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Moosa's POV:

Closing my eyes, I aimlessly lay on the bed. After a long drive back home, I don't feel like moving a muscle. If it weren't for Noor, I would rather like to stay there.... alone with her in peace, where I don't have to deal with terrified stares from everyone. I don't blame them for it. They are aware of my bad temper when I am sick. But today I don't have time to get angry of their fearful stares or for giving me bread for breakfast as my mind is already busy with many things.

I am aware of the fact that Noor would blame me for everything and we will be back to where our relationship started ...... which I may not be able to tolerate anymore.

She is finally starting to adjust to things and starting to behave more like a normal person instead of staying like a prisoner. I want things to be better, not worse.

With a low knob circling sound, the door opens and Noor comes in. I can tell by her scent and the way she walks or should I say tiptoes like she is walking into a lion's den. I felt her presence near me and then her hand on my forehead.

Is she trying to feel my temperature???

Her hand rested there for a while before it travels to my hair. I couldn't stop myself from smiling and as soon as it forms on my face, her hand pulled away.

"Wait." Opening my eyes, I call her. She stops, keeping her back to me.

"I need to tell you something."

"What is it?" She didn't turn to me.

I got up from the bed and wrap my arms around her. I think she will need it. Her body stiffened but she didn't struggle to get free, which I really like.

"Your Khala's family is no more.... They were murdered this morning." I say slowly and wait for her response which didn't come, but soon her breathing became labored and her body starts to tremble.

"Noor?" I squeeze her shoulder lightly.

"Why....did you kill...all of them."

As expected!

"I didn't kill anyone."

"Lie." Her voice was barely audible.

'If I wanted to kill them, I would've done it long ago.' Is what I wanted to say but this isn't what she needs to hear.

"It's not a lie and... believe me, I would never lie to you... I didn't kill them. Trust me on this." I squeeze her gently, hoping that she would believe me but she didn't answer.

Slowly, she lowered her head and clutches my arm with both of her hands. Her sobs become loud as her tears start to wet my arm. I sighed, snuggling my head in her loosely braided hair and tightened my grip around her. I fear that she would collapse if I let her go.

We stood there in silence, don't know for how long. I start to feel dizzy because of the effect of medicine or maybe my fever is getting high but I don't feel like letting her go and sleep when she is holding onto my arm like this.

"I want to meet Ami." She says when her sobs died down.

"Hm... I'll ask Kanwal to go with you." I answer.

"I need to get ready." She says, taking her hands off of my arm. I also let her go and lay back down onto the bed.

She slowly walks into the bathroom to wipe her tears. After a minute or so, she comes out with her swelled red eyes. I just lay there and watch her getting ready. Within ten minutes, she left for her mother's house with Kanwal. I strictly told Kanwal to inform me if anything goes wrong.

It was just for caution though. I know she is safe in Shareefabad, but I still like to double check on things.


Mahnoor's POV:

With shaking hands, I ring the doorbell of my house. I don't know whether coming here is a right decision because everyone will blame Moosa for this and they might not even want to see me too. But I have to meet Ami, I know she needs me. The door is opened by Papa but before I could step inside or say anything, he engulfs me in a tight hug, murmuring 'Meri bachi (My daughter)'. I hug him back and close my eyes. These arms are so warm and cozy, makes

surrounded by Shahina and the others, I refrained myself.

She didn't eat properly at dinner and excused herself early. When I came back to our room, I found her praying. I dropped myself on the bed and watch her praying. Afterward, she gave me medicine which I took without saying anything. She then changed into her night dress and laid beside me.

I waited for a few moment to find the suitable words to start the conversation but couldn't find any.

Why can't I find the right words to say?

I accept my defeat and pull Noor into my arms. That's the only thing I can do for her. She gasped loudly but she didn't protest on it. I turn her face towards me and she looked back at me with her big brown eyes.

"Noor, I-" I stopped in the middle when she squeezed her eyes shut, clutching my shirt with her hand.

"Noor?" I call her.

Instead of answering me, she did something I never expected. She snuggled her head into my chest and wrapped her arms tightly around my torso, as though her life was depending on me. I got worried of what had possibly possessed her to do so, but couldn't ignore the feeling of happiness.

Her body relaxed instantly as I slid my hand around her waist and pull her closer to me.

'Why would a guy like him with no history of being interested in women is suddenly after her?'

Hammad's words echo in my mind.

This is something that no one can understand because it is something that even I don't understand. Why did she become the captor of my heart?.... Why do I feel attracted towards her?.... Why do I seek for her affection?... Why do I feel possessive over her?.... Why did I want her to be only Mine...



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