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Song: How long will I love you by Ellie Goulding

Combing my hair after a shower, my eyes stopped on the red mark on my neck and I unconsciously trace my fingers on it as yesterday nights event flashed into my head again. There was hardly a moment in the whole day when I could forget about this mark, or the person who gave me the mark. And the most bothersome thing was Moosa's gaze. The way he kept looking at me before leaving for work, with a smirk on his face, while I was struggling with my duppatta to hide the mark.

I quickly shook my head to get rid of the thoughts and turned on the TV. Thanks to Allah, I was able to divert my mind by the movie Ice Age, but it couldn't hold my attention for longer because soon it diverted back to the person who entered the room. I sensed him, throwing his stuff onto the bed as usual, while gazing at my back. But I didn't turn to him. I am in no condition to confront him right now. I know he would laugh at my blushed face or Allah knows what he would do. His mood swings are unpredictable and I dont want to humiliate myself like yesterday night.

"Can I have a glass of water?" I yelped on hearing Moosa's voice right next to my ear.

Ya Allah! When did he get here???

After recovering from my startled state, I abruptly nodded and got up without looking at him. I rush towards the refrigerator, take out a water bottle and pick a glass. Before entering the room, I readjust my duppatta once again, but after seeing him with a deep frown on his face, my reluctance is immediately replaced by concern. He was sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed, leaning against the back like he is exhausted from work but nothing came out of it.

I slowly put the bottle and glass on the side and hesitantly slid my fingers into his hair. He held my hand and places my palm on his lips before resting it on his chest, but he didn't open his eyes.

"What's wrong?" I asked, placing my other hand on his forehead. I had a feeling that he wouldn't answer my question and he didn't. I sigh dejectedly and his eyes shot open. The frown of his face got deeper, as he glared at me.

"Why do you wear duppatta when we are alone in our room?"


I was really taken aback by his question. I have become so habitual of wearing duppatta that I didn't think much about it. I looked at him with a confused face, don't know how to answer. Suddenly my eyes landed on the water bottle and I figured my way out of this topic.

"Um.... Pani (water)?"

To be honest, I don't think I would be comfortable without duppatta, while he is around. Just the thought of him looking at me without duppatta makes my cheek red.

"Answer my question first." He held both of my hands tightly.

"It's no big deal, ..... I.... I got used to wearing duppatta." I stuttered, struggling for a reasonable response.

"Okay! Take off your duppatta, now." He demanded.

"Huh?" I look at him in disbelief.

"Remove your duppatta." He said again but I didn't budge. I don't understand what's got into him.

"Noor, are you doing as I said or should I do it myself?" He warned me, pulling me more to him.

"You can't threaten me." I finally find my voice and a smirk formed on his face.

"Why would I threaten you, love?" He pulled me more and now my feet are barely touching the floor.

"What are you doing?! I will fall!" I shrieked but he only chuckles in response and pulled me even more.


a season of stupidities??

A few minutes later, the bathroom door opened and Moosa came out in only a towel. I quickly start pretending to use my phone.

"Someone has a very bold style of peeping." He shots a comment, taking out his clothes.


"I wasn't peeping. It was an accident. I didn't know you were in." I explain abruptly.

"Ahan. I wasn't aware that my wife has hearing problem." His smirk grew wider.

I open my mouth to say something but close it again when I didn't find any words to say and I quickly rush into the bathroom.

"Don't spend eternity in there. I have a flight next hour." He shouts.


I quickly brush my teeth, wash my face and come out.

"Where are you going?" I inquire, taking in his appearance. Black Peshawari Chappal, blue jeans and white Kurta.

Odd! But it suits him...

"Going out of country for a week. Have some unfinished businesses to settle and a few meetings to attend." He says, picking his wrist watch.


"What sort of business?" I ask reluctantly.

"Why suddenly so interested in my work?"

"I had been thinking about it for quite a while now but never ask."

"Hm! Well I don't have time to explain it properly but I can assure you that you wouldn't be disgusted when I tell you. So, am I allowed to take my leave now?" He asks, standing in front of me and I nodded, weakly mumbling 'Allah Haffiz'.

"Only Allah Haffiz?" He takes a step closer with a small smile.

"Um... Fiamanallah?"

"It has the same meaning, Noor." He whispers, lowering his head.

"Oh! Then... Khair naal ja te khair naa aa?" I fail to hold back my smile while saying it.

"But I want my good luck charm before going." He smiles and I close my eyes before he presses his lips on mine.

May Allah protect you....

A silent prayer was uttered in my heart as I open my eyes and watch him go with an unfamiliar sadness and fear.


Salam and hello everyone!

* Khair naal ja te khair naa aa:

Be safe when you go and come back (it's a famous pray of a Punjabi language)

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Hope you like the chapter.

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