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Mahnoor's POV

"Would you please stop that?" My voice came out as a plea. For some reason, I cannot yell at him like I use to do at home when I was angry. But that doesn't mean that I am not mad at him. It is his fault, he should have asked me about my studies before throwing me in front of a huge Dinosaur.

"Stop what?" Moosa asks, putting his face in his palm. I leave the bedroom and come to his study so I can concentrate on my studies, but he follows me here like a lost puppy.

"Staring at me." I scowl, but he didn't say anything, just smiles.

I am already not in my right mind to study anything. The horror of the incident that happened a few days ago is still fresh in my mind, I still shudder whenever I think what would have happened to me if Moosa didn't rescue me on time and the questions I had are still unanswered. Well this isn't his fault. I am the one who couldn't bring up those topics. Not because I am scared or anything but because I lose all of my confidence and get extremely self-conscious whenever he gives me his full attention. Just like now.

"I asked you to stop staring at me. I cannot concentrate." I say when he didn't quit staring.

"What's bothering you?" He suddenly changes the topic.


"You are disturbed. Why?" He asks, covering the distance between us.

"N-Nothing." I averted my eyes.

He knows...

"I would have believed it if I didn't hear you talking in your sleep." He drags a chair and sits in front of me.

"I don't talk in my sleep." I frown.

"No, you don't. It was a lie, but you are disturbed and don't deny it." He leans closer, putting his elbows on his knees.

"There are a few things.... No, actually there are many things that I don't understand and no matter how much I try, I couldn't come to any conclusion." I ask, rolling the page of my notebook with my fingers tips.

"That's why you should ask me."

"I... what did that woman want from me? Was she kidnapping me because... I am your wife? Or was it something else?"

"It is a very long story, Noor." He sighs.

"Don't avoid it after asking. It will continue to bother me even if you throw a dinosaur like tutor on me." He chuckles.

"That dinosaur is one of my best men."

"So, he is not a teacher?" My eyes widened, he shakes his head in negative.

"Then why is he tutoring me? Can't you find a decent person in the whole city?"

"Sarmad is a very decent man, Noor."

"Yes, but he is huge and looks like a wrestler rather than a teacher." I whine.

"What does teaching have to do with looks?"

"Nothing! But why him?"

"Because I don't like the idea of an unknown man to come to my house when I am not around."

"You don't trust me?" What he said shocked me.

"I don't trust myself." He mumbles, looking away.


Don't tell me...

"You're jealous?" I asked and received a hard glare, confirming it. I didn't argue further but couldn't hold back my smile. I bit my lower lip to stop myself from laughing.

"Don't you dare, Noor." He warns me and I lost my control. I laugh, covering my face with my noteboo

y for that, but it never came. Going beyond my every expectation, she sticked with me, like nothing happened. Even now, when I told her, she didn't respond like how I thought she would. I waited for her to throw more questions, accuse me, shout at me, but she only sits beside me, staring at the floor. The guilt I feel by seeing her troubled face and the urge I have of holding her in my arms is out of my calculations.

"I- I need to go." She hastily gets up.

My body moved on its own and the next thing I know, she was in my arms. Once again, I was swayed by my emotions.

"Where are you going?" I ask, lowering my head to hers.

"I don't know. I just don't want to be here." She wiggles to get free, only to be held more tightly.

"What is wrong with this place?"

"Nothing is wrong. Would you let me go now?" She says, trying her best to control her anger.

"That is not the answer I wanted."

"I don't care what you want. Just let go of me." Her last words came out like she is about to cry. I quickly spin her around to face me.

Why does it hurt so much when I was planning to do that..?

"And now you are crying." I said, touching her forehead with mine. She didn't pull back and closed her eyes to allow the tears to escape.

"It would've been much better if you didn't say anything at all. I've had enough of your riddles and the different personas that you put up all the time. Just tell me what you want and I will do it, but please stop testing me. Don't confuse me more than I already am. Can't you see how tired I am?" She inquires, clenching my sleeves with her hands.

Holding her near me, I stand and listen to her. For the first time in my life, I am struggling to find a suitable answer, not the words.

What do I want....?


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