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   Chapter 45 NO.45

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Tere Kheton ko Haryali de

Tere Logon ko Khush hali de

Tujhe Har dam Rut Matwali de

Aye Pak Watan Tujhe Mera Khuda

Youn hi Daaim Qaaim Shaad Rakhay, Shaad Rakhay...

Ahal e Pakistan, Jashan e Azaadi Mubarak ho...


Mahnoor's POV:

On hearing Kanwal's voice, Moosa turns his face to the door, then to me.

"What was that?" He asks, raising his brows.

Act normal.....

Act normal.....

"Don't know." I shrug, pretending to be normal.

"Hm!" He didn't say anything else, only peer down at me with an amused look and as soon as our eyes met, the little bit of acting skills I have vanished into thin air. I lower my gaze, biting my lower lips in embarrassment.

"Don't look at me like this." I'm fidgeting my fingers.

"Then how should I look at you?" He tried to sound serious.

"I don't know ..... but now... that way."

What the hell am I babbling?

"What way?"

His eyes stays on me. I can sense them....scrutinizing me....making me feel self conscious and exposed at the same time. I want to run away again and hide myself in a place where those gaze cannot find me or else I am afraid they will see.....

"Like you are going to make fun of me." I murmur loud enough for him to hear.

"I will not."

They will see.... and he will know.... the feelings that I have been trying so hard to ignore.

I raise my head and watch him slowly cover the distance between us. Now I am face to face with him once again, with the same foreign sensation I felt whenever he is near.

"Why did you run?" He tilted his head.

"I.... don't know." I lower my eyes again.

"You don't know?" His sounds surprised. I shake my head in negative and receive a soft chuckle from him.

"Tell me. Who is this girl I am looking at? She is not the Noor I knew." Suddenly, I felt a finger tapping under my chin.

"Look here." and I do as I was told.

"My Noor wasn't a coward who runs away from anything. She faces it, with the feisty head of hers. And she is not as clueless as this girl who doesn't even know the reasons of her actions."


"I am neither clueless nor a coward."

He has no right to insult me!

"Then tell me why you disappeared?"

"I choose not to answer that." I retorted.

"Same thing." He smirks, as if he is challenging.

"It is not. I am not a coward at all." Challenge accepted.

"Then hold onto your ground." He says and before I could make out what he meant, I found him leaning closer to my lips.


My eyes widened and without thinking, I step back, but he didn't give me time to create distance between us. His arm quickly sneaks behind my back and holds me firmly on my place.

"Not a coward, eh?" He smirked before crashing his lips on mine and this time he didn't allow me to escape. His other arm also finds its way to my back, caging me between his chest and arms. Left with no other option except to give in..... So I let my subconsciousness take the lead, which doesn't want to refuse him.


Kanwal sat almost ten feet away from me across the living room because of my anger. I am so mad at her that I started throwing things at her after Moosa left an

's prisoner." I say, getting up. He nodded and takes the lead.

I was guided to the first floor of the basement.

"Second door from the left, Sir." I nodded and step forward, leaving the man behind. At the second door from the left, I press the pin code of the lock before pushing the door. The prisoner I find is a middle aged man. He wasn't chained, so he got up as soon as he saw me.

"Who are you? And why have you kept me here?" His voice is shaking and his eyes have fear in them.

"I am the one who will be asking questions here. So I suggest you to sit down and cooperate or else I'll have to remind you that you have a family living in this city." I say, leaning my back against the wall next to the door.

"H-how do you know about m-my family?" He asks in disbelief.

"I am the one asking questions. Now we shall start. Why did Jehal kill Kamil's family?" His eyes widened on the name of Jehal and slump onto a chair.

"Only Raheem knows the reason. He is the one who gave us the task but he suddenly disappeared last week."

"Hm! So who is giving orders now?

"A woman named Mrs. Sherazi." He said, and I turn back to leave.

"Will you kill me?"

"Of course, your information is of no use." I say nonchalantly and left.

The man who guided me here was still standing at his place.

"Ask him at dinner what else he can tell us. Inform me, then leave him."

"Leave him?"

"Yes! They will take care of him so there is no point of dirtying our hands."

He nodded on my order and I stalk directly towards my car.

I need to hear that report......


Salam and hello everyone!

* Translations:

Dafa hojao: Go to hell

Ghatiya insaan: Lowlife

* This story is based on Pakistani culture. Most of readers maybe unfamiliar with it and find it strange. You can ask if you don't understand and I will gladly tell you.

*Thanks a bundle for supporting this story. Love you all <

*Oh! And Pakistanis, listen the song above and tell who memorized the whole song :)

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Take Care :)

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