours late for work." I smirked.

"You were late too."

"Only half an hour."

Narrowing her eyes at me, she was about to say something but interrupted by a male voice, "Sara mam, shot is ready."

"Uff! Have dinner with me okay?" she asks before getting up.

"Na, sorry. I am leaving right now. Have some business to handle."

"Oh! Okay. See you tomorrow then." She sounds dejected.

"Sure.... We can have lunch together tomorrow." I said to cheer her up and it really worked. Her face brightened instantly.

"Sure!" she waved and went to shot.

Sara and I are good friends from the first day of our career. We both pass the auditions together. Fans and paparazzi often question us on our relationship. There are many rumors about us getting married circling around fans too but they are just rumors with no truth behind it.

It“s no surprise that Sara is a very beautiful and charming girl and everyone is attracted to her beauty, including me. But I am not sure if I can name this attraction as love or something else. It“s a simple attraction with respect. She is a very dear friend of mine, no

thing else.

I got up and walked to my car, calling Ami to make dinner for me too.... I lied to Sara, there wasn“t any business. I just wanted to complete the story before returning the laptop.

“I don“t think giving house address to an unknown person is a good idea...“

Her voice echoes in my mind, leaving a small smile on my face. I guess she has more in her than just writing skills.


"Assalam o Allaikum Ami."

"Wallaikum Salam my son. How was your day?"

"Exhausting. And yours?"

"It was good." She smiled.

"Great! Um... Ami... Did you meet that laptop girl today?

"Her name is Hira.... And yes I met her."

Oh! Yeah.... right....

"She is a very sweet girl. I wish I had a daughter like her too... But Allah only gave me two boys.... Maybe your father and I had done something really bad in the past that Allah didn“t give us a daughter." She sighed.

"Not this again Ami..... Sons are good too."

"Yes they are... but daughters are better. I feel so alone when I saw Hira rushing home after her father called... And when I call my son, I get “ten more minutes, Ami“ or “I just came here“ or “Sorry I will be late.“" She made a sour face and I chuckle.

"Now you can“t fight Allah right.... So cheer up and be happy with whatever you got."

I place a kiss on her forehead and went to my room. After taking a bath, I was planning to go to the gym but changed my plan and lay down on my bed instead. Today really was exhausting. At the last moment, I was unable to learn the dialogues. Why can“t they just use simple language? Do they have to put proverbs in it?

Groaning, I got up and went to Ami“s room. Papa was on his business trip and Ahmar is gone to visit our cousin. So it“s only Ami and me.

Knocking on her door, I came inside. She was busy on the phone with someone. I silently lie down on her bed beside her, grabbing the TV remote and switch to sports channel. I waited almost fifteen minutes but Ami“s call didn“t end. I ask her whom she is talking to by motioning my hands. In answer, she mouthed something which I don“t understand. I quickly grab her phone and turn on the speaker. She glared at me but didn“t say anything.

"Yes auntie, the sale we were talking about will be ending tomorrow. So go before evening. It will get crowded."

Arg! I hate this womanly talk.....

I shook my head in annoyance and focus back on watching cricket. Suddenly my attention was diverted to a laugh. The woman Ami was talking to laughed at something. It literally made me froze on my place. It sounded like thousands of chimes start ringing at a time, producing a beautiful melody.

Too cheesy......

My inner voice told me. But her laugh was indeed beautiful.

I came to my senses when Ami patted my head, asking me what happened. I shook my head in negative, still feeling lost in that voice. I put my head on Ami“s lap and closed my eyes.

"Ami, who were you talking to?"


"Hira?" I frowned trying to remember.

"Your laptop girl na."

"Huh..? Oh."

My laptop girl.....?

"Why were you talking to her?"

"Am I not allowed?"

"Eh? No Ami. Don“t say stuff like that. I don“t like it."

"Okay. Actually she is a very sweet girl... I told her to call me whenever she was alone or feeling down. That poor girl lost her mother long ago and she lives alone with her ill father."


"But still she is full of life. A very strong girl and quite a chatter box too. Once you start talking, there will be no end.... And she has a very good sense of humor."

"Ahan!" I said absent mindedly.

"Yes. You don“t meet such people every day."



"Is she pretty?"

"Why you ask?"

"The way you talk about her, she seems too good. If she is not pretty then it is understandable. Most beautiful person don“t have beautiful faces. And if she is beautiful too, then my dear Ami you have been deceived."

"She doesn“t seem like those who deceive people and if she is not pretty then you can“t say she“s ugly. She is just an average looking girl."

"And you like her?"

"Well, yes actually."

"Then what you say..... Should I make her your daughter-in-law?" I winked at her, only to receive a slap on my head.

"Get away from me... You take everything as a joke."

"Sorry Ami, I was just teasing you." I kissed her hand while laughing.

Miss Hira! First you occupy my mind with your stories, made my Ami a fan of your nature and now your laugh is playing with my mind......

I guess I really do have to meet you.....


Salam and hello everyone!

I hope you enjoy this chapter and will update next chapter soon too.

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