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   Chapter 61 NO.61

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Updated: 2018-01-31 22:51

Song: Tum Mere Ho (You are Mine)

Mahnoor's POV:

"Attention all final year students!" The auditorium that was buzzing with voices suddenly came to a silent still. The authoritative voice emanating from the speaker continued.

"Please form a straight row on the right side of the stage. As for the rest of the students, please leave the auditorium."

A split second silence prevailed when the announcement ended. It is the same as last year like past is repeating itself.

Salma Amjad, Nazneen Saqib and Amna Basir. You three are chosen from this year's batch. We will pick you up tomorrow morning at eight from your homes." Kanwal announced in her monotonous style and walk back to me, leaving the three girls crying.

"Ready?" She asked me and I nodded before glancing back at my classmates who were glaring at me.

"It's strange how love can easily turn into hate." Kanwal followed my gaze.

"It's also strange how hate can change into love." She said, taking a step towards the exit.

"Yes, but it isn't easy." I smiled, walking beside her and she shares the same smile. We both know these feelings very well.

"Your husband dear is here." I raise my gaze on her voice and stopped on Moosa's black Prado near the main gate.

"Why didn't Ahad bhai come?" I asked when my eyes landed on Kanwal's driver.

"He came to pick me up on my convocation last year." She shrugged and left saying 'Allah Haffiz.'

So... Moosa is here to pick me up because it's my convocation?

The thought of it made me grin from ear to ear. Moosa jumped off the car as I walk closer.


confusions were cleared by Moosa. Now I can fully understand the threats he has on his life. He could be gone at any moment like he was before and I will be left alone. This fear of being away from him pushes me to love him even more.

Only Allah knows what the future holds for us, but for now, I want to be live happily as 'His'. I give a light squeeze to his hand on my shoulder and receive a smile from him, walking into 'Our Home' where Yawar is lazying around on the sofa, Shahina busy in her favorite place in the kitchen and Owais bhai is probably somewhere in the office.

All of them and Moosa... makes my home complete....

The End.


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