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Mahnoor's POV:

I knocked on Moosa's home office door and after hearing 'come in', I step inside. He is busy on the phone while sitting behind his wooden desk, wearing a black suit. He tilted his head, mentioning me to sit. I carefully look around the office, took a seat on the sofa on the other side of the office.

Moments and minutes pass by but his call doesn't end and it's starting to irritate me. Under normal circumstances, I would've start yelling at the person, but the man sitting in front of me is not some person. He is Moosa Khan.

Still, he could have call that person later or tell me to go back. And for some odd reason, I have a feeling that he is purposely taking a long time. I took a glance of him and found him looking at me. I bit my inner lip to stop myself from saying something. Then, I take out my phone to distract myself instead.

I barely use social websites anymore. I don't know how to answer the questions which my relatives and friends have for me; for us.

Once again, my eyes find their way to Moosa whose full concentration is on the call. I shook my head and start scrolling down the Instagram feed until my thumb stopped on its own at a picture - The only picture taken right after Kamil and my Nikah.


Moosa's POV:

"While we were looking at the CCTV footage, we found a lady putting something into Mahnoor Bhabi's bag when she was not looking on the day you both went to the market." One of my men reported me.

"Are you sure about it?" A deep frown formed on my face. I glance at Noor who's taking a sip of juice. She was busy with her phone.

"Should I send you the video, Moosa Bhai?"

"No. Just find out who the woman was and whom she is working for. Report me as soon as possible."

"Anything else?"

"That's it for now. Allah Haffiz." I said.

"Allah Haffiz."

I put the phone on the desk and glance at Noor. Her focus is still on the phone. She is sitting completely unaware of her surroundings.... unaware of my eyes on her... unaware of my intentions for her.Lost somewhere in her own world.

Her lost eyes make me wonder sometimes, how her world might be? Sweet and innocent like a fairy tale? Unlike mine, in which I have dragged her. But it isn't my fault that I am attracted towards her. I was and I am still helpless.

Moosa Khan, the leader of Black Eagles is helpless in front of his wife, who stole his heart without even trying and I couldn't do anything but to watch her behaving indifferent from every feeling I have for her.

It hits my ego very hard and in the moments like these, I have to stop myself again and aga

pushes me into our room and closed the door.

"Where are the stuff we bought together from the market?"

"In the wardrobe. I haven't open them yet."

He stalks over to my side of the wardrobe and start looking for something.

"Wait! I'll give you what you want. Just tell me. I step towards him.

"Just stay where you are and don't disturb me." He said strictly and I find it wise to stay put.

Soon, he found all of the bags and start looking at each of them. Heat rushes over me as he was looking through my personal stuff, but he throws it all on the side like the other bags when he didn't find the thing he is looking for.

As he takes out my sandals, a little piece of paper fell onto the bed. He quickly picked it up. A frown formed on his face as he read the writing in the paper.

"Who gave you this?" He growls.

"I have no idea."

I really don't have any idea....

He seems satisfied by my answer. So, I gathered my courage and asked.

"What is it?"

"None of your business." He growled again and left the room, slamming the door behind him.

What's wrong with him???


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*Halal: Religiously legal things in Islam.

*Haram: Religiously illegal things in Islam.

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Sorry to disappoint you guys but that is how this story goes. There will be same sweet moments of Mahnoor and Moosa but not continues.

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