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Mahnoor's POV:

'Become water when you're dealing with fire'

Ami used to say these words when Papa got angry. She never talked back to him and just listens to his complaints and apologizes even if it wasn't her fault. But when Papa's anger is cooled down, then she'd tell him where he was wrong and she continues to tease him until he accepts defeat and apologizes.

Will it help me if I try???

I took a deep breath and look into his eyes, to be honest, I wasn't listening to a single word he said. I don't have to. His eyes can tell me everything. He is jealous and even if I try to assure him that I avoided him because I was nervous, he would not believe. So I kept quiet and reach for his hand on the back of my neck. Closing my eyes, I put my hand on his and waited for him to let out his anger.

Can you hear my unspoken words, Moosa.....?

Slowly, he loosens his grip and pulls me into an embrace, which I gladly accept. I don't hate him, not anymore. My stubbornness has reached its limits and I am exhausted now. I realize that the battle I have been trying hard to win was not a battle to begin with.

"Sorry." I mumbled, putting my chin on his shoulder.

The wetness I have been feeling on the corner of my eyes slide down to my cheeks when he touched my neck with his lips.


Moosa's POV:

Her soft small hands rested on my back and her chin on my shoulder as she mumbles 'sorry'.

Am I dreaming???

She didn't flinch and hug me back. It took me a few moments to understand that.

A strange overwhelming feeling washed over me as I inhale her sweet scent.

Slowly, I trace her neck with the tip of my nose and press my lips against her soft skin. She shivers in my arms but did not pull back. Instead, she hesitantly buries her head into my neck. I don't understand the reason behind her hesitation while she is very well aware that I would never reject her. She doesn't have to fear anything.

After placing a kiss on her temple, I grasp her from her waist and pull her over onto my lap as I lean back on the sofa. With a shriek, she tries to get down.

"Stay." I whispered and she nods.

"I'll sit beside." Her tense face looks quite amusing.

"No! I need you nearer." I didn't wait for her response and draw her face closer. So close that her lips were barely inches away from mine. I wanted to see her reaction, so I wait until she lowers her gaze in concurrence. A sudden excitement bubbles up inside me, making me claim her lips hungrily. I didn't allow her to pull back until she granted me my request and deepened our kiss.

Her hands fisted tightly on my shirt, so I pull back. Her breaths are labored, making her look appealing to my eyes with her lowered gaze and rosy cheeks. I lean in for another kiss but instead of accepting, she puts her head on my chest. I sigh in defeat and throw my head back onto the sofa.

Noor's stiff body relaxes slowly as I stroke her arm and so does mine. I n

art skipped a beat when he used the word 'my wife'.

"Assalam o Allaikum." I salam him.

"Wallaikum Assalam. Finally, we met. I have been eagerly waiting to meet you."

"Huh?" I look back and forth between him and Moosa in confusion.

"You're exaggerating." Said Moosa.

"Maybe... Actually Mahnoor, I've known Moosa for quite some time and had often asked him to settle down. But he never listens and suddenly, one day, I heard that he got married. So, my reaction should not be taken as exaggeration." He informed me and I reply with a smile.

Later, Moosa tells me that he is a business partner and the host of this dinner. He introduces me to many people as I silently observe everything, too confused to do or say anything. I am sure if it wasn't for Moosa, I'd surely embarrass myself.

Since I came here, I have been feeling a little dizziness and it's getting worse after drinking the juice that Moosa gave me.

"What is happening to me?" I mumbled.

"Did you say something?" Moosa asked.

"I am not feeling well."

"You want to go back?" He asked, lowering his head.

"No, I'll be fine. Can you show me where the restroom is?"

"Sure. Come this way."


Moosa's POV:

I guided her to the restroom and leaves once she gets in. Walking back to the hall, I read the text I received a few seconds ago.

'Room number 36, first floor is reserved for you.'

Good! Now all I have to do is wait.


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