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   Chapter 59 NO.59

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Song: My destiny by Lyn

Mahnoor's POV:

"Mrs. Moosa, you forgot your phone." The examiner called me when I was about to leave the examination hall.

"Oh! Thank you." I smile at her but that smile wasn't returned. Of course it wouldn't, who'd want to be nice to Moosa Khan's wife?

She silently handed over my phone to me and left. With a short sigh, I leave the examination hall. After stepping outside the building, my eyes scan around the area, hoping to see a familiar face. Soon I spotted one but not the one whom I have been wanting to see.

Wearing jeans and black Polo T-shirt, Yawar was leaning against his car, busy with his mobile.

Show off!

The first thing that came in my mind when I find every girl stealing glances of him. I am not surprised by it, he is good looking and because he never makes his appearance in public as a Black Eagles member, he becomes easily noticeable in a positive way. Otherwise no one would dare to look at him.

I slowly made my way up to the car and with my every step towards him the girls' eyes went wide. The idea of Moosa's wife approaching a handsome man is creating quite a commotion around. I don't know how many hearts are going to break now.

"Assalam o Allaikum." I said, standing in front of him.

He raised his head and answered "Wallaikum Assalam." with a tight smile.

He didn't say anything afterwards, neither did I. We got in the car and he drove me home in complete silence. It's been this awkward since last month. We don't talk anymore and try to avoid each other as much as possible.

To be honest, I regret what happened that day. The day I slapped him on saying something out of the blue.... something like 'Moosa will never come back'.

As soon as his words registered in my mind, I lost it. I not only slapped him, but also let out all of the frustration I had bottled up inside me.

No one knows what I have been through. I waited for Moosa that day, I waited for him to take me home. But he never came. Not that day, not the next day, nor many other days onwards and not even now.

His phone was switched off no matter how many times I try to call him. Then I inquired Owais bhai, hoping that he would tell me how to contact him but instead, I was informed that Moosa is busy with some important work which is highly confidential. Therefore, he cannot contact anyone right now. I didn't argue back, nor did I believe him. But I wasn't blind to see the worried faces of everyone and the absence of Sir Sarmad and Ahad bhai tells a whole different story.

I could see and sense the uncomfortable look on their faces whenever I talk about Moosa. Still, no one told me the truth even on asking. I was mad on all of them and took it all out only on Yawar. I yelled at him for nearly half an hour while he only silently stood looking at the ground.

Since then, he kept his distance from me and I noticed sudden great changes in his personality. And for some reason, it irritated me more. I thought he would be with me, to support me as my friend, but he kept himself busy in gang work. This only led me to maintain the distance he was trying to keep and slowly things become this awkward that even when we are sitting side by side, we are pretending to be alone.

This stubbornness has to be stopped and I think he feels the same way too. Maybe that's why he came to pick me up today. But I guess both of our stubbornness is wasting his effort.

After dropping me home, he left to the base. He doesn't live with us anymore nor come to visit and same goes with Owais Bhai.

I inhale a deep breath and stepped into my house, which was once my home. Now it's just the building where I am spending my days in waiting for a person who can make this building a home again.

"Assalam o Allaikum." I said loudly and receive "Wallaikum Assalam" from maids and Shahina.

"How was your paper, Bhabi?" I smile on her cheerful voice.

"It went better than my expectations, Alhamdulillah." She smile

ple call me that. Sometimes Kanwal does so too when I try to boss her around.

"Kya hai? (What is it)" I shouted back, opening the door and he grins like an idiot.

"It's twelve am. Meaning it's your birthday. So, Happy Birthday!!!" He shouted again.

"Thank you so much. But you don't have to be so loud." I said, covering my ears with my hands.

"Oops! Sorry. I guess I was too excited."

"Excited about what? It's not your birthday." I crossed my arms.

"Yes, right. Anyways, here is your birthday gift." He said, holding out a kitten near my face and soon a scream left my mouth. I took many steps back and fall stumbling upon my own foot.

"Are you alright?" Yawar quickly crouched next to me.

"Get this thing away from me!" I scream again, pointing at the kitten and move away from Yawar.

"What? You don't like cats?" He asked, looking back and forth between me and the kitten in his hands.

"Yes, I hate animals. Now take it out." I know I am being horrible for rejecting his gift like this, but I really hate cats. Especially after Bhai nicknamed me Mano (cat).

"Okay... okay. Just calm down. You don't have to be so rude to this poor guy." He patted the kitten.

"Just go!" I scream again.

"Okay. But first tell me what do you want as a gift?" He asked, standing up.

"Nothing." I calmed down as I know he is about to leave.

"Come on, tell me already. Or I will fill your room with cats tomorrow."

"I will kill you Yawar if you do such thing." I threatened.

"So it is settled then. I am giving you cats." He says and left before I can protest.

I carefully get up from the floor, massaging my back and after cursing at Yawar, I drop myself onto the bed.

'What do you want?' Yawar's voice echoes in my mind.

"I want my Moosa back." I said out loud and sighed dejectedly because nothing is going to change even if someone hears me.

I quickly close my eyes to stop my tears. I promised myself that I will not cry and should believe in Allah that he will send Moosa back. Because He says that He loves his creation seventy times more than a mother loves her child and I have faith that he will see my unshed tears and answer my silent prayers.

Please send him home soon....

I pray once more and let the sleep take over me.


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