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Mahnoor's POV:

"How did you get the key?" I inquired him as he opens the door.

"Think before asking what you are asking and to whom." He says while I go in first but stopped as my house interior came in view. I imagined it being all dusty but surprisingly, it wasn't.

"Someone is using this house?" I asked him.

"No... I wanted this place to be tidy in case you ever wish to come here." He leans against the door frame.

"You're not coming in."

"No. Now go and grab your book."

I slowly make my way to my room. Everything was same as before. Tidy and on its place like it should be. Nothing has changed except for our lives and it's all because of me. My family has suffered because of me. They shouldn't be living under Moosa's watch. They belonged here, in their home.

I took a deep breath and start searching for my recipe book. I want to distract myself. Don't want the sadness to take over me. I already had enough of this. Escaping from Moosa is no longer an option. To be honest to myself, it wasn't from the start. I don't know why I was being obstinate. It gave nothing but more pain and in the end, it involved my family once again. Which I never wanted to happen, I wish for them to have a normal life - With or without me. If it weren't for them, I think I would have never married Moosa, even if it'd kill me.

Got it!

Picking up the book, I was about to get up when my eyes landed on my phone.

"Hurry up, Noor! It's getting late." I heard Moosa's voice from the entrance.

Quickly, I take out the memory card from the phone and saved it in the casing of my new phone that Moosa had given me.

"Found the book?" Moosa asks as he saw me coming his way.

I nodded and wave the book in the air. Nodding his head, he motions me to come outside. Before leaving, I gave a final look at my home and step out. Moosa locks the door and we both get into the car.

I was ready for a long drive to his house but our vehicle stopped sooner than it should have. I glanced at Moosa who slid out the car, asking me to follow him. I obey silently and the view that came to my sight was

d bit my tongue.

"You are allowed to touch them." He hushed, bringing his face dangerously close.



I tried to step away but he quickly scooped me up in his arms, making me gasp loudly. Carefully, he puts me down onto the bed and lay beside me. His hand slid on my waist, pulling me to him, as his head rested on my chest, and snuggle into my neck. I feel ticklish when his stubble came in contact with my skin.

I can also feel his soft hair touching my face, spreading sweet giddy sensation in me. As much as I wanted to push him away, a part of me also wants to cling to him.

My eyes were already feeling heavy from sleepiness and I didn't find any strength to fight this inner battle anymore, so I submitted and allow my fingers to make their way to his hair and enjoy this unknown sensation.


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