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Moosa's POV:

"Did you get the report?" I asked Owais who is leaning back on the seat of my car.

"Yes, the number that was written on the paper was registered on the name of Abdul Rehman. This number's current location is the Katchi Abadi on North Eastern area of the main city. The most recent call that was done was one hour ago and the call duration was hardly two minutes. This number wasn't in use before that day and there are only two numbers of which all of the calls had been done. First number belongs to a man named Rashid. He works in a local bank in the main city and the other is a woman..... Mrs. Sherazi."

"Wife of Ali Sherazi?"


A frown formed on my forehead. This couple was involved in a dirty business for a very long time ago. Their thirteen year old only daughter was killed because of it, but still, the lust for money didn't leave them. Last year, Ali Sherazi also died in a car accident, like how most criminals die whenever they have become a threat to their leaders.

But after that, Mrs. Sherazi somehow managed to gain back the confidence of their gang and took over her husband's work.

But what does she want from Noor???

If she is planning on targeting Noor, I swear I will kill her with my own hands. The last time I spared this couple was because they were able to get us very useful information. But now, things are very different.

"Keep a close eye on her."

"Sure!" Owais answered.

Taking out my phone, I texted Nats to be careful.

'Something's wrong?' She replied.

'Tell you later. But don't show it to Noor.'

'Sure! By the way, I am sending you Noor's picture. She is looking so pretty.'

Next moment, I received a picture of Noor wearing a golden dress, smiling at the camera.


A smile starts appearing on my face and the next thing I know, I was calling Noor but it was picked by Nats.

'Allah re! Couldn't spend a moment without her...?' Nats teased.

'Where is Noor? Tell her I am coming to pick her up in fifteen minutes.'

'She is applying Mehandi (Henna).'

'WHAT? Nats, tell her to wash her hands now. You know damn well that I hate Mehandi.'

'Moosa! Let the girl live. She likes Mehandi very much, so don't force yourself on her.'

Without answering her, I hung up. I don't like Mehandi, especially its smell.

"Turn the car towards my apartment on the next turn." I ordered my driver.

"Owais, you can go back home. I have to pick Noor up. We might not come back tonight." He nodded.


I groan again as I look at my watch. I have been standing outside the car for the last ten minutes, waiting for my wife but she is nowhere to be found.

I don't remember the last time I have waited for anyone ever since I got into this field and now I am waiting here for

"But I can do it myself."

"It's fine." He slid both of my sandals under the sofa.

"Besides, I can do anything for my wife." He smiled, giving me a small peck on my lips.

"Stay here. I'll bring the Biryani."

Sitting on the sofa, I keep watching him in a daze as he takes out the Biryani and comes back to me.

He sat at the edge of a small table in front of me and holds out a spoon full of Biryani to me.

"Do I have to tell you to open your mouth and eat it?"


Is he talking to me ???

"Noor! Eat it."


"No, wait. I will wash my hand." I try to get up.

"Noor! Sit down silently and eat. You're not washing that thing until it's dry and keep it away from me. I hate its smell." His raised voice made me sit down.

"If you hate it that much then let me wash."

"Don't argue with me, and it's fine if you like it. But keep your hands at a distance." He holds out another spoon for me.

"I cannot eat like this."

"Yes you are eating like this because I am enjoying feeding you." He smirked.

Please Allah! Fast forward these moments.....



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And if anyone has the question how Moosa can be so sweet than wait, you will find answer soon.

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