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Mahnoor's POV:

"Bhabi, what are you trying to do?" Owais Bhai asked after a loud sigh.

"Nothing. I am just trying to spend time." I shrugged.

"By destroying his office?"

"I am not destroying. It's called cleaning." I answered, raising my head to look at him.

"Servants do the cleaning daily."

"Well, they cannot do what a wife can do." I said before opening another of his desk drawer.

"Bhabi please."

"You know Owais Bhai, this is the first time you are talking to me properly. So why don't we talk about something else, something nice because I am not going anywhere." He sighed again and left.

I chuckled on hearing the door closing sound. Owais Bhai really was a sweet guy and whenever he talks to girls, his face gets all red, it is so fun to tease him. We rarely talk because he is often busy and is always with Moosa.

Speaking of Moosa, he hasn't contacted me in the last two days. I know he could be busy and all, but at least he could text once. It irritated me to the point that I ate almost seven packs of chips and if Shahina wasn't there to stop me, I would have eaten more.

Now I have nothing to do except study. I often found myself thinking about his work too. So I decided to do a search operation in his office, but I didn't get a single piece of information in this huge room. Shaking my head in disappointment, I glanced outside the window. The weather was pleasant today and the game of hiding and seek between the clouds and the sun made it even more beautiful.

My friends and I used to skip our classes during this weather to eat ice cream and afterwards we would eat hot Samosa. It was quite strange to eat Samosa after ice cream but we were like this. However, things change with time and now I am sitting here, sulking on my husband's carelessness instead of enjoying the weather.

Why does he have to go now? He could go during my exams. How am I supposed to spend my time here alone? Yawar was also not here and he didn't bother to call me, some friend he is. I pout, slumping myself on his seat.

I miss him...

There was no denying it and no matter how much I try to divert my mind, I always end up thinking about him. His gaze, his touch, his soft hair, his warm breaths and the feeling of safety I get whenever he holds me in his arms. I wish I could tell him that this house is not home without him. It feels empty, so does my heart and I didn't like this empty feeling inside me.

Now I realize the feeling of missing someone...

I put my head on his desk and closed my eyes.

He makes me acquainted with another emotion...


I packed my stuff and started switching channels while waiting for Natasha. She asked me or should I say ordered me to stay with her for a few days. She believed that I should enjoy myself during Moosa's absence and now she was coming to pick me up.

Papa also called me yesterday and when I informed him that Moosa was out of the country because of work, he also asked me to visit home but I found myself reluctant to say yes. Half of the reason for my hesitation was Bhai and the other half was Moosa. I didn't want to go there without informing him.

"Bhabi?" I came out from my thoughts on hearing Shahina's voice.


"Owais Bhai told me to give you this." She said, handing over a phone to me and I gave her a questioning look.

"I don't know." She mumbled and left.

Suddenly, a thought crossed my mind and I picked up the phone.


"Assalam o Alaikum." I heard Moosa's deep voice from the other side.

As I thought...

"Wallaikum Assalam." It came out like a huff.

"How are you?"


"Are you angry?" He chuckled and anger started boiling in me.

"Allah Hafiz." I quickly hung up.

Why did he suddenly decide to call now? Did someone finally remind him that he has a wife who was waiting to hear any news of him? Or was it because he got so bored that he decided to call mejQuery21408022965031428375_1593858121176

I dropped my head on the bed and before I knew it, I started to weep. I can't endure my anger anymore, nor could I take it out on him and in times like these, it was the only thing I could do. The phone rang again I quickly wiped my tears, grabbed the phone and left the room. I could hear Nats' voice from downstairs. Going towards her, I returned the phone to Owais Bhai, while it was still ringing. He gave me a questioning look but I didn't say anything except 'Allah Hafiz'.

"Assalam o Alaikum, Nats." I said as

l adopt him."

"Adopt him?" My eyes went wide and she let out a laugh.

"Yes, I wanted to adopt him. He was fifteen and I was twenty-seven, so I could adopt him." She shrugged like it was no big deal.

"How old are you now?" I blurted out.

"I'll be forty-one this year." She plainly said while my eyes widened even more.

"You are joking, right?!" I exclaimed and she shook her head in negative with a small smile.

"I don't believe it. Moosa looks older while he is just twenty-eight and you look much younger than your age."

"Well, that guy looks older because he became this." She said, holding a walnut in her hand.

"A walnut?"

"Yep. A walnut. Soft inside with a hard shell on the outside. He lost himself in being a leader. Still, I am grateful that he didn't change completely and he still knows how to love."

"I know." I mumbled.

"Of course you know and I am sure you know better than anyone else." She winked and I quickly looked away.

"Nats, why did Moosa choose to get into this gang stuff? And why wouldn't he quit and live a normal life?" I asked after a pause.

"Mahnoor, the choice was never in his hand because sooner or later, we would get killed. So he had to go into this for our survival but after that, it was his choice to volunteer his gang in stopping human trafficking. Which I think was a great decision and it only strengthened us. As for your other question... There is no exit from this work except death. You have to kill before they kill you." I gulped, remembering how easily Moosa killed Kamil and that lady.

"So... you are a part of the gang too?"

"Yes, why wouldn't I be?" She said with a yawn, "I should go to my room before I collapse here. Leave the tray on the side, someone would pick it up in the morning. Shab-a-Khair." She said before leaving.

"Shab-a-Khair." I murmured as I placed the tray on the side.

Picking up my phone, I check all his missed calls and slump my head onto the pillow. Now I am regretting my decision of ignoring his calls.


"Mahnoor....?" I woke up on the sound of banging on my door and soon I heard Nats' voice.

"Ji?" I quickly got up and opened the door, "Sorry, I overslept."

"Can I come in?"

"Sure." I quickly made way.

"Sorry to disturb you dear, but we have to go. Hurry up and get ready. Oh! And someone sent you this." She placed a red rose along with a card carefully on my bed and left after a wink.

There was no need to guess who that 'someone'. There was no one else except him. A smile spread on my face as I picked up the rose. I never understand his logic of sending only one flower but I will ask him for sure. Putting the flower on the side, I opened the card and my smile widened, looking at the apology card with only his signature.

Would it kill him to write a few words????

But I was not mad at him for not writing anything, it only made me chuckle.

I am in love with the weirdest person on the planet...


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