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Mahnoor's POV:

"It would've been much better if you didn't say anything at all. I've had enough of your riddles and the different personas that you put up all the time. Just tell me what you want and I will do it, but please, stop testing me. Don't confuse me more than I already am. Can't you see how tired I am?" I asked as I'm clenching his sleeves but he just stands still whilst holding me in his arms.

I wish he could understand the feelings I am unable to put into words. The journey I have made from hate to love wasn't easy. I am exhausted and want to rest now.

"Willingly or not, I did everything. I left my family, I changed myself, and I become blind to everything that happens around me. I didn't know you... I still don't know much about you. Yet, I am trying my best, to give 'us' a chance. Not because I don't have any choice, but because... I cannot imagine myself without you. I don't want to... Your Noor will break, Moosa. Don't push her away when she finally wants to reach you. Don't leave, don't make her more confused than she already is... I won't be able to gather myself again. I am not that strong."

Again, no response.

He is so close to me that I could feel his breaths on my face. If he were to make a movement, which I can take as a hint or a sign that he understands me, I would have calmed down, I would have stopped, but there were none, and his silence is suffocating me.

"Say something!" I screamed, shaking both of his arms before bursting into tears.

"Noor, I.... I'm sorry." He said as he pulled me into a bone crushing hug.


Is all that he has to say???


Moosa's POV:

I pulled Noor into a tight hug and mumbled 'sorry'. I don't know what else I should say to her now. She made me feel like a complete idiot.

She tries to wiggle free, which I couldn't allow. I don't mind a few screams from her right now, but I will not let her go. Still holding her in my arms, I move back and drop myself on an armchair nearby with her on my lap.

"Let me go!" She shrieked.

Her tears are still dripping from her eyes and when I reach out to wipe them, she jerked my hand and looks away. So I didn't reach again and after making myself comfortable, I yank her to me. She didn't protest this time and buries her head in my neck.

"Don't cry, Noor." I said, kissing her head. When her sobs slowed down, I lean back and close my eyes.

I noticed it... the change in her, long ago and I loved it but instead of being happy that she is finally giving in, I force myself to think the opposite. Because I never believed or wanted to believe that I can live a normal life or I can be loved by someone, especially s

are aware then move already." I say, wiggling myself. But after wasting my energy for more than a minute, I give up.

"Wouldn't it be better if you use this energy on trying to sleep?" He asks.

"How can a person sleep when she is captured by a giant octopus?" I huff.

"Oh? So I am an octopus?" He rises, putting his weight on his elbow.

"You were holding me like one." I mumble.

"Hm! Noor, do you know what happens when an octopus prey tries to escape?"


"They bite." He says and his eyes shine mischievously. I stare into them in complete awe until they were so close that it feels like if I blink my eyes, our lashes would touch for sure.

Could it be possible?

I don't know what got into my mind that I closed my eyes and I got bitten the next moment. I unconsciously released a scream, only to be stopped by a hand on my mouth.

"What the hell, Noor?" Moosa whisper yelled and I open my eyes.

"You bit me!" I protest.

"So?" he frowns.


"What do you mean by 'So'? What are you? A carnivorous animal?!" I ask, wide eyes.

"Noor, you-" He didn't complete his sentence and inhaled a deep breath before saying, "Just forget it and go to sleep." He says and drops himself beside me whilst grumbling something.

It took me a few minutes to understand what had happened and when I did, I hide my face under the pillow.

I am the most stupid person in the world....


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