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Song: Mere aas pass by Atif and Hadiqa

Mahnoor's POV:

"How about going to a musical night?" Kanwal suggested.

"Um...." Nats look at me and I quickly shake my head in negative.

"Dinner at the new restaurant?" Nats suggested and both Kanwal and I reply 'No' in unison.

"Listen girls, I am in no mood to sit at home and get bored. So, decide where you guys want to go before I drag you to Mushaira."

"Mushaira?" My eyes widened. Nats nodded in answer.

"Nats, you go to Mushairas?" Kanwal asked with the same facial expression as mine.

"Only comedy Mushairas, I always get invitations. Now hurry up." She said, looking at her imaginary wristwatch.

Both Kanwal and I exchange knowing looks before Kanwal said, "Atif Aslam will be singing."

"Let's go to the musical night." I said to Nats. Who would be in their right mind to miss the chance to listen to Atif Aslam.

"Huh? You changed your mind because of Atif?" Nats asked and I nodded with a big grin.

"Okay then. Get ready." She sighed and without wasting a second, I quickly get up.

"You don't like him?" Kanwal asked Nats.

"Not much, but I love the way he sang Taajdar-e-Haram." Nats answered.

"Hm, he did a great job at it. I don't know many singers who sing Qawwali..." I didn't hear what Kanwal said afterwards as I had walked into my room to take my scarf and my mind drifted to Moosa when Nats mentioned Taajdar-e-Haram. He likes this Qawwali very much, I often found him humming it. It was rare sight and now when I think about it, apart from his silent type mode, he never hesitates to open himself to me, whether it was his past, his present self or his unpredictable and somewhat dangerous mood swings.

On the other hand, I always keep myself wrap up whenever I am around him.

"Mano... Your phone is ringing." Kanwal's shout from the living room brings me back to reality.

"Oh." I abruptly pick up the call without looking at the caller ID.

"Hello Assalam o Allaikum." I said and a reply comes in the voice which I had been waiting to hear since the past four days.

"Wallaikum Assalam, Noor." I remain silent. Not because I am angry, it's just... I have too many things to say and don't know how to start. Should I tell him how much I miss him? And waiting for him? Or should I tell him how much I was longing to hear his voice? Or should I keep listening to him without saying a word?

"Am I still not forgiven?" He asked when he didn't get a response from me.

"No." I quickly deny.

"No?" He sounds surprised.

"No, that's not what I meant. You are forgiven." As soon as these words come out from my mouth, Kanwal walked into the room. She gives me a questioning look and I mouthed her 'Moosa'. She nods her head in acknowledgement and left after giving me thumbs up with a wink.

"Wow, I never thought it would be this easy."

"Huh? What do you mean easy?"

"Nothing, forget it. How are you?" He quickly changed the topic.

"I am fine, Alhamdulillah.... How are you?"

"Bored without you." He answered abruptly, like it was on the tip of his tongue. Again, I go silent for a moment, not knowing how to respond to his statement.



"Why are you so quiet?"

"I..." What to say? "Why didn't you call me earlier?"

"Were you missing me?" He asked after a chuckle.

"It is not the answer to my question."

"Oh! So my wife wants answer."

"Yes." I said firmly.

"Say 'I love you Moosa' first."


Without thinking, I look at the phone and quickly shake my head. Of course it was Moosa, phone cannot speak.

"Are... you alright?" I asked hesitantly.

"Yes, why?"

"You sure? I mean you didn't drink or eat anything strange, right?"

"Are you trying to say I am drunk?" He asked after a pause.

"Eh? No." I lied.

"It's just… you said something strange, so I..." I leave my sentence incomplete.

"Strange? Tell me, Mrs. Mahnoor Moosa. If a man wants to hear love confession from his wife, should he be called drunk?" My heart flips on hearing my full name from his mouth.

"N-no." I stuttered.

"Then why you ask?"

"Um.... Oh, I forgot to ask you something. Papa called me. He was asking me to stay with him for a few days back at home." My last words came out as whispers. I don't know why I brought up this topic, I know he would get angry but I need to hear his answer.

"You can go if you want to. I will not stop you from going or staying there. But personally, I do not like the idea of allowing my wife to go

voice echoes in my mind. He said that to me several times after his marriage. He knew of the life threats he has and how risky his future is, that's why he made the decision to not marry but things started to change after taking over Shareefabad.

He came back to his human self from being a working machine. I was happy to see this change in him, happy to think that he would at least have a better life than me.

Was it too much to ask....?

I quickly shook my head and open my eyes.

He will be fine....

I assure myself and got up to pray Fajar. I had lost my faith long ago, but after meeting Moosa and getting out of my past miserable life, I started to believe in miracles and I am hoping to see another miracle in my life. I am hoping to see Moosa safe and happy with his wife. Because this is all I can do now.

We all know that attacks like these don't fail and even if it does, they will still try to reach and cause maximum destruction.


"I am thinking of going home today." Mahnoor said on the breakfast table. She is acting uncomfortable lately.

She said she likes living with me but it has been five days and she is missing home now. I can understand what she meant and there is no problem on sending her back. It's just… whenever she complains about Moosa with long face that he forgets to come home or to contact her, it makes me sad. She misses him and I cannot do anything about it. I could not bring Moosa for her, nor tell her when he would be back as we ourselves don't know of his whereabouts.

"What's wrong with staying here?" I asked.

"Nothing. I just miss home and my tutor will be mad at me too." She made a displeased face.

"Sarmad is not here. He is busy with some work. So stay a bit longer." I say hopefully. She didn't say anything for awhile, only stares at the cup in her hand.

"Nats, if he didn't tell me that he will be back the next day, I wouldn't be worried like I am now. I know it may sound stupid, but I can't help myself. He could at least call me or email me or he could tell someone to convey his message and to be honest.... I miss him. Maybe if I go back, I would feel better." She said in a low voice with her head still down.

"Fine, but I will take you there, okay?" She raised her head and smile.

Ya Allah! Please bring him home safely.....


Salam and hello everyone!

*Mushaira: A mushaira is a beloved part of the culture of Pakistan. It is a poetic symposium, where poets gather to perform their works.

*Qawwali: It is a enchanted music performance based on Sufi poetry.

*Alhamdulillah: Thanks to Allah.

*Musical Nights are arrange by communities in which families can enjoy performances of different singers.

*Links of Tajdar-e-Haram is given. If anyone wants to listen.


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So, Yawar is back and Moosa....?

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