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Melody: "Kiss the Rain" by Yiruma

I pondered a lot for a long time as I lay on the sofa. In the end, this only brought me to the decision that I will directly ask everything to Moosa. There are many puzzles that are not fitting in any place. With an audible sigh, I got up and pray Isha prayer. The whole time during prayer, I couldn't ignore the sting in my arm every time I move it. Perhaps it's because of the shirt's tight sleeve?

I think it's better to change it...

I stride towards Moosa's wardrobe and pull out one of his favourite black button up shirt. After changing into his extra large sized shirt, I feel much comfortable and it also doesn't hurt much now. But the scent that's coming from his shirt is making me crazy. I unconsciously turned around many times in search for him.

"I think I really have lost my mind." I mumble, looking at my reflection in the mirror.

'Besides, you look hot in my shirt. You look like.... Mine.'

'I look like... His.'

I kept my gaze on the person that is reflected from the mirror. I can't believe how much I have changed in these past few months. I was never this submissive nor timid. I behave completely out of my personality when I am near him. All of my boldness vanishes when he comes close to me and I feel like I should surrender myself to him whenever he reaches for me.

I startled on the sound of the doorbell which quickly brought me back to reality. On opening the door, I find Moosa with a tired look on his face. I quickly walk towards him, mumbling 'Assalam o Allaikum.' He closes the door after coming in and handed over a bag of 'Bundu Khan' to me.

"Wallaikum Assalam! Serve it. I am famished." He says while taking off his shoes.

"What is it?" I asked, walking towards the kitchen.

"Chapli Kabab and Paratha."


"Yes, don't yo-" I didn't hear what he says next because all of my attention is already on the food. Without thinking, I inhale the delicious smell coming from the Kabab.

"This smells so yummy. Love you." It's been ages since I ate Chapli Kabab.

"You love me or the food?" He smirks.

"You." The word left my mouth before I knew it. His track stopped in midway as he gives me an astonish look and then it hits me.


I bit my tongue and quickly avert my gaze but the sound of footsteps approaching is making me move to the side until I am finally cornered by his arms.


"I think I heard something like you love me. Right?" He asks as he slouches to my height. I shake my head in negative.

"So you're going to deny now?" He chuckles.

"No." I abruptly say.

"Then you are admitting that you love me?" His smirk widened.

"Yes.... I mean.... you brought my favourite Kabab." I mentally face palmed myself.

"Means you will love anyone who brought your favourite food?" He leans closer. Maybe it's my imagination but I can feel his muscles tense up and his tone of voice change into serious.

"Huh? Wait, no. That's not what I meant." I scowled when he kept quiet and I begin pushing him away from me.

"And how can you even think like that?! .... First Bhai and now you? Do all men think the same way or am I really floozy? " I couldn't hold myself back from shouting and after that, I didn't wait there to hear his explanations.


Moosa's POV:

I was left standing in the kitchen dumbfounded.

What have I done?

I wasn't trying to tease her when I mentioned about her loving anyone who brought food. Actually, I was annoyed. I hate it. How long is she planning to run from me and why does she have to be so damn stubborn?

The words that came out from my mouth was nothing more than the result of my irritation. But I never thought that it could be taken out of context and now I am really regretting of letting my anger take over me.

The way she reacted was shocking to me. I didn't realize of how deeply she was hurt on her brother's words. I thought she had overcome it. I sigh, massaging my temples and glance at the food.

I totally ruined her mood...

I know she doesn't eat when she is angry and falls asleep easily after crying. Which is about to happen now. I can hear her low sobs coming from the other room. She didn't go into our bedroo

ed Chemistry." My eyes widened on this information.

"Fake degree?" I still don't believe it.

"Why would I need a fake degree?" he sounds irritated.

"To impress others?" My best guess.

"Dear wife of mine, will you tell me why would I want to impress others?"

"You don't go back to your hometown anymore?" I change the topic when I didn't find a suitable answer.

"I am planning to go now with you." He smiles.

"Means you didn't go before?"

"No, after leaving home, I never went back. There was no reason to go back. No parents, no siblings, nothing." He stares out the window. I follow his eyes to the view of the city. Without thinking, I get up and open it.

"Everything looks beautiful from up here." I say out loud.

Putting both of my hands on the railing, I bend over to take a look but quickly step back. I am not afraid of heights but being on the fourteenth floor is too much for me.

"Scared?" I heard Moosa's voice from behind me.

"A little."

"I see." He leans against the window after closing it.

"Can I ask more questions?" I still feel hesitant in asking about him.

He nods.

"Where were you when your family died?"

"My father was a cunning man. He knew very well that he cannot do anything to my sisters or mother if I were there. I was thirteen back then but thanks to my abusive father, I learnt how to fight and defend. Something I am not proud of. The confidence to do so in a child is dangerous." He paused for a minute and continues, "I was called to retrieve my father who was found unconscious in the nearby city. It was a lie to lure me out. As soon as I left, my father came home and ..... you know the rest." His eyes were staring into space.

I couldn't find any words to say. So, I stepped closer and stand next to him. But instantly regret it as he pushes me to the wall and puts both of his hands on either side of me.

"You know you could have hugged me if you feel sorry or wanted to comfort me."

I am still not used to his mood swings...

"Sorry!" I blurted out.

"Idiot." He murmurs, cupping my face with both hands.

"I am not." I frown.

"I know." He says before capturing my lips and without having a second thought, I give in.

I have changed because of this man...


Bundu Khan: A famous restaurant of traditional food in Pakistan.

* Chapli Kabab: A popular Pakistani and Afghani dish, usually made with minced beef or lamb.

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