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Another chapter for you guys before end of 14.


Mahnoor's POV:

I open the guest room door and close it back the moment I heard Moosa's voice coming from the outside. No one told me that he would be coming so soon.

I couldn't sleep after having the conversation about Moosa, so I decided to take a nap after lunch but that nap took longer than expected. I quickly comb my hair, straighten my dress with my hands and settle my duppatta.

Why the hell am I feeling nervous???

Shaking my head, I step outside the room but before I enter the living room, my feet turns towards the kitchen on their own where I found Kanwal making tea for them.

Still not ready to face Moosa.

"Oh! You're awake. I was starting to get worried. Do you want some tea?" I shake my head in negative.

"Okay! Then please serve them." She pointed to the tray.

"Hyn? I am not going." I refuse straightaway.

"Mano, I-" she was interrupted by Ahad's voice.

"Kanwal, I asked you to make tea yar... Ary tigress. Assalam o Allaikum."

"Wallaikum Assalam, Ahad Bhai. Tea is ready, so kindly prove yourself a bit useful." I handed over the tray to him which he took silently. Not because he is helpful or anything, but he is in shock because I treated him like I used to before.

I am not going there....

Holding the tray with both of his hands, he turns on his heels and left.

Wow! It worked.

"Hey! That was unfair." Kanwal says when he left and I turn back to her.


"You knew he doesn't have any sister and how much he loves it when you call him Bhai, plus you used that tone after so long. My poor husband was caught off guard."

"Sorry! I didn't know he would take it so seriously." I murmur.

"Forget it and help me with the dinner."

"Tell me what to do." I ask and tie my duppatta.


Both men were in the office when Kanwal calls them out for dinner. Moosa comes out behind Ahad, wearing black jeans and black Kurta which I pressed this morning.

"Ogle him once you get home." Kanwal elbow me on my ribs before going into the kitchen and I realize I was staring at him.

Thank God he didn't see me....

"Oye! It hurts." I complain and slowly massage my ribs.

"Sorry! Now come, or do I have to drag you?" She asks while holding a water bottle in her hand.

"Coming." I answer, walking behind her.

To be honest, I don't want to be anywhere near Moosa until these stupid heartbeats of mine calms down. So I kept my gaze down and try to not make eye contact with him.

After dinner, both Ahad and Moosa helped us in taking the dishes to the kitchen, which was quite unexpected to me. I have never seen Moosa doing any house chores before. All he does in the house besides working in his office is daily exercises, play piano and watch television. He never even puts his things on place.

"Noor! We will leave in five minutes." Moosa announced before leaving the kitchen.

"Looks like our time together is over for today." Kanwal says while putting the dirty dishes in a washbasin. I glance at her and sighed.

We didn't even get the chance to talk properly....

We both walk out of the kitchen but abruptly stop when I see Moosa standing in the middle, blocking the way. He is facing the side, busy on a call. Kanwal gives me an expectant l

her to try to wake me up but she didn't do anything.

Stubborn girl!

Annoyed of her, I open my eyes and find her sitting in front of me on the floor.

"Don't concentrate on other's movements when you are pretending to sleep." With a sweet smile, she threw my words at me and I couldn't help myself from smiling too.

I sit straight on the sofa to take a good look of her. This is the first time she is smiling in front of me, her eyes shines brightly when she smiles. If I could, I would sit for hours and stare into those beautiful eyes.

She tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and suddenly, the image of her and Yawar flash into my mind.

"I'll bring you tea." She said, getting up from the floor.

"No you're not." My smile died down and grabbing her arm, I make her sit beside me.


Mahnoor's POV:

With a jerk, I fall onto the sofa beside him. The smile he had is replaced by a frown and his grip on my arm is somewhat painful.

"Leave my arm.... it hurts." I said, trying to free my arm from his grip. He left my arm but pull me closer by holding the back of my neck.

"I see that you are a quick learner and smart enough to get the hints to understand things. Then why are you so blind of me? Or are you playing with me?" His breath fans my face and his deep voice held anger which scares me the most.

"What do you mean?" I mumbled.

"Don't you know, Noor that you are my wife? ....... Don't you know that you should stay away from other men?.....You know, right? You are mine and your every smile belongs to me.... You know everything, na? Then why were you smiling for him while I was being avoided the whole time yesterday?" He didn't raise his voice but the dominating aura he has is enough to make me tremble in fear.

Please Allah! Not this again.....


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