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   Chapter 52 NO.52

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Song: "Bakhuda" from drama Bashar Momin

Mahnoor's POV:

Don't know on what time of day my peaceful slumber was disturbed by a sudden sting I feel on my arm, making me abruptly change my position. In the state of half sleep and half awake, I open my eyes. My head is still aching and my arm feels sore for some reason. I look around to an unfamiliar environment, which scares me for a moment. Soon, a sigh of relief escapes from my mouth when my eyes settled on Moosa. He was standing near the window while looking at me. Unconsciously, my hand stretches out to him. Before I could give up and drop my hand, he came stalking towards me and leans closer until my hand almost touches his face. Holding my hand, he slowly caresses his face against my hand and places a kiss on my palm. As his stubble rubs against my skin, a strange satisfaction is spread in me.

"Get up and eat something." He says.

I nodded. As I sit up, the cover slips from my front, exposing my cleavage. My eyes widened and quickly pull it back.


I look at my shoulder and I see a lining blue shirt. Unintentionally, I touch my clothes under the cover, which doesn't feel like a Sari at all. My eyes go wide again on realizing that I am wearing a trouser and shirt and I don't even remember changing into it.

"Wh-Who changed my clothes?" I stutter.

"I did." He shrugs, like it is no big deal.

"You're joking, na?" I look at him in disbelief.

He cannot! He is not that bold.

"I am not. Why would I miss such privilege?" He asks, looking directly into my eyes.

No way....

I feel like burying myself under the deepest layer of earth, but I could only hide myself under the bedcover. I don't know what else to do. I cannot face him now when he sits beside me and admitted that he saw me naked.

Ya Allah! So embarrassing...

"Noor?" He tries to take off the cover.

"Stay away." I quickly move to the other side of the bed.

"What are you doing?" I heard his irritated voice.

Instead of answering him, I try to create more distance but was instantly dragged back to my initial position. A gasp is released from my mouth when I find Moosa hovering over me.

My breaths started becoming unsteady as he fixes his gaze on me and the look in his eyes doesn't seem favourable to me. Not breaking the eye contact, he pins both of my hands on either side of me when I reached out my hand to cover my exposed skin.

"It is no use to hide yourself anymore." He leans closer, intervenes his fingers in mine.

I feel my face start heating up when my mind register his words and quickly turn my head to the other side. Strangely, I am not disgusted with the thought that he undressed me.

"Noor, look at me." He orders and I silently obey.

His eyes and his warm breaths are doing bizarre things to me. I feel excitement and nervousness at the same time. He always gives me such feelings which I am incapable to understand. His longing gaze and his hands, slowly sliding the fabric from my shoulders, asking for my permission - Something I am unable to give now but I don't feel like stopping him too.

Moments passed as we stare into each other's eyes, trying to understand the unspoken words and hidden feelings we have. Until he breaks the silence.

"Are you angry at me?" He asks out of nowhere and places a kiss on my sore arm. A shiver ran down my spine as his lips came in contact with my

when he was about to leave the apartment.

Yes, we are in his apartment now. We checked out from the hotel after I eat all of the sandwiches which he ordered for both of us.

"You're asking about dinner after eating everything?" He asked in astonishment.

"Don't give me that look. I wouldn't have eaten this much if you hadn't tell me that I was unconscious for more than twenty hours. I hadn't eaten anything for twenty eight hours to be exact!" I say all this in one breath like how I used to do in front of Papa.

No hesitation or compromise when it comes to food unless when I am angry.

I recall my motto in the back of my mind. The look Moosa is giving me is like he is seeing horns growing on my head.

"What?" I ask when he didn't say anything.

"Nothing!" He says, combing his hair with his hand.

"I'll be back in an hour and I'll bring something for dinner too. Allah Haffiz." He says in a hurry and dashed out of the apartment.

I sigh and drop myself on the sofa. My phone is at home and I am not in the mood to watch television. I close my eyes and lean back to the sofa. The images and voices from yesterday night start circling in my head.

"Why did you kill Kamil's family?" Moosa asks.

"Because you killed Kamil."

He was right. He really didn't kill Khala's family. It was that woman's doing all along, but how did she know Kamil? My kidnapping proved that she has had a criminal background and Moosa mentioned while talking to that lady that Kamil was working for her. That means...

That means Kamil was a part of this dirty business too. So Moosa killed him in business rivalry?

My eyes shot open when the realisation hits me. I had never married a normal man. Kamil was a criminal too and so is Moosa.

I feel my head spinning again. I hug my knees and close my eyes.

Allah! What kind of fate have you decided for me???


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