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   Chapter 1

Oh, My Darling Teacher By lailamehtaab Characters: 1407

Updated: 2017-12-05 12:08

Muhammad Zulqarnain Shah, 27 years old, handsome, humble and one of the best actors known today.

Ahmar Shah, little brother of Zulqarnain. 17 years old, student and a troublesome teenager.

Both brothers are total opposite of each other, except for their over protectiveness, possessiveness over one person - Hira....

Now meet Hira, 26 years old, an independent girl. Always cheerful despite all the hardships in her life.

But what happens when Hira cross paths with the Shah brothers and she finds herself stuck between them.


"Why did you touch him?" He shouted.

"You know, there is no need to shout, Ahmar. I am right here." I said covering m

y ears with hands.

"Then what should I do, huh?" He didn“t lower his voice at all.

"Talk in a low voice and why are you so angry anyway?"

"Argh...! You don“t understand."

"Then make me."

"JUST FORGET IT." He shouted again and stomp into his room.


"And what if I said I love you?" He said looking straight in my eyes.

"I don“t believe you anymore. You“re a liar."

"But I am not lying right now. Can“t you see-"

"Dinner is ready." Ahmar announced coming between us and dragged me out of the room holding my duppatta.

"AHMAR YOU JERK" He snickered as we heard Zulqarnain“s irritated voice.


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