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Dedicated to @kiwikiwi

Mahnoor's POV:

What is happening to me...?

Tightening my grip on a washbasin, I close my eyes and not long after, my head began spinning worse than before.

I should ask Moosa to take me home.

This thought relaxed me. Carefully, I started to take steps towards the door. Before I could reach, I stumbled upon my Sari and nearly hit the floor but two small hands helped me in regaining my balance. I glanced to my side and find a middle aged woman holding me from my arms.

"Are you alright, beta (child)? Do you need any help?" She inquired gently.

" Can you-" I couldn't finish my sentence, as I felt a needle in my upper arm. I hissed because of pain and everything went blank.


"Lay her on the bed."

In the state of half consciousness, I heard a woman's strict voice and slowly I start to become aware of the environment. The arms carrying me feels masculine and after putting me on a bed, they slid away. My heart dropped instantly on realization that the person who was carrying me wasn't Moosa. I recognize his touch and his scent. I try to open my eyes but to no avail and same goes with my entire body. I am unable to move a muscle but my senses are working properly.

What have they done to me???

"No. Don't tie her. Just give her another dosage." The woman said again.

"She didn't have dinner. Another dosage can be dangerous." This time it was a man.

"Hm...! Then we take her now. Check the preparation." She ordered.

Take me? Where???

Am I caught by one of Moosa's enemies???

I tried to move again but a loud thud brings my attention towards my environment again.

"YOU..." I heard the woman. Her voice wavered for a nanosecond before she composed herself and said, "I wasn't expecting you to react so fast."

My body froze on the thought that I might be caught by another party. It is clear from the woman's voice that he is no companion of hers.

"It wasn't a reaction to begin with and I came to take back what is mine." I felt like my soul comes back to my body when I heard the other person's voice.


"I see you have gone better." The woman scoffed.

"And I see you are losing your touch, Mrs. Sherazi. Perhaps it's the age factor. You should have listened to my advice to take retirement from this work and do something good or else how will you face Allah in the after life?" Moosa replied with the same mockery. Something I never thought he was able to do.

"Now, back to business. I was here to take my wife back, but since I've found you here, we can chat a little." He said calmly.

"What do you want to know?" The woman asked.

"Why did you kill Kamil's family?" Moosa asked.


"Because you ki

raise my gaze at Moosa, who was busy in injecting something.

"What are yo-" I started to struggle but his firm grip keeps me on place.

"Relax." He said and pulls out the syringe.

"It wasn't harmful. You'll feel better in the morning." He said, putting alcohol swab on my arm.

His hands remained on my arm longer than it should. The tender strokes of the fingers of his other hand in my hair is putting me into sleep. Soon, my eyes started to get heavy. Yet I was able to feel the gentle touch of his lips on my shoulder. Or maybe he wants me to feel it. But I was so drowsy to react and fight, so I let the sleep take over me.


Moosa's POV:

Playing with the pendent Noor is wearing, I waited until she falls into deep sleep. I need to take a proper look of her injury. She would never allow me to do anything if she stayed awake and it would only make things harder.

I quickly cleaned her wound and bandage her right arm which got injured while that woman drugged her and carefully lay her on the bed.

I wanted to take Noor home like she asked me to, but it is better to stay here in case if she needed a doctor if things go out of control. I grab the bag from the side which I packed before leaving the apartment and ordered it to be delivered here. Pulling out Noor's clothes, I glance over her sleeping form.

She is never going to forgive me for this.....


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