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   Chapter 41 NO.41

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Mahnoor's POV:

Sitting in the living room, I am staring into space and praying that Moosa gets up soon. Normally, he'd get up before me but I think he plans on sleeping more today.

I don't have any problem with his sleep but I am hungry and there is nothing in the kitchen to eat. Why did he bring me to such place....?

Moosa's phone rang and I ran into the room before he picks it up and slams it into the wall again like he did once before. Shahina told me that he often does that whenever he is very sleepy or sick. Later, he tends to get angry at others for calling him.

He is really weird!

Since then, I put his phone at a table on my side of the bed because I am not capable of handling his anger and I don't like when people destroy things like that.

'Hello Assalam o Allaikum!' I pick the call when I see Owais was calling.

At least I can ask him to send something to eat....

"Bhabi? Wallaikum Assalam. Where is Bhai?" He asks.

"Um.... He is sleeping." I glance at him.

"Sleeping??? At this time? Bhabi ....did he take medicine before sleeping?"

"Huh? What medicine?"

What is he talking about???

"Ah.... he had a fever last night. I hardly manage to convince him to go see a doctor and now you're telling me he didn't take medicine."

I quickly check his forehead.

He is burning!

"Wh-what should I do? He still has a high fever."

"Give him something to eat and then some medicine."

"There isn't anything here. Can't we take it at home?"

"NO!" He shouted.

"I mean no. I'll ask the cook to make something for Moosa Bhai and you and send it. You just make sure to give him medicine after that, okay?"


"Call me if you need anything. Allah Haffiz."

"Allah Haffiz!" I silent his phone and put it on the side.

I came back into the living room and picked his coat which he threw on the sofa to find his medicine and soon find it with his wallet.

It's heavy .... but who puts their wallet in a coat???

My Papa's wallet was never this heavy, nor was Bhai's. He always asks me to find his wallet and keys because he put it in their 'place'.

I shrugged and put it back but something forced me to pull it out again. I already got the medicine but still, I am checking his wallet. I don't know what I am looking for and what I would do if I find something.

Money, credit card, business card, another business card, another card, card... card... card... what's this?

I quickly take out a small golden thing which turns out to be a gold earring. It looks like a little girl's but why is he keeping it? Does it belong to someone special?

Someone from his family... sister or.... daughter???

But.... It couldn't belong to his daughter, could it? I mean, he doesn't look like a father... On the second thought, there is a possibility. I don't know his background and I have heard about the early marriages in Pathan families.....

A sudden buzzing sound brings me back to reality and I found my phone ringing. I put the earring back in his wallet and pick up the call.

"Hello! Assalam o Allaikum?"

"Wallaikum Assalam! Bhabi, Zubair here. Open the door and take this stuff, I am standing outside."

"Okay!" Covering my head with dupatta, I open the door.

"Where should I put them?" He asks me, looking at the grocery bags in his hands.

"In the kitchen. But why did you bring so many things?"

"Actually bhabi, Moosa Bhai can be very handful when he is sick."

"What do you mean by 'handful'??" An unknown fear made me ask it.

"He wants different things to eat when he is like this. He also doesn't take medicine with water, he takes it with juice instead. Which I have brought and in case he asks you to gi

oholic after a major loss in business and used the remaining money for gambling and one day when he didn't have money to gamble, he forcefully married off my twenty-one year old eldest sister to a sixty-three year old man in exchange for money."

"Later, he borrowed more money from someone but when he was unable to return the money on time, he sold off both of my little sisters when my mother went to the market to buy some groceries... When she heard the news from the neighborhood, she tried to find them but it was no use so she killed my father and herself."

I am beyond shocked after hearing his story and couldn't find any words to console him. Selling his daughters for money. How can a father do such thing?

But how did his sisters die....?

We both remained silent for a long time, lost in our own thoughts.

"Noor?" He slowly strokes my arm to get my attention.


"I am sleepy."

"Then sleep...." I try to move so he could get comfortable but he only tightened his grip.

"Stay.... Don't leave me right now."

His tired voice did something strange to me, and I find myself intervening my fingers with his. His grip relaxed and soon he fell asleep.

I can feel his steady breathing and the rise and fall of his chest, making me restless yet at the same time, his hard frame beside me and his firm grip around me makes me feel secure.

I don't know since when I started to have these two-sided confusing feelings. I don't want him to touch me but I couldn't help myself from liking his touch.

I don't know where these crisscross feelings of mine lead me......


Salam and hello everyone!

* Halwa poori: It is a part of traditional Pakistani Cuisine. The dish consists of poori bread with chana masala, along with halwa and usually a part of breakfast or an early evening meal.

*Sorry for late update and for all the stupid mistakes I am used to do in writing.

*A big bunch of thanks for you guys for still supporting.

*Anything you don't understand about Pakistani culture feels free to ask.

*Oh! One more thing. From now on I'll update only once in a week. Besides only a few chapters are left in the completion of the story. So plz don't ask me for quick updates.

* Back to story now!

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